Proofing some images for an upcoming Enchanted Doll print collection.

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To be released in 2020. More exciting info to come.

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  1. I am so excited, can’t wait!! Thank-you Marina!!

  2. Anthony Ramirez says:

    Ohhhh I can not wait for the latest edition. I have collected them since the first, I pray this edition includes my glorious Daphne. Happy Holidays Marina^^

  3. Have a very prosperous and Merry New Year dear Marina and Chad and families!!!

  4. shantiera says:

    Exciting news!

    Have a happy and lucrative New Years!

  5. Sharon Harmon says:

    So excited! I have at least one copy of every version including the Russian and the Chinese language ones. I will absolutely be on the look out for this edition!

  6. Orangey says:

    Yay. I love seeing new things you have in store for us.~

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