Weight of Light


Inspired by the falling chandelier scene in the Phantom Of The Opera stage production, this experimental piece focuses on the concept of high fashion over the functionality of clothes. Sometimes it is simply impossible to have it both ways. I imagined this grand crystal chandelier being worn by a model on a catwalk in a haute couture fashion show. Its proportions are exaggerated on purpose in order to create a piece of such extravagance that it pushes the limits of realism. In a way, this project is a comment on the constrictive and at times brutal nature of fashion, showing how willingly we as women embrace these discomforts for the sake of conforming to accepted standards of beauty.



Artist design and construction, machine wax carving, bronze casting, 24 karat gold plating, 1800 Swarovski crystals, cake candles, 178 grams.


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