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Agh! My desk is full of tiny mummies! Oh, no wait. False alarm.

It’s just the long waited resin line of Enchanted Dolls.


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  1. Nune2010 says:

    Woww. I quess, the girl in front of us is Lilly:-? Their skulls look so cute:-) I’m wondering which one is Ruby? So excited to make a quess!

  2. Crystal says:

    I should have such a problem! They look like they are having their wig caps made. I can’t wait to see them all!

  3. Marina I just had a heart attack, its for real the resin line is here……..there is hope for us fans……I am sobbing right now!…..I want one….no I need one!

  4. Margarita says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  5. Orangey says:

    Wahoo! This is a dream for many people, I’m excited for them =P

  6. Suok69 says:

    They are finally here!!!!!! This is a dream come true for so many Enchanteddoll fans. Can not wait to see them out off the plastic.
    Marina, when you will reveal all the details about them?

  7. Jayne Wourms says:

    Waiting with baited breath….
    Does the Resin wait list still apply?

  8. MigMig says:

    Resin line – so it’s happened, wow! Which moulds are there? What do you plan to do with them, Marina? Would you contact people on the resin waiting list?

  9. Glynis says:

    Resin line!! Oh flipping heck I can’t wait!! Please,please how do I order one?? I did send an email ages ago,is that enough ? sorry hyperventilating right now !! Ok thinking calm thoughts (and resin line) tell me Marina,do you still think there is any doubt about these being well accepted!!??

  10. Adriana says:

    Holy shklirnsvssdaasdf!!!!!!
    I had some kind of “premonitory” dream last night, I guess??
    I mean, we were all in some doll convention in my country (pretty much imposible, but oh well, it was a dream), then you appeared announcing that you would start producing the Resin Line

    sorry…the dream was very vivid

    *and then, in the dream, I was able to purchase a resin Enchanted Doll…

  11. Jayne says:

    Oh happy, happy, joy, joy :o)
    I know they will absolutely sell out at the doll shows, so I’m sincerely hoping the resin waiting list is on!

  12. Bertha says:

    Just can’t wait to see them. I did email you twice Am I on the waiting list?

  13. giperborea says:

    hopefully the waiting list is still on, cuz i won’t be able to purchase at the show, it’s so soon and I’m so out of money(((( Aaaaaahhhh(((( and hopefully they will cost within the $2000 limit…….

  14. Tatie says:

    eeeeeeeh eeeeeeh eeeeeeeeeh EEEEEEEEEHHH!!!!!!!

  15. Beth says:

    Long awaited would be an understatement, Marina! I am so happy and excited that you are coming out with a resin line. And thanks for sharing a teaser photo with us.

  16. Annina says:

    truly exciting! can’t wait to hear and see more about them!

  17. Hazel says:

    Oh, Marina, why do you tease us so!?!?

  18. Merri says:

    Marina, have you taught Chad to make wigs yet? :)
    I’ve just realised that the Resin dolls headed for Russia and Italy will require FORTY !!

  19. jacci says:

    will there be rubenesque resin dolls too? and if there is a wait list is it still open or are you going to start a new one for those of us who didn’t know about this? i had no clue there would be a resin line and i’ve wanted one of your dolls for so long. it would be so cool to have one, poceline or resin, i would be happy either way.

  20. Wilha says:

    Its wonderful that your resin dolls are finally coming to fruition. However I think its rather unfair that you are offering the first 20 to people at a gallery when you have a 2 year old waiting list of people for these resin dolls. And then to state that you’ll only be offering them for sale on a limited edition basis afterward if the 20 are well received—remember, you have a 2 year waiting list. I think those loyal customers are more deserving of your attention.


  21. Leigh in ME says:

    I have to agree with the above poster…

    I was under the impression that the resin line was made to give a broader market access to your work. Releasing the first twenty to a Gallery when you have a 2 year old wait list puts those dolls in the hands of those who can most afford your most expensive work, while denying those who have scraped a small savings over the last two years to afford their spot in line that was aimed at them.

    Just seems unfair.

  22. nelly says:

    Congrats for your resin dolls, hope one day I have one.

  23. Silvia Longstick says:

    I must agree that wile I am rejoiced by the fact that you’ll be bringing the resin dolls to fruition, and hopefully make your dolls available to more people, I find it very ve unfair that those are not offered to the people on your Waiting list, instead are being offered at some random event where most of your loyal fans have no access to. Why not make 20 loyal fans that are waitign for their chance at their first enchanted doll happy, instead of providing for those that have the means to follow you whereever you go?

  24. Orangey says:

    Yeah… the posters above make sense.

    And looking back it seems there will be 40 dolls for sale, 20 in Moscow and 20 in Italy. 40 dolls would really put a chink in that waiting list and make a lot of people happy.

    Do what you must though, just saying after the events I imagine your fans will still be looking forward to the waiting list.

  25. Danae says:

    OMG I cannot wait to someday own a resin ED….!!!!

