Riding in Big White

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Chad put together this short video of our trip to the Big White winter resort with a couple of our friends, earlier this year. This little reminder of the good times on the slopes, will help us get through the summer and until the next riding season. I’ll miss you, snow.

Chad and I are on boards, and our friends Nate and Theresa are on skiis.

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  1. Jeanette says:

    Great video! [:

  2. Crystal says:

    Wow that’s a really great video. What a winter wonderland!
    I guess that bar you were holding onto had your camera at the other end. It stayed so steady though, I just couldn’t figure it out.
    It looks like a wonderful way to get away from it all!

  3. Annina says:

    i saw him tweeting it, i thought it was really cool and it made me want to try skiing some time again.
    although right now i’ve really really had enough of snow and would like spring to arrive, it feels like an ice age is starting over here.

    cool videography, and your trip seems like so much fun. made me realize i need to get out more!

    and, slightly offtopic but it made me really excited for the ED documentary! :D

  4. Jayne Wourms says:

    I am not understanding, winter is to be endured, not enjoyed! I think I need to put the kettle on, I am now cold after watching the video.
    Seriously,lovely video!

  5. Jugend Moth says:

    awesome video! Will watch it many times. Love the music!!:)

  6. We have two seasons in Vancouver: A rainy season, and a very rainy season.

    The coastal climate is so mild, that Snow is a real novelty to us. Even our alpine conditions tend to be melty in the so-called winter.

    But, as a Native Siberian of European decent, I love snow and the cold, Northern beauty, and I miss it constantly.

  7. Realy looked like a good time….Winter is so beautiful and magical!

  8. panzergrenadierz says:

    I’ve got to get me one of these toys…

  9. Arianne says:

    My sister used to hate cold and snow with a vengeance and never understood how I could enjoy it so much. She has a boyfriend that got her into snowboarding though and now she can’t bare to say good bye to winter. They also use a camera to catch all of their fun in the Olympic mountains of Washington and it is a rush just seeing the videos.
    Farewell winter and hello spring. I’m sure it will bring you pleasures and inspiration too.

  10. Merri says:

    Wow! What a life! :D

  11. Katie Tenery says:

    *sigh* So beautiful… Nothing even close to that here in Texas. I’m so jealous!! I’m going to watch that to get me through summer also, hehe!

  12. I am happy for you, that you are out enjoying yourself too! This is a beautiful, peaceful place to take a break from your doll making!

  13. Sorry, not meaning , that you don’t enjoy dollmaking! I know you do!

  14. Beatrice says:

    I’ve never actually seen snow ~

  15. MissLK says:

    That’s the spirit! It’s nice to see that you have a life in the outdoors, too :)

  16. Annina says:

    Beatrice, i could send you some ;)
    and anyone who would like some, i will gladly direct it to you.
    i do like winter, i’m a winter born, but i’m so longing for spring now!
    still, this video is pretty cool and i’ll be watching it when i start missing the snow!

  17. Sylvia Leticia says:

    ~Incredibly Beautiful Place~ It really looks like fun :-} Thanks for sharing… Memories for the Heart!!

  18. Gaynor says:

    Awesome! I used to live in Canada and really miss it!

  19. jacquelyn says:

    wow you guys are good on your boards. and i’m guessing that was your friend Nate being silly on his skies in the backround of some of the shots. looks like you had a blast, great vid. thanks for sharing ;)

  20. Annina says:

    oh and i forgot to say, gread beard that you quickly grew for the last part, Chad! ;)

  21. Marina says:

    Growing beards is Chad’s special power!

  22. Aeroksana says:

    Excellent video, I smile from ear to ear! You are good! Liked the music, who sings it?

  23. connie says:

    Hello, I love your dolls, are the most beautiful faces and bodies I have seen finer. His profound sadness makes them more beautiful. I would like to know how I can get to have a book of your wrists. I hope you can answer or I will contact you. Thanks for sharing the beauty and art.

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