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Listing number 330500804771













Ruby by Enchanted Doll -a ball jointed, porcelain doll.

Listing number 330500804771

Starting Price: $4,050 USD

Ruby is a brand new, hand made, ball jointed, porcelain doll with a unique steel spring articulation and a permanent China painting and blushing on her features and body. Her removable, magnetic wig is hand made from soft, natural mohair and can be washed and styled with ease. Ruby can mimic a wide range of human movements and has a custom-made, flexible stand to support her without restricting her flexibility. She comes with a beautiful custom tin box for easy storage and transportation.

Her china-painted, porcelain complexion renders her permanently resistant to UV radiation and non-absorbent of any kind of dirt, such as finger oil, solvent and many other chemicals. The doll can be safely wiped down with water and/or cleaning agents to easily remove any dirt or dust without ever removing her china paint. However, the doll must not be immersed in water to prevent corrosion of the metal springs inside her. Like all Enchanted Dolls, Ruby is very well balanced, but she must always be supported by stand when in standing position for maximum safety.

Items included in this auction are: 1) A nude Enchanted Doll Ruby, 2) a flexible metal stand 3) a removable, magnetic wig and 4) a custom tin box. The outfits and accessories shown in photographs are NOT a part of this auction. All of the above mentioned items are made entirely by hand and I, Marina Bychkova, am their maker.

A full payment must me made within 7 days of the auction’s end to receive Ruby by Christmas. However, a 30-day layaway plan is available upon request. In case of layaway, a 50% NON- REFUNDABLE deposit must be paid within 7 days of auction’s end in order to hold the doll for the duration of layaway. Payment accepted through paypal. International shipping is available.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

The Auction runs until Dec 02, 201022:31:56 EST

Also, what is your favorite picture of Ruby?

134 Responses

  1. Jayne says:

    Be still my beating heart (just) :)
    Good luck Marina!

  2. Kirsten says:

    She’s so beautiful, Marina… *dreamy sigh*
    I love the ninth photo (the one just below Ruby in Chad’s hand).

  3. Kimmi says:

    My favorite photo is the first one. She’s so gorgeous. Is her stand the same as the regular doll stands? Is that Nati’s Garden of Delights tin?
    She’s so lovely.

  4. Helewen says:

    She’s stunning, she’s so looks so graceful in that dress! I love the freckles!

    I can’t afford her, but it’s always nice to see new dolls. The pictures are all beautiful, I think my favourite is the 11th.

  5. Eiko says:

    She looks amazing! It’s hard to pick a favourite picture of her. Tho I think that my favourite picture is third picture of Ruby with her coloureful dress. It really reminds me a lot of a Chinese performance that I saw in China a few years ago.

    I also love the jewellery in the second picture. It’s amazing.

  6. kelly says:

    My favorite photo is of Ruby on the cushions with her hair dampened. She looks like she came out of a pool or bath. She looks so real, so feminine. It’s a “come hither” pose! She’s incredible, good luck with the auction!

  7. Manü says:

    Wow, this doll break my heart she is stunning.good luck on her owner.

  8. Manü says:

    it’s was very hard to choose one all pics are beautiful, especially the one you keep her hand it’s like she said good by with regret to you, my fav is the 12 on the tin box.Congratulations

  9. yani says:

    My favourite is ruby-2.jpg, where she’s laying face down on the chair.

  10. jenkins says:

    Hello …
    Who do you say so much about life …
    I really do not understand your starting price for * * RUBY …
    You know it will sell very expensive, humility would put the starting price at $ 1, many humble artist * do * …
    I do not understand … I found incorrect to put such a starting price.
    That said, I still want to think about … For, what are your personal expectations on the sale of Ruby …
    I am shocked even if Ruby is a pure wonder, I find it unacceptable in the world we live in to such a starting price!
    There are children starving and unhappy because they have nothing !!!… Shame
    I do not understand

    Mel Jenkins

  11. jenkins says:

    I think the nicest things you could do is leave at least the dream to someone who did not necessarily afford to buy your work …
    Be a little more humble if you please, thank you.
    In life nothing is inaccessible!
    Come back to earth a bit.