  26. Beth says:

    I am appalled by comment #’s 21, 22, 24 and 25. There are many things in this world that are unfair; how Marina chooses to sell her art is not one of them. For crying out loud, no one really even knows when, if, or how a resin line of dolls will be sold in the future and Marina’s plans and goals may change. As much as I would love to own one of Marina’s dolls one day, it is not up to me or any of us to attempt to tell her how to sell them. We should all count ourselves fortunate that we are even able to contemplate spending money on art when there are human beings who are starving and homeless in the world.

  27. Orangey says:

    I am in no way even dreaming of owning an Enchanted Doll of either material, neither am I on the waiting list. I did see what the other people were saying however.

    “Do what you must though, just saying after the events I imagine your fans will still be looking forward to the waiting list.”

    Really sums up my intent. She can sell the 20 or 40 dolls in any manner and that’s fine. I don’t think the others were telling her how to sell her dolls more than reminding her how she intended to sell them 2 or so years ago. I think it’s only natural they would comment. *Shrug*

  28. jacci says:

    i think Orangey and Beth both have good points. the first line is being sold at the galleries, Marina even said it, to see if they are well accepted. i’m sure they will be, but that would give her a broader idea if its worth making more if they do well or not. i’m sure they will be beautiful and hopefully one day those who want one will get one. but it is her choice to debute them at the galleries first and i think its a choice most artists would make.

  29. Glynis says:

    Well put jacci,I’m hoping Marina is taking all these comments as positive,like most artists in history she’s stirring things up and seeing how it falls in to place,it’s how things move forward isn’t it? It also shows a commendable lack of arrogance to want to SEE people’s reactions to them too,it’s understandable that people to want to know that they will be able to own their own little piece of art/doll history and that the wait could be nearly over,I know I’m beyond excited

  30. Merri says:

    Jacci, if you didn’t know about the resin line, you might like to check out Marina’s blog entry for October 2010 and you can see the resin dolls Vega, Andromeda and Cassiopeia that were previewed at that time. Kay and Clymenestra were also featured at some time (sorry, can’t remember when). They were indeed beautiful!!
    I’m excited to see which dolls will be available this time. :)

  31. jacci says:

    Glynis, thanks, i hope Marina is taking all these comments positvely too. after all she knows how much we are all addicted to her art.
    Merri, i did actually check out that blog and saw the dolls, the first three you mentioned, Vega, Andromeda and Cassiopeia.they are a beautiful sight, just like the stars and figures they are named for. thanks;) i’m excited to see which ones will be avalible this time too. i’ll have to try to find the other ones you mentioned now too, time for some blog stalking lol

  32. Beth says:

    Thanks for understanding my point, Jacci. I am the first to admit that I want a resin doll very, very badly but I take offense at anyone saying that Marina is being unfair or even “reminding” her of the waiting list. I am sure she is well aware of the list! We just have to remember what our priorities are in life, and be thankful that most of us are even in a position to contemplate affording a doll of Marina’s.

  33. jacci says:

    Beth,you’re welcome. i want a resin doll as much as anyone else as well, but i do agree. Marina has been at this long enough to know what she’s doing and what will work for her art. i’m sure she hasn’t purposly done this to anger anyone. an artist needs to work on a broad scale and take whatever oppertunity arises for them to better themselves. i would love a doll someday, in the reality of things, i’ll have to be content with looking through the galleries and following the blog entries. but it is what it is.

  34. Leigh in ME says:

    Taking a list of names for a product that is promised, and then ignoring the list to sell to those who could afford time off from work, a big trip, and gallery prices is NOT fair practice.

    I am tired of hearing about how I should talk about “An Artist” when it comes to how they do business. The degree of originality or artistry in a PRODUCT is irrelevant if it is just a product for profit, as these are. If the Artists sells for profit, feedback about their practices is as relevant as if they were a large scale manufacturer of dish rags. Art is separate from business, and people in business for the purpose of making a profit relinquish some degree of “privacy” around their decisions in business. It is called their REPUTATION. Is Marina a great Artist? Absolutely, is she generally fair in her business practices? Sure, does that mean I like/agree with/am happy with the choice to pass over her loyal fans in favor of quick cash in an elite setting, H*LL no!

    Be as appalled as you like, I am commenting on her practice as a business woman, not her skills or her products as an artist. Remember Catrina of Dollfair was a business woman that wronged Marina with UNFAIR business practices, and people rushed to Marina’s side to console her and to castigate Catrina… The product was art, but the practices were lousy. A bit hypocritical there huh?

    I love Marina’s dolls and her art work. I don’t disparage her art.. ever. When I don’t care for a doll she makes I don’t say anything, not because I think it is ugly, but because it doesn’t appeal to me, but I know it may appeal to others. That doesn’t mean I am going to pretend a poor business practice doesn’t bother me. She is also human, and possibly didn’t consider this might upset people, so giving her this kind of feedback can’t hurt either.

    In regard to what “I should or shouldn’t be thankful for” I would chock that up to none of your business. I don’t run around talking about HOW you should feel, because naturally that would be presumptuous. I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself because I have not been able to purchase an Enchanted Doll for the last two years, and I have plenty of woes in my day to day life that far outstrip my feelings on this business choice that Marina has made.

    Marina isn’t a Goddess and this isn’t a shrine dedicated to her. So I plan to stay calm, and speak my mind when I feel like it. You never know, critical feedback about her business practices might just make her even better at business!

