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I recently had a nature photo session with Kay, a one of a kind, first generation resin doll from my personal collection. She is a great favourite of mine because of her vulnerable, photogenic beauty. The camera loves her!

If you had to pick a favourite photo, which one would it be?

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  1. Merri says:

    So lovely to see these beautiful photos!

  2. I am very happy to see you again online :) She is truly a fairytale beauty!!! The pictures are exquisite, looks like she is emerging from the very essence of nature :D

  3. Merri says:

    A favourite? That’s a difficult choice. Photo 1 showcases her face and hair beautifully. Photo 6 is divine. No. 8 is lovely in the way the light falls on the side of her face and body and her eyes seem to meet the viewer’s gaze. Photo 9 is a gorgeous pose and your interaction with your dolls always makes for a great photo, as in no. 10. But for the sheer poetry of the composition, I think I’d have to choose photo 2. <3

  4. Sonia Anne says:

    Of course I could not pick a favourite, as I truly LOVE them all! I do, very much love the photo of you and Kay, as it shows me the never ending love and passion that you have for your Enchanted dolls. And the landscape looks very much like the lush green Forest, that British Columbia is so famously known for, just beautiful. I wish to take a trip back to your Province and will do so, soon. And when I do, I will remember your lovely photos of Kay in this amazing setting. Thank-you for sharing your photos and it was so nice to see you!

  5. shantiera miller says:

    It’s hard to choose! they’re all so beautiful! you really have a gift of photography.

  6. Jacquelyn says:

    the first and the seventh are my faves, i think. she is gorgeous, and i love the natural setting.

  7. Jacquelyn says:

    though i gotta say, the sixth one has a very Botticelli “Birth of Venus” vibe to it, so maybe that one.

  8. Kennedy says:

    Wow!! What a beautiful girl. I absolutely love her pose in the fourth and eighth photo. But it’s so hard to pick a favorite. ❤

  9. Orangey says:

    Only a few words since I’m at work, but what I’ll say is that you are killing me, these photos are so stunning. She really comes alive here, how do I put it, your love and care photographing her really shine through. I can’t wait to spend some proper time staring and drooling over these photos <3

  10. Amal says:

    I love the 4th photo – the closeup of her on the grass – she look like I sometimes feel… like I need a hug from mother Earth! ^o^ And I always love photos that show you posing the dolls. It’s nice to see you again! It’s amazing that Kay’s painting is faring so well – she looks as radiant as ever. P.S. are all the resin dolls sold out now? xx

  11. Melissa Mehan says:

    They are all so beautiful, but the ones that call to me the most are the second and ninth- But I also love the picture of you posing her- so dragging my chin off the floor, I admit defeat- can’t choose won’t choose lol!!

  12. Hi Marina. So happy you’re back. Missed your posts.
    I love all the set, the composition and light of all the photos it’s magical and it’s surprising she is a new resin doll. Love how you painted her. Does the resin of your dolls yellow by time and light exposure?
    Now to pick up my favorite photo… it’s so hard, I like all so much. I think the one hiding in the leafs. Makes me think of a fairy or seelie creature.

  13. Anna says:

    The first Photo is majestic and the final photo with you posing Kay, is really lovely. It’s great to see you and I love a behind the scenes shot. That mossy greenery is just delicious, I love the woods and forests and I love the rain! Oh the are all gorgeous pictures, Kat is such a stunning model. What Amal wrote, getting a hug from Mother Earth, I love that sentiment. There are pictures of trees everywhere in my home, if I could live in a tree I would! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures they’re wonderful.

  14. Lynne says:

    I live the first one best…. Natural beauty

  15. Aeroksana says:

    Happy to see you online, Marina! 10 & 4

  16. Elena Kurtik says:

    A very romantic photosession! Immediately recall German Romanticism, and Hoffmann, and Goethe, etc.

  17. Mi says:


  18. Crystal says:

    I love the first. The second is very cool too! She looks like she is growing out of the ground with the rest of the flora. But if I ask my self which would I like on my wall? It’s the one before the last one where she is looking through the leaves.

  19. Andy says:

    Very beautiful, love the wild sentiment of the photos.

  20. Carmen Eve says:

    2 and 6 are very beautiful. one with the Earth.

  21. tiff says:

    Thanks for the post, best wishes.

  22. Charlei (aka) Carole Mackie says:

    All beautiful… reminds me of a few poems by Keats.
    1& 9. 1 is like she’s coming out of her earthly bower-but longing to a celestial rest… and 9 shows the incredibly beautiful and magical surroundings in which she wanders …
    … it looks like my home… BC Canada. (Vancouver or Vancouver Island)

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Your dolls are absolutely beautiful and haunting. I’ve never seen anything like them. This one, surrounded as she is by nature, becomes an other-worldly creature.

  24. Nancy J. Horne says:

    All of the pictures are beautiful, but the second one speaks to me. She is part of the universe…the universe is part of her.

  25. Gatynor says:

    Haven’t been by your blog in a while, so glad I dropped in today. Kay is beautiful. Whilst all the photos are gorgeous, for me, the penultimate picture captures the luminous quality of resin when photographed.

  26. Caroline says:

    Makoto Takahashi is a woman.

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