  12. Jon Songserm says:

    I can’t believe my eyes!

  13. giperborea says:

    Ruby has never been a fav of mine but after following every step of her birth for a week and finally seeing her today in full glory – I am absolutely in love. She’s worth her price!

    Regarding the commentary above from Jenkins – it’s rude and disrespectful, outrageous even! Mind your own business, Mr.Jenkins!

  14. jenkins says:

    I never questioned the artist’s work dear friend! Quite the contrary …
    Because everyone knows that the work of Marina is so unspeakable it is beautiful …
    Exactly, I said precisely that he deserved the utmost humility … is why a low starting price would have been a credit to the artist …
    Now everyone thinks as he wishes. ah money …

  15. fiona says:

    jenkins, personally when I see something for a low starting price, only to have my hopes crushed and feel foolish when I see the bids soar into the thousands, I feel a little hard done by. I think setting the start price at this is realistic, fair, and free from false modesty.
    I don’t think false modesty equates to humility, and when artists even pretend to undervalue their work it’s a big turn-off.

    Money is going to be unpleasant either way, but tip-toeing around the hard numbers is really pointless and only wastes people’s time in the end.

  16. fiona says:

    Jenkins, also, these dolls’ worth is determined by both the incredible craftmanship, skill and effort involved and what the collectors set the price as. It’s extremely rude to try and guilt trip a hard working craftswoman like marina about ‘think of he starving children’.
    For the amount of work that goes into these dolls, she’s not being greedy at all for expecting these prices. Setting a pointless $1 reserve wouldn’t help anyone, least of all starving children, but it might hurt a few people (as above).
    You’d be better off approaching rich businessmen in Dubai building their own personal tropical islands, or casino moguls making billions from gambling addicts, than a solitary artist working extremely hard on perfecting her craft, and expecting what can only be called a fair price for her work.

  17. jenkins says:

    But you’re absolutely right about some things Fiona, but the problem therefore is that Marina’s dolls are reserved for the wealthy!
    And I find it unfair, Marina seems to be a wonderful person but when I see this starting price it just sickens me.
    So it must be that I am not rich makes me say so, it may be frustration. So never in my life I could acquire a marvel of Marina. Ok if we are not rich we have no right to be happy … because having a doll Marina is a dream for some people.
    And for me personally a man who spent 18 months building the complication of a watch … yes !!!!!! Here I understand that its starting price does not start too low. Write without comment and without rancor


  18. Annina says:

    my very favourite photo is the third with her flowing hair, and a close second is the one where Chad is holding her hand!

    she is so beautiful, good luck to all bidding and to you Marina and Chad, great work!!

  19. Anika says:

    Gorgeous final “product”, as always.

    I just love those new tins that you’re packaging your dolls in, Marina…


  20. Maura says:

    Marina, did you use an abosolutely white porcelain slip or a warmer cream-pinkish one? I am trying to compare her complexion to the possibilities that you use to offer in the old order form…Thanks. :)

  21. Saskia says:

    I can’t tell you how much I adore her freckles. So, so much. I like the second picture a lot, but really enjoy the graceful lines of her neck in the first too.

  22. Maura says:

    The second picture is my favorite…the colours of the jewelry and dress are just perfect for her…:)

  23. Elsita says:

    Dear Jenkins,
    You absolutely have the personal right to feel frustrated for dreaming about an enchanted doll and not being able to afford it. Every single person on planet Earth has the right to think and react individually, according to his/her personal universe.

    Now, from my personal point of view, which I also have the right to express: I observe that you turn your frustration into judging and pointing at the artist as if she was guilty of having the gift of creating extraordinary objects and sell them according to their value. Marina didn’t invent money or the way society value objects. She is guilty only of being an amazing artist who’s celebrated by other people (weather they can afford her art or not).

    We should keep things separated, Marina the artist is one thing and personal frustrations is something else, something personal.
    It’s obvious that the rest of us leaving comments on this blog are grateful and lucky to have the gift that Marina can offer to the world.
    I personally feel happy that she’s able to sell her dolls for a high price, because it means that other people value what she does. Marina doesn’t buy her own dolls, other people do it. And those people have the personal right to do it and the money to afford them. Are they guilty for doing so? Again, it’s up to every person to judge. It’s a personal choice. Fortunately, the buyers are not buying weapons to kill other people, they’re only buying art, something of human value, something positive and beautiful. They’re validating the art created by an artist.