  35. Juju says:

    Omg you people need to calm down. Seriously it is a doll
    NAND even though you may have been put on a waiting list it doesn’t mean that you are legally entitled to a doll. Plus this whole list happened two years ago I don’t see why it would even be valid anymore. She doesn’t seem to be doing anything wrong from a business perspective although from a brand perspective she is alienating customers But anyway I just find it amusing how some people are being hostile to the very person determining whether you get a doll or not. Hagaha

  36. Wilha says:

    I think people are being calm–no one has flamed anyone else on here. Everyone understands these are dolls and its a hobby, I’m just voicing my opinions not on the dolls themselves, but on the method of their sale. No one is talking about being legally entitled to anything either. I’m not on the waiting list and I don’t intend on collecting the Enchanted Dolls, I’ve just always enjoyed looking at the photographs and I follow many doll artists on their creative journeys. Being an artist myself and having friends on that waiting list, I voice my opinion on making a waiting list for a product, and then having some of that product in hand and disregarding the waiting list. It does not matter that the list is 2 years old, that’s exactly what it is a WAITING list. You wait until there is word from the artist that the waiting list is being fulfilled or cancelled, which there hasn’t been any word of. And pointing out facts about a situation is not hostile.

  37. Leigh in ME says:

    I agree with you Juju, it is a doll, a $1500-$2000 doll (equivalent to a months salary for many people). And I am perfectly calm.

    In my agreement with Wilha and other ED fans who I have had private conversations with, we all agree it was a poor business choice. Expressing these feelings in a calm and rational manner was exactly what I did.. there was no ATTACK.

    I have been on the Porcelain list, and the resin list, and it has been years without ever being contacted to purchase a doll. I have never maligned Marina or said anything to bother her, so I am sure that she is not as petty and vindictive as to black list a fan who expresses dissatisfaction with a business choice she makes.

    Many things make me hot under the collar, this is not one of them.

  38. Amal says:

    What if we look at it this way:

    Marina could not attend to resin orders AND attend all these events at the same time. I think it’s fair to assume that the waiting-list, if and when she gets to it, is going to require near to her full attention for the duration. So, now is surely not the best time to start.

    Personally, I don’t think that using these 40 dolls to simply ‘make a dent’ in the waiting-list would be a wise business decision. She would only get embroiled in an increasingly difficult situation, requiring more and more time and administration. We don’t know, for example, how many of each mould would be required to satisfy the first 40 people on the list. That’s why I think it makes more sense to sell them on a first-come-first-served basis at an event where people can see what they are buying. What else could she do? Photograph each doll and spend her days privately emailing each person on the list in turn. Not an attractive prospect.

    Who knows, it’s possible that resin dolls could be made available through preorders,so everyone gets what they want. Maybe these dolls are from the first batch of prototypes that we caught a glimpse of the first time round.

    Also, I would have thought that representatives at a convention would be expected to have something to sell? And if Marina wants to recuperate any of the costs involved, I’m guessing she’d need to sell more than some pendants.

    No, Marina isn’t a goddess… therefore it’s unfair to expect her to be able to please everyone all of the time.

    Being as this is the first we’ve heard of the resin line in approximately two years, I myself fail to see it as anything but good news.

    But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I respect that.

  39. jacci says:

    i think the above three comments are all valid. as wonderful as it would be to own an Enchanted Doll, it is something that for many is just out of reach. even if the resin dolls are less expensive it won’t be by much. good art is expensive and for those who have the means to purchase it thats great. for me, i have rent and bills and the only art i really have is the pieces i’ve made myself. its enough for me to look at the pics in the galleries too. i go into the Swarovski Crystal store just to enjoy the beautiful pieces there. its all eye candy and its enough for me to just enjoy the astetic even if i’ll never own a certain piece.

  40. jacci says:

    i think the above comments are all valid. as wonderful as it would be to own an Enchanted Doll, it is something that for many is just out of reach. even if the resin dolls are less expensive it won’t be by much. good art is expensive and for those who have the means to purchase it thats great. for me, i have rent and bills and the only art i really have is the pieces i’ve made myself. its enough for me to look at the pics in the galleries too. i go into the Swarovski Crystal store just to enjoy the beautiful pieces there. its all eye candy and its enough for me to just enjoy the astetic even if i’ll never own a certain piece.

  41. jacci says:

    i think the above comments are all valid. as wonderful as it would be to own an Enchanted Doll, it is something that for many is just out of reach. even if the resin dolls are less expensive it won’t be by much. good art is expensive and for those who have the means to purchase it thats great. for me, i have rent and bills and the only art i really have is the pieces i’ve made myself. its enough for me to look at the pics in the galleries too. i go into the Swarovski Crystal store just to enjoy the beautiful pieces there. its all eye candy and its enough for me to just enjoy the astetic even if i’ll never own the stuff

  42. jacci says:

    ok, didn’t mean for that to go three times. sorry, hope two of those get taken out. i goofed on trying to deleat my comment. everyone please forgive my being a dork here ;)

  43. Leigh in ME says:

    Amal I completely understand and agree with the points of your speculation.

    But it is only speculation.

