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These are the top 10 entries as chosen by Marina. Their critiques can be found on the blog

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#86 by Anne

The first doll is Versailles she is inspired by the style of ornaments of Apollon and the sun, the dolfins of the fountains, and the mirrors of the “Gallerie des glaces” in Louis XIV Palace. It’s a drawing of watercolor pencil, gold silver paint ing 3D (a little), and varnish to make the mirror really reflect. But on scan and photo it does not shine. The second doll is (Moldaya) Yaga, she is inspired by the Russian fairytale of Vassilissa the beautiful, which is my favorite tale since childhood. I received a” fac similé” of the original books for my 8th birthday with the drawings of Bilibin (they are on the first picture i took of my drawings). This tale encourage fine art work and, there is a magic doll, it’s naturally connected to you. So she is a young Baba Yaga with her servants on the back: the three horses (dawn in white, noon in red, and sunset in black) chicken foot, mushroom of the forest, and snake for witchcraft. I hope you’ll enjoy my drawings, I’m so happy you will look at them, thank you for your generosity and this opportunity

Happy Birthday!!!

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#92 by Anna

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#103 by Ran j

This tatoo inspired from Medical Anatomy and Narcissism.I use the skeleton(the spine and the sphenoid bone) to express the aesthetic of medical.In most cases the skeleton symbled horrible,death,aim or painful,but an artist has no necessary to follow the dominant ideology .The skeleton maybe can be symbled regularity and calmless.

Narcissus is a typical flower to symbled the narcissism in Greek mythology,so I use this image on the doll,I’m a girl and I appreciate female’s body.(…wrrrry God…terrible…hope my english can be better T_T)

The color:I used the classic cobalt blue of ED tatoo on the doll.I don’t know other screen of percinal computer,but it looks blue color on my computer at less.

ps:please don’t mind the cheilopalatognathus doll face,it’s just my idea of a doll last year.


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#129 by Kiersten V

The series of tattoos I have designed are inspired by tragedies currently afflicting our world. Women in the Middle East have been permanently scarred by acid being thrown on them for various insults or offenses they have committed. The victim could be attacked for refusing an arranged marriage,  not wearing proper religious attire, or dishonoring their family. Worse, the attacks are often committed by close family members or neighbors. Sadly, reports of these terrible assaults are increasingly being found outside of the Middle East, in regions such as Europe and the United States.

Each of my designs was inspired by a real woman who has been marred from these atrocities. My goal was to create tattoos that would bring these horrific crimes to light, and generate awareness for these suffering women. At the same time, instead of focusing on their scars as something realistic and horrifying, I desired to turn them into something beautiful and intricate. This way, the designs reflect the unique beauty that is present inside each of the courageous victims.


#204 by Mai M

Tattooed trompe l’oeil armour reflects our longing for invulnerability, strength, enlightenment, and inner peace. Ironically, the physical body is still vulnerable to injury, exploitation, and death.

Materials: ink, watercolor pencil, acrylic, pastels, gold-leaf.




#225 by Karla R

One thing I was sure while I was designing this character was that I didn’t wanted it to dress her torso with feathers, of all the designs and sketches with that elements none of them seemed appealing to me or magical enough.

And  then I was covering her body with forms and patterns, that fit, that seemed right, so I redesigned her for this contest and I just had to adapt the design for an Enchanted Doll.

The patterns over her body are designs that looks like suns or flowers and shining elements like the bird, a bright creature with golden tattoos covering her body, there is one important element with this design too: the tail.

The original tail in my illustrations it’s bright and composed of golden peacock feathers. I had to create the Enchanted Doll version of the tail. It’s metallic with jewels of different forms and sizes.


#244 by Anita D J

249-1 249-2 249-3



#249 by Amal

A series of images exploring the idea of tattoos being a visual impression left on the skin by the sensation of being held, either in tenderness, or force. The tattoos could be indicative of the emotional ‘scarring’ of abuse, or a lingering memory of a loved one’s touch.

With our bodies we have the power to restrain, dominate and oppress – but, not exclusively as this can be done mentally also, perhaps going unnoticed by appearance. Both love and abuse leave marks, whether physical or not.

There are many limiting factors of touch, such as time and distance. We can’t be touched by those who are absent, but that may not lessen their ‘hold’ upon us. Likewise, the burning desire to feel the touch of a loved one who is not present is like having their absence etched upon the skin.

An embrace can be fatal, but can also save and restore life. The same pair of hands; two antithetical outcomes. How is it that an act of intimacy can have the potential to both harm or comfort in equal measures?

296-1 296-2

#296 by Merrilyn C

Title:  “The Egg Timer” (The time is twenty past midnight.  Has she left it too late?)

My tattoo design is a symbolic representation of a woman’s biological clock, incorporating elements inspired by one of my favourite Faberge eggs.  Research indicates that a woman’s eggs determine her biological clock.  They drive the system.  They do the ticking.  Some women choose not to listen, yet these tiny eggs have an uncanny way of making themselves heard.  The little face on the clock symbolises the unborn child, who may or may not come to be.   And in the case of IVF, it’s a poignant reminder of the embryos created but not required.  Perhaps to be left ‘hanging’ in their frozen world.  Forever suspended in time.

304-2 304-1

#304 by CiCi

When it comes to destruction, whom I first come up with is Medusa in the Greek Mythology, as well as her snaky hair and petrifying eyes. I come up with a good inspiration about her eyes and the closing eyes on the stripes of both hands. When the hands cover Medusa’s eyes, she looks as if she is closing her eyes.

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  1. Jill Jackson says:

    I love the tattoos of Mai, “BelleNolia”. They remind me of the beautiful icons I saw throughout Russia. Ethereal, other worldly, yet showing strength. I like that they draw attention to the graceful hands and feet but do not cover them. The combination of gold leaf with the blues on a porcelain Enchanted Doll would be totally amazing.

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    Top 10 | Enchanted Doll

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