    It’s a matter of being realistic and thinking that it’s impossible for the world, for millions of people, to afford Marina’s dolls, to afford the work of a single woman. The same way that it’s impossible for the whole world to afford a Picasso. My dream (and maybe your dream one day) would be to have Marina’s dolls at a permanent museum exhibition, where everybody could see them permanently.

    That’s how things work on planet Earth: a remarkable artist creates objects of great value (artistic, social, personal…) then these objects become internationally appreciated and that makes them important and valuable. Not everybody will be able to afford them, but they are out there, being available to us in museums, books, documentaries… Right now Marina’s dolls are available to millions of people on the Internet, I’m grateful for it. She is generous enough to share her personal creative universe with us, I am grateful for that.

    Regarding the kids who don’t have anything to eat out there… I used to be one of those kids once. I was born and raised in the island of Cuba, a country with lots of limitations. But art saved me, I became an artist and thanks to the inspiration that I got from remarkable human beings that did great things (like Marina), I was able to develop a career. Some wonderful people did (and do) great things to feed kids like me, I’m deeply grateful for it. And then, I am also grateful to the people who inspired me to go beyond food and basic survival. That’s how the world works, it’s more sophisticated than you imagine. Each individual can help the world be a better place in different ways and Marina is doing her part.

    Well, I am grateful for being able to write my thoughts here. I just want to end my comment by saying something to Marina:
    Dear Marina, as someone like you becomes more and more important, it’s normal to encounter negative opinions, that’s human. I think that it’s positive to welcome negative opinions, because they show us another face of human race. And your work is about that, about people, about human beings. I just want you to know that you do what you do with lots of integrity. Your art inspire many of us out here and that is the biggest value of what you do, that’s how you make yourself and your art available to everyone. Please keep sharing your universe with us, because it is important. You’re a wonderful artist and a respectable human being.

    Sending you lots of positive energy!

  24. Annina says:

    Elsita, thank you for your comment, it touched my heart.

  25. Well done Marina she is magnificent.

    I have to say it is a bitter sweet thing. Is ruby considered a OOAK and that would explain the starting price. What is the range price of a nude doll? My best to you……

  26. jslord says:

    The first and second ones are my favorites, but it is a really, really hard choice.

  27. Agaton says:

    First of all; love the new Ruby and my favorite photo of her is the one where she is standing and holdning the hand.

    Second of all I think this high moral answers to Jenkins is a bit hypocritical. I mean Marinas dolls are extrraordinary and they really manage to enchant their audience. But at least one doll Marina could (try to) sell for a lower price, just for the people that cant afford them at their usual price (wich I dont mind). And at least one of these peoples will have a truly enchanted christmas ;-D. I dont mean she should give it away for free at all just set the starting price to a more “possible” price level. Like half the price or something, And maybe shorten the days of auktion so the price wont escalade to much. Marina seems to be a real nice and warm person, and her art i marvellous but she is not perfect as am not I, ore one of you other persons out there either. And I just think this high price setting was a bad choice of hers. I dont know her but my impreesion of her is a rel good one and this has not changed my opinion of her, I want to make this clear so that you wont jump my bones for giving her critism for the high price. Well, thats all. No, by the way; english is by far not my mother tongue but I hope this “essay” is readable.

  28. Erika Moen says:

    Marina, it’s been a joy to watch and read your process of creating Ruby. I had assumed it would be a documentation of the technical side of constructing a doll, I was not expecting to have a peek into your personal thoughts that would come up while you let your mind wander during the slower moments– thank you for sharing those more intimate, philosophical moments with us!

    Elsita, I really appreciated your essay. Very well said!

  29. Erika Moen says:

    As a Post Script, to those feeling entitled to a lower starting price: Marina’s work is worth this much money. I wonder if you would have this sense of entitlement to go into a car dealership or to a house for sale and demand that the price be lowered so you could afford it also? That would be absurd. So why do you demand the same from an artist for the work that took her hard-earned skill and days or weeks of her time? You’re not just buying a mass-produced toy, you are buying the result of all the knowledge and skill Marina has amassed over her years of pursuing her craft.