    When issues with the casting company arose it was communicated by Marina that the resin line was delayed indefinitely.

    And when recently she spoke of the resin line, she gave no indication that there was any significant change to the product or the process by which they were made.

    Therein lies the problem. If she communicated that all orders from the wait list were void, or that the process or pricing had altered dramatically, I am sure as fans of her work we would all understand. But there was no communication.

    We have gone from an indefinite wait, to being passed over to sell to people who have the means to get to these exclusive places and pay gallery prices. And told that only if these “do well” will she continue to make them.. like none of us were “really all the that interested” we just hopped on the wait list for sh!ts and giggles…

    A simple email explaining what changed from then to now would probably be enough to pacify every fan, but we have heard nothing. Thus the dissatisfaction.

    Us having expectations of an ARTIST who RUNS A BUSINESS to be ACCOUNTABLE is not unreasonable.. suggesting that it is rude, or invasive is illogical. If someone is willing to give up a months worth of their earnings for a product deserves some form of accountability from the person who is taking it in exchange for goods or services. That is just the way the world works.

    Suggesting that I am being unfair, attacking her, that I am ungrateful, or unthankful defies logic or reason. I simply expect accountability.

    The best of us make mistakes, and on occasion if people don’t point out these mistakes, we don’t know we have made them. I don’t subscribed to the idea that Marina is heartless,inconsiderate,spiteful, or vindictive, so I am going to let her know how I feel. Because in most situations in life when I have had a problem, taking the time to communicate with the person usually helped to resolve it.

  44. Erica says:

    I feel your pain Leigh. It kinda makes me sad when artist gets too big to really take note of all the fans that supported them in the beginning and helped them get so successful. Art is Art but it is also business, and poor business/customer service practices are always disappointing.
    I don’t see any replies to any of the posts from Marina and it’s sad if she cannot take time to at least drop off a little “hello” or “I’m busy but will be with you soon!” or even a “thank you for the support”.

  45. Hazel says:

    While I agree that, if she decides to do away with the waitlist, it would be unfair to those who signed up, I don’t think this is comparable to Catrina of Dollfair’s “unfair business practices.” Catrina took money and never delivered. As far as I know, anyone who has paid Marina for a doll has gotten a doll. She may have given people false hope, but swindling is a different thing entirely.

    Two possible reasons for this?

    Marina did mention that this line will be experimental. Perhaps this is not only in the business aspect, resin is after all a fairly new medium for her. Maybe she wants to ensure the quality of her products before going through the waitllist? (Resin yellows, the paint may rub off, might not be sure of quality of materials, etc.)

    As someone who briefly ran a one-woman art-related business, I would understand whatever Marina chooses at this point. It’s tough work to balance art and business, because these are two very different things. For Marina to grow, she needs to do exhibits to showcase her art. I don’t think it makes sense to deprive people going to exhibits because she of the waitlist. It makes more sense to offer dolls to people who attend her exhibits first, then sell the remainder to the people on the waitlist.

    That’s not to say I don’t feel for you guys and gals on the waitlist. I want one of her dolls VERY badly myself. But Marina is not a doll factory. And let me tell you, when you have to meet a lot of deadlines, time flies super fast and seems to slip out of your hands and you’ve barely gone through your to-do list. Yes, more communication would be nice. I expect she’ll have more time to do so after the autumn doll rush. She will need to explain her plans on the waitlist eventually, though. Soon, I hope.

  46. Amal says:

    Good on you Hazel, for pointing out the disimilarity between Marina and Dollfair. Marina hasn’t taken a penny from anyone.

    Leigh, I’m not accusing you of anything. You have the right to voice your dissatisfaction and I’m sure Marina takes on board these comments. But she has been subject to a great deal of criticism over the resin line and if she’s not properly prepared to tackle the orders, she’d only be setting herself up for more trouble. I truly believe that you and the others haven’t been ‘passed over’, but that Marina is hedging her bets by debuting her product in this way. The feedback she gets from these events will serve her in making sure that the product is ‘ready’.

    Erica, Marina does communicate with fans and does appreciate us. She’s made that clear on various occasions and in various ways.

  47. Leigh in ME says:

    Funny I didn’t compare Marina to Catrina, I compared people’s reactions to them which is VERY different.

    Again Hazel and Amal, I totally understand and agree with your speculations, but that is all it is. Unless you have it on good authority it amounts to the same thing. SPECULATION.

    When she chooses to make an announcement (or not) that will be definitive.. But that is yet to happen.

    I appreciate that you are not being accusitorial Hazel, and I completely respect your post. It isn’t that I am not sympathetic to whatever the situation may be, but having been given not a single scrap of info in that regard, I refuse to speculate.

    And in the mean time many people, more than me still feel this way. I won’t name them but at least five that I maintain casual contact with.. And a few more that have contacted me because of theses posts… Some even warning me I would be “BLACKLISTED FOR GOOD!” to which I laughed..

    It is just some straightforward feedback, Marina seems like she has a thick skin, so I would rather error on the side of honesty, and play my cards from there.

    Really no hard feelings!


  48. Eiko says:

    I have to agree with a lot that Leigh in ME has said in her posts.

