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I’ve decided to try and take porcelain tattooing to a new level by tattooing a vintage, prosthetic limb on Enchanted Doll’s leg.

This is all you can see of this doll for the moment.

I was going to talk a little bit about this project, my motivations and my plans, but I think I will just leave it at that for now and let you guys speculate. When’t it’s time, I’ll show the rest of the doll.

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  1. annina says:

    ha that is so cool! i didn’t see that one coming!
    really well done, it looks great!

  2. annina says:

    (wish we could edit comments)
    a speculation: you are collaborating with Audrey Kawasaki? (wooden leg, her girls are painted on wood…)

  3. Cloudy-Chan says:

    Really great detail Marina I am sure this doll will be fascinating.

  4. miss LK says:

    I must say this one is quite disturbing for me. The image forces me to see ED as something mechanical(to a certain degree, it is) and as a doll(aren’t all BJD’s limbs prosthetic limbs anyway?)

    I am so used to see ED as a little magical fairy and this vintage prosthetic tattoo reminds me of the doll’s material nature.

  5. Waaaaaaaahhhh marina this is amazing! I think I can even see little holes bored into the porcelain – through the largest I think I can see the internal springs? Either that or it’s that good that my mind is playing tricks on me!

    I like this, a whole new dimension to just tattooing a surface design, but playing with altering the actual appearance of the material and leg construction, fantastic!

    I don’t think it’s a collaboration between Audrey, her works are more floral, whereas this has a very mechanic-vintage almost steampunk feel. The aesthetic reminds me of the feel of the pregnant doll.
    But I’m sure if you wished it hard enough, you and miss Kawasaki would be collaborating it up in the future :-P

  6. noxy says:

    woooow. just wow. absolutely amazing detail! what a beautiful job. Just crazy how awesome this is! Haha, just seeing a picture of only an EDs legs makes me realize how long they are! lol.

  7. Cay says:

    That different plans! This detail is intriguing, I am impatient to see the rest! You are so productive, what a hard worker!

  8. Amal (aneemal) says:

    This is an amazing idea and so unexpected! Yet it works so well! The texture and details are so well drawn. Very intriguing! I love this!! Can’t wait to hear/see more :-)

  9. Little Lina says:

    Beautiful and so creative, can’t wait to see more!

  10. silvana says:

    Amazing!!!!! Im curious to know the doll!!!!

  11. ~Mia says:

    Marina – I am feeling really grateful that you exist! ~* Thank You ~* Most Sincerely~*
    for bringing to us your phenomenal art.

    Of course the prosthetic tattoo is incredible!
    It is exciting and powerful..I am sure the whole doll will be incredible…

    Also, I like her pretty toe nail polish !
    I like her attitude!

  12. Tirelessartist says:

    wow this is great!… I wonder how would she look with Rococo stile wig and the amazing colar casted in gold…

  13. Laura says:

    Oh, look beautiful and little bit frightening!!!!! Can’t wait to see the whole doll. What a mysticism!!!

  14. Kimmi says:

    First of all, how did you do this???????? It doesn’t look like a tattoo at all, it looks REAL! Marina, you’re amazing.

    Second. You sure do love to tease us ;) We’re all so curious! Please explain soon :)

  15. joan says:

    the tatoo turned out great. it looks like wood. just checked your ebay auction. i cant believe what the bidding is up to. sure hope you have me on the list when you start taking orders again.

  16. Kamila says:

    Actually, I am a tiny bit dissapointed, I expected an actual prosthetic limb when I read the twit about it. Anyway, looks good and very interesting, reminds me of some of the Nick Knight photographs ( Well done! :D

  17. Anelise says:

    This isnt because you had to repair my dolls leg- next time will have to give her one of these. hehe

  18. Crystal says:

    There are actual holes in the leg. And I bet you can see the spring, yes? Also I like what you did with the pin in her knee, the metal. Cool.

  19. Lumina says:

    it is amazing!

  20. Crystal says:

    I know she’s a pirate!

  21. Maggie says:

    Stands back from the keyboard in aamzement! Thanks!

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