    Shame on you who want to devalue her work.

  30. Kim says:

    WOW!! Totally beautiful!! Now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor, I would like to give a standing ovation to Marina!! Gorgeous doll; love Ruby in the full shot with her Kimono dress and mirror, hair up with the pins. To die for! Best of luck with her on eBay…she is a stunner.


  31. Amurana says:

    She’s beautiful, but only almost perfect. I find with such beautiful facial freckles (and so many) that her body seems naked without. Shoulder freckles are some of the loveliest things ever! The head should look to fit the body, which in this case it just misses the mark.
    not a critisism, as i don’t have an iota of the talent you possess, just a critique for future freckled females.

  32. jslord says:

    In the fifth photo, where Chad is holding her hand, she seems to me to be looking at Marina and saying, “But, Mom, I think he’s too tall for me.”

  33. If I may say these few words. I think the reason there are bitter sweet comments is that Marina posted on her blog “My gift to you Ed fan’s is a nude doll on Ebay for Christmas.”

    Well I guess we took those words to heart,I guess we in our hearts thought maybe, just maybe we could have a go at it. It was wishfull thinking on our part. Just maybe the word gift was the wrong word of choice. Sadly it is what it is…

  34. giperborea says:

    Some people have forgotten that Marina does give a chance to pple who can’t afford an ED by giving away for FREE a doll on her birthday EACH YEAR! Don’t forget that!

  35. To the person above with all due respect I am refering to the blog message she had wrote. In no which way or form did we ask for a donation.There is no need to get so offensive with your Capitalization..

  36. Orangey says:

    I don’t really know which way to go in this conversation because I can absolutely relate with the bittersweetness, yet of course I would hate to complain about it because it’s the way this thing works, if people like your art, the value will continue to appreciate. I almost feel silly to have wished to have one, thinking about it now, it IS silly (yes, don’t argue with me, lol, it is, I can’t see the circumstance where I’d ever pay that much for a doll, though she is art), but I’ve played the role of the onlooker and admirer since the beginning, so I’ll continue to do so because Enchanted Dolls are beautiful. If gazing through photos is all that I can do, then I’ll just be grateful that the dolls exist in the first place.

    These photos are really amazing, I think I love the second one best. Wonderful!

  37. Orangey says:

    Just not to confuse anyone, I don’t mean that purchasing an ED for their price is silly (at all), I merely mean the personal idea of me owning one is silly :P.

  38. Amarilli says:

    The photos are all wonderful, but I can’t take my eyes off the last shot !!!

    I wanted to shut up on the rest, but really…I have difficulty to understand that someone can maintain the illusion that putting such a doll at a starting price of say, 2000 $, or any other low price, and for only 3 days (or 1), she would sell for a low price…!

    I can understand that it’s difficult to get realistic and accept that Enchanted Dolls are just super-desired works of art, but as things work in this world, it’s those who pay most who win auctions, and this has not been invented now by Marina, it’s the law of supply/demand (least someone want to start gladiator fights or pay sicarii to eliminate the other concurrents).

    Christiane I think the gift was the chance to get to purchase a porcelain nude doll without passing through waiting lists and galleries, don’t you think it can be a gift, for someone?

  39. Amal says:

    that’s hilarious, jslord!

    I also believe Marina’s work will reside in museums one day (not the dusty, forgotten kind, but a beautiful place like the V&A) and that her achievements (not just the dolls, but the accessories and costuming and the culmination of everything that goes into her dolls) will continue to inspire many generations to come…

    And that is a huge gift. What is the point of being ‘gifted’ unless you share your gift with the world? Happiness doesn’t just come from owning beauty and if you’ve never felt happy from just seeing a picture of Marina’s dolls, well then that is a huge shame, because you are completely missing out.

    It is up to us all to make the world a better place, so if you absolutely must judge , judge yourself and not others.