    It is a bit disappointed that Marina didn’t offer the first 40 resin dolls to those on the waiting list.
    I understand that she might want to ‘test the market’ and see if these resin dolls will sell. But judging on how enthusiastic her fans were at the announcement of the resin line in February 2010 (over 100+ people commented on that entry), I would say that it’s unlikely the resin line would not be a success.

    Anyways, I don’t know why Marina choose to do it this way. It’s up to her to decide how she wants to run her business.

    However, it would be much appreciated by her fans if Marina herself would comment on this situation to avoid people speculating and possibly giving out false information.

  49. Beth L says:

    I agree with most of what has already been said here.

    I was on the porcelain list, and signed up for the resin doll list within hours after it opened. I was very disappointed to read that the first group of resin dolls would be sold at a show and not to those of us who have been patiently waiting for over 2 years for a chance to get a resin doll.

    I do not understand why those of us on the resin wait list have not been informed of the progress or delays. I think it is obvious that the vast majority of the people who signed up for a resin doll want to buy one. The interest is already there. To be kept hanging for so long without any information is very frustrating. To see the first group of resin dolls go off to a show to be sold is unfortunate for those of us on the list.

    Marina can do as she pleases with her dolls, but I do not have to agree with her decisions or be happy about them. I announced my interest in buying a resin doll years ago when I signed up for her waitlist. To see the list of interested buyers get pushed aside after waiting for literally years does not make me happy at all.

  50. Beth says:

    Dear Leigh in ME,
    For someone who claims to “have plenty of woes in my day to day life that far outstrip my feelings on this business choice that Marina has made.” you have spent a fair amount of words on here asking Marina for accountability. She has zero accountability to you or to anyone. No contracts have been signed and no promises have been made.

  51. Leigh in ME says:

    Awe Beth,

    Going for the jugular there huh?

    You see I have one of those fancy new fangled devices called “iPhones” so I can keep up on emails,phone calls,text messages, I can read message boards, blogs, twitter and even Facebook. All while cleaning my home, working on my products, taking the dog for a walk, waiting for my son’s school bus, watching TV, Making Dinner.. it is a modern day WONDER I tell you!!!

    And believe it or not Beth, I would have been content stating that I was disappointed that she passed us over and leaving it at that. Your appalled state and your “helpful hints” about how I should feel are really the catalyst of my elucidation.

    YOU might not agree that she is accountable for her business decisions, but clearly by this thread my feelings are not unique.

    As to the plethora of wordy posts, I type fast and I never shut up, as all my friends tell me!

    So you can take that for impassioned speech, but I assure you I am just talking about a topic I am interested in.



  52. Wilha says:

    “you have spent a fair amount of words on here asking Marina for accountability. She has zero accountability to you or to anyone.”

    An artist selling product is a business. A business entity with zero accountability to anyone. That makes a lot of sense.

  53. Beth says:

    Leigh, I am entitled to my opinion as much as you are entitled to yours. You expressed yours and I expressed mine. It isn’t about whether or not more posters agree with you or with me. A continual back-and-forth on here is really going to serve no purpose as I have better things to do with my time as I am sure you do with yours. I have said all I have to say on this subject. All the best to you and whatever plan Marina has for how she sells her art, I sincerely hope it is one that you are happy with.

  54. Leigh in ME says:

    Thank you Beth! All the best to you too!

  55. Hazel says:

    Leigh, what I meant was that the peoples’ reactions (to Marina and Dollfair) were different because they are two different things entirely.

    I’m comfortable with speculating but that’s not to say that I consider my speculations as automatically true. There are simply so many possibilities that I’m content with giving her the benefit of the doubt. I do understand why some people would see this as something like a betrayal. I just don’t feel that way, personally.

    I do think it’s important (and quite a wonder of the modern world) that Marina can get honest feedback on her art and business practices in an instant (whether it be sympathy or disappointment.) And I definitely think we will get our answer once the exhibits are over.

  56. Leigh in ME says:

    yes Hazel one is a manufacturer and the other an Artist. The common intersection is they are both in business for Profit.

    That is exactly my point. It doesn’t matter WHAT you produce, if you sell it you are in business and that implies a level of accountability.

    It seems that people think that everything Marina does with her business is “none of anyones business” every time. Even when the decisions she makes for her business effect every person that contributes to her income.

    The whole “it’s none of our business” perspective from fellow fans is really weird and defensive. Her artistic choices are not my business, in that the choices that inform and drive her art are her own, and the outcomes are there for me to like or dislike. If I like it I compliment it. If I don’t I don’t bother to comment because I know others do, art is subjective.

    But if she was selling custom t-shirts, or high end dolls regardless of the degree of art and originality involved, business is business and everyone who is in business is accountable to those who support them. That has always been the way of it.

    I didn’t establish that precedent, but being in sales for all the years I have I recognize it as a universal truth. If she takes a list of names for a product, and then refuses to fill the list before selling to an elite group, that is unfair business practice.

    The buffer would have been a letter of explanation. But we didn’t get that either. So without confirmation, and because we have never been told otherwise, a large body of people are disappointed.

    Feelings are not negotiable. And the logic is not fuzzy on this one in the least.

