Resin Enchanted Dolls

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  1. Jon Songserm says:

    My heart are going outside of my body now!

    congratulations for all of people who on the waitinglist.

    finally the time is come.

  2. Eiko says:

    Wow, this will be a happy Christmas for a lot of ED fans :-)

  3. Jayne Wourms says:

    They are just beautiful! I can’t wait to see and find out more!!!

  4. Tatie says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hazel says:

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. How lovely that these beautiful creatures shall be more accessible to us fans. I can’t wait to see more!

  6. Eiko says:

    BTW Is there any news yet on what the price of the resin dolls will be?

  7. Biscuitbear says:

    Triple wow! They are just astounding!

  8. daniseyu says:

    right here waiting for more pics of these beauties

  9. Elcato says:

    Marina, new dolls are amazing.
    Also sent a mail to you

  10. Annina says:

    wow Marina, they look amazing, you perfected your painting style on Resin!!

  11. Annina says:

    oh and, have a great trip both of you!

  12. Jayne says:

    Oh dear, you had to go and give us even more choice! You really are quite evil :)
    Have a wonderful and safe trip.
    Jayne xxx

  13. Crystal says:

    They really are lovely!

  14. sarahdipity says:

    Exciting news! They are very lovely.

  15. jslord says:

    Marina, they are beyond my fondest hopes–but that is unsurprising. What an astonishingly gifted person you are. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  16. k6 says:

    i can’t wait this event !!!
    it’s fantastic !

    ps : where i can finda wig similar to the brown wig ?


  17. pinktink says:

    OMGosh, what a way to leave us hanging on the edge of our seats!

  18. Manü says:

    Waou Marina, there’s no world to said you how your resin dolls are.
    they are more than perfect, absolutely magnifique .

  19. Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!! They are FABULOUS!!!

    Oh I hope I’ll be able to have one of your dolls one day.

    Happy dreamy sigh…..

  20. Valeira says:

    OOHH i like!! i think i put my sel on the list but i can’t remember. but i am following with antisipation :D they’re all so lovely

  21. Beatrice says:

    I really hope to gte one of them!

  22. Kim says:


  23. iki says:

    it are so cute, but i still like more your porcelan dolls

  24. terri says:

    They are all so full of emotion, so expressive.

  25. Amazing to see how closely (if not immaculately) they resemble your previous dolls. Not by their looks, but the caliber of work and aesthetics.

    Congratulations Marina, it’s been a long road here, but looks like it’s finally happening. You must be proud (and relieved)

    Have a great trip, hope you achieve everything you set out to, and hope you get good news from the publishers about your book, fingers crossed!!

  26. Ani says:

    Oh my! Such lovely lovely girls! I cannot wait for more info, I hope you have my name on your ‘good little children’s’ waiting list?? :0) Best, Ani

  27. Suok69 says:

    You did it again.
    They are sooooo beautiful. One on the left looks lke Beauty and Beast, and one in the middle resembles Sinderella. Oh my, they all adorable dolls. I think I’m on the waiting list. After I order one of them, when can i make another order? Because i want to have all of them. The wigs are just to die for. I hope to order one or two.
    Have a great trip.

  28. Astera says:

    Splendid! What a gift for the holidays! :)
    Have a wonderful time on your journey, Marina!

  29. Cyriaque-L says:

    I simply cannot wait ! I always thought china would be more beautiful than resin but the result seems to be so wonderful ! You did a great job !

  30. swdolls says:

    Wow. They are lovely.

  31. Silvana says:

    Oh my!!!! It´s resin?????? They are so beautiful…i think is to much beautiful than Asian resin dolls….you are incridible!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  32. How exciting! They are stunning!

  33. MigMig says:

    Marina, I didn’t realise resin dolls could be so beautiful, but it looks like in your hands any material would turn into a thing of beauty. Can I be put on a list for Vega please?

  34. Nelly says:

    Your dolls are stunning,so beautiful.

  35. muuka says:

    Now in resin? Neato. So how much do your dolls run in range of price? For the resin dolls compared to the porcelain?

    Need to know so I can start saving ;)

  36. ruat says:

    bravo c’est tout simplement magnifique
    est ce que vous vendez ces magnifiques créa
    merci pour cet enchantement

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