  40. giperborea says:

    I am sorry if I have offended you Christiane, I wasn’t referring to your comments. I was angry after reading the posts from Jenkins and Agaton and overreacted a bit ((

    It is sad this whole discussion has turned sour.

  41. xux says:

    Dear giperborea, Marina doesn’t give away a free doll with her birthday contest: she accepts works of art from others, and the winner of the contest from 8 months ago has yet to receive any doll.
    And the starting price of the auction is irrelevent: it will be shilled through the roof just like last year’s was. From $14000 to $40000 by someone with literally hundreds of bid retractions and no intention of winning.

  42. Dale says:

    That Marina’s doll have become very valuable is now a fact of life and probably was inevitable and is some thing to celebrated. Her dolls are unique and so well crafted. As an artist I celebrate your success Marina. It lifts us all up.
    I find your musing so enjoyable . They reflect how many artist and artisans feel. You put these feeling into words very well for us.

  43. Dale says:

    That Marina’s doll have become very valuable is now a fact of life and probably was inevitable and is some thing to be celebrated. Her dolls are unique and so well crafted. As an artist I celebrate your success Marina. It lifts us all up.
    I find your musing so enjoyable . They reflect how many artist and artisans feel. You put these feeling into words very well for us.

  44. Crystal says:

    The 9th photo from top. She’s stunning!

  45. iki says:

    Uff the atmosphere has turn a little bit heavy, all are fighting against other, but why all of you have to be that so rude, this is a place for post ideas about Marina Bychkova dolls, not for fight about anything , jijijijiji.
    And i found the matter of your fights very silly, you can make your own dolls, when i first meet Marina Bychkova work ,i was very happy ,because her dolls was like a dream come true ,since i was a little kid i always try to make a perfect doll, i made ones who was of sponge, others of fabric, i also make one in silicone ,actually i made my dolls in paper, i make a plasticine mold wich is cover with a mixture of paper and a mixture of fluor and salt, then the process is basically the same as Marina , and that turns more funy that become crazy for to have one of her dolls, if you use a little bit your imagination you can make you own dolls , you will love at her because she has been made by you, i challenge all of the Marina fans to make his own dolls, i have already make just two dolls with the last process one was made especificaly for a gift to a friend(that doll have the same articulation that Marina dolls) , and the other mmmmmmm well the other basicaly are two dolls but they are siamese twins they have a fused waist and they share one leg with a total of three legs jijiji, and her names are Flesia and Phalus because of the carrion flowers rafflesia and amorphophallus(smell like rotten meat)who are very difficult to find, and that two flowers can be clasificated basically as the two more big flowers all around the world upps i deviate a little bit ot the topic, well i am just saying that you can make your own dolls, and that will be fun ,will be dificult at the beginning ,but with a little bit of practice
    you will get better and better.
    I dare at you don´t be afraid

  46. Orangey says:

    Xux, the winner received her doll a while ago, I would say over a month or more?

    Also, it doesn’t matter if the starting price is low people, believe me, if it were a 3 hour auction the price would still shoot through the roof by the end. Of course less people would know about it if it was a short auction, but definitely Marina would get her money’s worth. Even if the starting price was $1 it would never end low.

    To be honest, I would feel tremendously burdened by the price if I bought an ED. There’s a funny thing with me that I can’t enjoy something fully if it cost me too much to get. Hm.~

  47. Mattias says:

    I for one honestly hope the auction brings in an extreme amount of money. That way Marina can get funding to create even more elaborate pieces of art. And even if i have no way of buying it i at least can see it and that is usually enough for me.

    Having more money sitting around would probably also increase the chances of her giving away stuff.

    Perhaps a bit of the ole “take from the rich and give to the poor” action…

    We are looking at a win win scenario here.


  48. Kimmi says:

    I understand that maybe the term “gift” was misleading to some, but I DON’T undertand why someone would get upset, angry or offended by it. Why would you get mad at Marina because you misunderstood? It’s just ridiculous. You aren’t entitled to one of her artworks just because you feel that you want and deserve it. Why can’t you just appreciate her art for its beauty and the fact that she shares it with the world?

    And Xux, the winner has had her doll for quite some time.

    I think people should really think and pay attention before they post ignorant comments.