    I love how in this day and age no one can EVER say “you are right, I am sorry”

    It is disappointing. Much like these circumstances.

  57. Jeanne Gross says:

    Can anyone tell me if these resin dolls will have the same issues as the rest of the resin out there? Yellowing? Also, does anyone know what company Marina chose to handle making the resin dolls for her? Does anyone have any idea how difficult her work was to reproduce and how much she invested into this project? Just curious.


  58. Hazel says:

    @Leigh: I didn’t mean ‘different’ in terms of manufacturer vs. artist. I even mean it in the business sense. Like I said in my previous post, Dollfair took money (and molds) and did not deliver. This is not the case here. People may be angry because they feel they’ve been given false hope of getting an ED. Marina has not made money off dolls she did not deliver. There is the difference. I’m not saying she’s not accountable to anyone nor responsible for the list. I’m just saying that the Dollfair incident is non sequitur.

    The way I see it, she did not refuse to fill out the wait list – not yet – and is the Italy audience really ‘elite’? (I looked up the prices for the Pieceno convention because I wanted to go. 100 euro seems like a middle class price for an art convention. If it weren’t for the fact that I also need two damn plane tickets…) It all seems more location-specific than targeting those with lots of cash.

    However, I do agree that she has to answer to her disappointed fans. And I do agree that she might have prevented an outrage by announcing her intentions beforehand.

  59. Hazel says:

    @Jeanne: I think we can only tell from what Marina has posted before. She has been very silent about the resin line until lately.

    I think she mentioned that the dolls are sealed with a UV-resistant spray, but we don’t know if they yellow more or less faster than other resin dolls. Only time can truly tell that, I think.

    We know Marina initially chose Dollfair, but she has experienced problems with them. (She was mostly silent about this on her blog, though.) Perhaps she and Dollfair worked something out, perhaps she found a new manufacturer.

    She also mentioned that she was not satisfied with other companies, and that even after manufacture she has to go through a labor-intensive process of sanding, painting and stringing her dolls. She announced a price before, which was veerry steep compared to average resin dolls, and she cited the labor involved as a factor in her price.

    But that is all rather outdated information from blog entries of nearly two years ago. I suppose we’ll be updated soon.

  60. Jeanne Gross says:

    Dear Hazel; What a relief to get back to discussing the actual dolls. Thank you. Anyway, just so curious about resin because I have been trying to make a version of my studio doll in resin and I absolutely hate it. I understand the issues of sanding and stringing and if I were to go to all that trouble, I would be very disappointed to see my work years down the road terrible yellowed. I thought about doing wood instead (which is also prone to yellow) but if I applied several super thin washes of pale beige white, then I could limit the yellowing effect. I would love to hear what collectors have to say about the resin dolls they already own. I am not certain that I would trust any UV protection on costly artwork. I understand the limits of porcelain but perhaps painted wood might be the best option. I enjoy the discussion of the actual pieces, therein lies the excitement and the innovation, and ownership of art is just an exercise in futility. The minute I own any piece of valuable artwork, it becomes a burden. But looking is free. Just as I can own a view of the ocean by driving out to enjoy experiencing it, I have long stopped pining for beach front property. Does anyone mind focusing on this stage of Marina’s work, celebrating the risks she continues to take and the dedication she has for her work? I feel like I own her work in my heart from the many fabulous photos she takes. Possessions are lovely but I truly find that I get more positive endorphin activity from viewing art rather than trying to possess it. Jeanne

  61. Beth says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    I own quite a few resin ball-jointed dolls and they have all yellowed a bit with time. This is pretty much inevitable but keeping them in a closed box does help slow down the process quite a bit. It seems like they yellow faster if exposed to sunlight than just to artificial light but it does happen no matter what. The quality of the resin makes a difference too-high quality resin does yellow less slowly and in a more mellow, creamy color than cheaper resin does. White resin tends to yellow the most obviously and the quickest; the yellowing of “normal” skin tones is much less obvious.

    I do think UV sprays help slow down the process a bit but they tend to wear off with time and handling of the doll. Repeatedly respraying the UV coat over other UV coats is a BAD idea. The best thing you can do is unstring the doll, wash it in warm water with gentle soap, and then respray one UV coat. Doing this once or twice a year and keeping the doll in a dark room or box will slow down the yellowing but there is nothing that will stop it altogether. Hope this info helps!

  62. Beth says:

    I also want to add that none of my dolls have ever yellowed in a way that I consider to be horrible looking. I have never seen a doll turn a bright yellow. It’s much more of a pale creamy beige-ish sort of color that is not even always obvious unless you have a yellowed doll right next to a brand spanking new blinding white resin one. It is not something that would put me off of buying or owning an older doll that has yellowed. And in the case of Marina’s dolls, any yellowing of the resin down the road would be FAR outweighed by the overall beauty of the doll than a slight color change.

  63. Hazel says:

    Jeanne, I see your point on artwork becoming a burden and looking is free, and that “owning artworks is an exercise in futility.” If I had an ED, I imagine that it would require a lot of precautions and quite a bit of care. After all, resin yellows and porcelain breaks. But I can keep ED photos (and my Enchanted book) forever.

    However, I could easily resist buying an original from one of my other favorite artists. EDs are quite different. It’s not just a pretty painting or sculpture – you can interact with it. It is something Marina talks about often, balancing engineering and design. And I would buy one in an instant if I could afford it (despite it being obviously painful to the pocket) because it is art designed to be touched.

  64. Beth says:

    Hi Leigh in ME, it’s Beth again. I read your most recent comment (# 58) and I think I understand what you are saying. I have a couple of questions for you, just for clarification.

    First, when you talk about a business having accountability to its customers, what kind of accountability are you talking about? There is the legal definition, which means that a business cannot knowingly sell or distribute a product that will harm or kill consumers, for example. But beyond that, what kind of accountability are you talking about? Are you talking about a business having an obligation to justify its business decisions to its customers?

    You also mentioned unfair business practices. There are definitely certain things a business cannot do because they are prohibited by law but that definitely does not include anything Marina is doing with how she sells her art. I have no idea what was said to anyone on the waiting list for a resin doll-were they promised the first chance at them if Marina ever sold any resin dolls? Was anything ever said or implied or promised by Marina to anyone who signed a waiting list? If not, I guess I’m having trouble seeing where the unfairness part of your viewpoint comes into play.


  65. Leigh in ME says:

    Hi Beth!

    Of course no one is being bound financially or legally with a wait list. And having our names on Marina’s wait list means nothing more than a promise to contact us when she has a doll available or the opportunity to produce a doll we seek.

    As a business regardless of a financially or legally binding agreement, their is an assumption (and yes I know what they say about those) that our names would be honored “FAIRLY” when those items came ready to be sold.

    And this is the unfairness I speak of. No one is going to sue anyone, and no one is going to demand any money back. But many people feel like between waiting on a wait list for either Porcelain, or resin, or both, that it is a bit careless to pass over them to sell to a bunch of other people that are able jump the queue.

    In the past Shows have served a dual purpose for her business model, to promote her work and to sell her product. If she said she was selling 5 resin dolls this time around (one of each sculpt) people would be more understanding. It would preview what was to come, and it would afford her some cash for them. With enough response to gauge the market for them.

    I am CERTAIN, that if she offered dolls sight unseen to people waiting on these lists, they would still buy them. I know I would.

    I have seen people say here and on the Enchanted Forum that “How” Marina sells her dolls is “None of our Business”
    And that our expectations should have “Nothing to do with her choices” and while I agree with those principles in her Art, I DO NOT agree with those principles in how she does business.

    Your reputation in business is determined in your quality,honesty,fidelity and fairness. She certainly can do as she likes, but if she abuses the “TRUST” of her fans, eventually people will turn away from her work.

    As a very process rich person, I see her as being concerned about her collectors and interested in what interests them. And the choice to produce a Resin line seemed born of that. Accessibility, Affordability, and possibly manufactured production (to relieve the burden of the work load from her)

    Her Porcelain is like Haute Couture, and these dolls will be like RTW, both designer, but different degrees of designer. The point of RTW is accessibility, and price. It is a means to grow her business into a wider base.

    I appreciate the difficulties she has had with Dollfair, and I was patient about waiting for her to hammer out a new plan. And I am thankful she figured something out, But it doesn’t make me feel any better about being passed over.

    The one other piece I think people don’t consider is that everyone loves to scream at the heartbroken ED fan who gets upset that a doll is not in reach, and tell them “NO ONE OWES YOU A DOLL SO STOP CRYING” and while essentially this is true, many of these folks have scraped and saved to afford these dolls with their meager incomes, and while that money could go toward any of their day to day needs, they still keep it in the hope they are contacted.

    So no, NO ONE WAS PROMISED anything, and no one PAID for anything. But with all businesses, fairness is implied, and fidelity to fans is always expected. People, especially devoted people, are understanding, so communicating a change or a problem and they are always on board.

    But if you abuse their faith, and are not as loyal to them as they are to you, and you don’t communicate what is working or not in your process, it will cost you your reputation.

    From there you can continue on making whatever choices for your business you like, but you will lose people along the way.

    Her fans have communicated their disappointment in this thread. Only to be put on the defensive by other fans saying they don’t have the right to expect anything from Marina or to question ANY of Marina’s choices. That same ideology has been perpetuated in past posts. I am sick of that ideology and I openly reject it. Throughout my career in Retail in the lowest forms of retail to the highest forms of Gallery sales, to Wholesale and direct sales, the thread of the seller being accountable in reputation has always been maintained. She is no different. The Galleries I worked with would drop artists who had these kinds of issues. from dish rags to fine art, all sellers are always accountable, both legally AND in reputation.


  66. Jeanne Gross says:

    After reading all of these blogs, I conclude this; Marina is very lucky to have such an ardent group of collectors that desire her work so passionately. I see into the hearts of these collectors, I understand what they want. CORRECT ME, IF THIS IS NOT TRUE; the most meaningful way to experience Marina’s work is to Possess it because the collector must be able to INTERACT WITH HER ART. Much in the same way that the intellect interacts with great prose by reading it, the collector that holds Marina’s art in their hands, intellectually and physically EXPERIENCES something uniquely aesthetic. These are assumptions that I cannot confirm without collectors feedback. Interactive art dates back to before the Rosetta Stone, we know that humans will start wars to possess art. Having said that, I must warn the collectors of being too demanding of a delicate genius like Marina. I feel protective of her, she is the same age as my oldest son. So young and so full of promise still. I would prefer not to scold her or try to help her “improve” her business model. So far, she has put her art first, true collectors would respect that you cannot separate an artist from his or her own work and expect predictability and fairness. The most important thing in my view is that Marina is supported and encouraged to continue her work without needing to take time and emotional energy away from her day to respond to the demands of her collectors. Really, what she needs are patrons, I guess, instead of collectors. I defend the work, not the business because I have never met a truly great artist that could handle business. Be careful what you demand of an artist; if Marina actually responded to the demand for her work, I have no doubt that she would end up compromising the art. When that happens everyone loses. I am sure she has learned from this experience never to keep a wait list again. Jeanne

  67. Sarah says:

    I understand everyone’s frustration in being pushed aside/totally overlooked from the waiting list but is the stress really worth it? I understand that everyone loves marinas dolls but am I the only one who has thought that these dolls are abut overhyped and overpriced? Would not marina rather produce resin dolls in higher numbers and lower prices to satisfy her fans – the only people who make $20000 auctions on eBay possible? I mean bulk manufacturing and sourcing raw materials would be cheaper and allow cheaper prices. I get that she needs to make a living but do you ever feel that she purposely limits supply to elicit more mystery and desirability to her advantage? 2000 for a resin doll is very expensive

  68. Jeanne Gross says:

    Sarah; No the stress is never worth it when life is so much more enriching when one can be free of material burdens. Yes, I think so manipulation has occurred and definite hype but none of it would fly if the work was not worthy. The work stands apart and I think everyone would agree that Marina has that spark of genius and innovation, that will stand the test of time. If she went commercial, it would be lost to a great degree. In the real “art” world, work with much less merit and originality commands 6 digits.

  69. Beth says:

    Leigh in ME, thanks for your well thought out answer. I may not always agree with the various points of view expressed here but I do like reading what everyone is thinking and feeling. The bottom line for me is that while I do understand and sympathize with everyone who feels they may have been treated unfairly and are now feeling disappointed, there are varying degrees of what is unfair in life and this isn’t something that I can get all that bothered about. My brother is going through intense treatment for cancer right now and I find the unfairness of how and who that disease strikes to be of more magnitude than whether or not a doll waiting list is honored. That’s just my opinion and my perspective from where I am at in my life right now; I know everyone has different priorities and viewpoints.

    Sarah and Jeanne, you also raise interesting points. I think it remains to be seen how/when/if Marina proceeds with resin doll availability and affordability in regards to a wider audience. I hope we are all able to own one at some point.

  70. Leigh in ME says:


    I am deeply sorry about your brother and I can sympathize. Between mental illness and plain old illness I have a fair share of trouble on my plate from my family at any given time.

    I know I can come across as intense, but I assure you it translates as way more fun in person.


  71. Glynis says:

    Beth,I’ve been in the same position with my younger brother,it’s no longer enough to hold his hand crossing the road,and there’s no words to describe how angry and frustrated you will get at the disease,but keep smiling,strong and positive for him,cry/rage when you leave him,and yes it does put dolls in to perspective but its something else to think about. Keep strong Beth and I will be thinking of you both x

  72. Amal says:

    Beth and Glynis, I’m sorry that such a devastating disease has struck your loved ones. Wishing strength for them, and you.

    Leigh, I’ve read your point of view with interest and see the logic of what you’ve said. In contrast, I think that Jeanne’s comments really highlight the fragility of an Artist-come-business-person’s position.

    I enjoy the debate. I admit I often take a defensive point of view, but it’s not because of scorn. I empathise with the feeling of wanting something so badly and wish everyone could have (at the very least) the doll they dream of.

  73. Beth says:

    Leigh, Glynis and Amal, thank you all so much for your kind words. I would gladly change places with him if that were possible.

  74. Hazel says:

    Beth, I am so sorry about your brother. I used to work at an intensive care unit, and I’ve seen just how taxing chronic illnesses can be on patients and their families. For what it’s worth, having loving friends and family is a huge factor in an ill persons’ well-being. Your brother is lucky to have a loving sister such as yourself during these hard times!

  75. Beth says:

    Thanks for such kind words, Hazel. I appreciate you taking the time to write. The real world can be filled with such horrors; Marina’s site and these beautiful dolls are a good escape into another world.

  76. abi says:

    I’m a bit late in reading the latest news, hence my chances of ever owning an ED is… zero. But, I just wanted to mention…

    It’s sad to read of the disharmony over the ‘waiting list’ and even sadder to read of the above ill-health.

    Marina wrote ~

    “I am so happy to finally be able to present to you, the long-awaited line of Resin Enchanted Doll! The official launch is in Moscow” “Only 20 dolls will premiere at this event”

    Which is exactly what happened… the resin dolls were ‘launched’

    I am fairly certain Marina didn’t state that the first line of resin dolls will be going to the people on the waiting list.

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