  49. Kimmi says:

    And yes, she does GIVE AWAY a free doll. None of us HAVE to make those works of art for her. Everyone who makes something does it as a gesture of appreciation for Marina and her art, and they are all well aware that it probably won’t win them a doll. And Marina certainly doesn’t HAVE to make a doll and give it away. It is a win-win situation. The fans get to show Marina their appreciation, and Marina gets to show her fans her appreciation.

    Of course if you want to be technical I suppose nothing is really FREE in this life, but it’s certainly better than asking someone to pay for a doll.

  50. Agaton says:

    Giperbore: I did not know about Marinas birtdaysgifts, But it would not have changed my mind, well not much anyway. For like Christiane pointed out; Marina mention Christmas gift. Most if us understand that the world gift and ebay in the same sentence will not meen for free, but probably a lower price.

    And I do beleave that a ahort auction, one da or just some hours would make that low price more possible.

    And at last for every one out there just thinkin I am bitter because I cant afford one doll; i am not bitter at all, i did not even want to bid on Ruby, because when I order a doll i want her to be perfect (to my mind, Ruby is brilliant, but she is not my favorite face for example).

    I just got angry when I read these high horse answers to Jenkins, though I dont agree with every thing he wrote i do think he has a point.

    I think it is a shame that one cant express ones mind obout money withouth this highmoral angry answer out there trying to explain to you about the worth of a r t. Like I, and most of you, dont know that. This is truly making the posts sour.

    So for the Record, Marinas art is extraordinary, the first time I stumbled over her home page I just sat there staring for hours with gaping mouth at these beautiful girls (Im actually not a very big fan of the males) and i understand very well that the need to be expensive. They could probably even get much more expensive and we will still byu them. The only diffrence is that now they are expensive but a nude doll “common” people could save up to. And if they really want one, they will. And thats why the ED will come to homes where they are truly loved.

    Hm, dont really know where i was going with this, just let my mind ramble i guess.

  51. jenkins says:

    Everyone can say whatever he wants, I am outraged by the starting price of RUBY **. Especially since I never never never received a single response in over two years ago when I wanted to make an order, it is unacceptable that an artist takes time even just a few seconds to answer these fans. I think the greatest artists of the world meet their fans! It should come down to earth a bit please … Humility please …
    It’s a lot for a $ 4,050 starting price. Normally this artist’s dolls are sold in $ 1950 order, no??

  52. João says:


    Marina, Ruby is wonderfull =)

    And regarding the above, and speaking as a fashion designer, things should be sold for what they are.
    In the one hand, Marina obviously grows a bond with her work, and second, she uses high quality materials. All that means money, she probably spends a lot on materials to make one doll, as well as electricity, let alone her physical efforts. So the price, to me, is fair. If I had a lable of fashion, which I hope to have someday, my prices would be high as well, it’s all about the public you’re working with. I am not rich and can’t afford an enchanted doll unfortunatly, but still I am in the waiting list and maybe someday I will be able to put the money together to get one, you never know. I’m sure not everyone who owns an enchanted doll is rich.

    On the other aspects Jenkins refered, it only shows you don’t follow the blog, I’m sorry. Marina is generous enough to give away dolls at her birthday and even make contests out of nothing just to give away to her fans. That is generosity and giving back to the people that suport her.
    She also meets her fans and shows the dolls to them, as we’ve seen in picture previously in the blog.

    I feel your pain in the aspect that we can only look at the dolls and we don’t know if we will ever be able to hold one on our hands and call it our own, but more than half the people that follow Marina or are in her forum belong to the portion of people who won’t have a doll so soon. It’s just the way things are. So don’t be sad =) We can at least look at them.

    Marina, again, Ruby is beautyfull and I should envy whoever gets her hehe (just kidding ^^). I’m sure she’ll get an awesome owner =D

    João David

  53. Kimmi says:

    Jenkins, if you don’t follow Marina’s blog, why are you so angrily accusing her of such things? Marina goes to many shows and meets many fans. She puts up this blog post and does interviews and sometimes even stays in the homes of her fans all across the world. Marina’s fans are everything to her. She answers people’s questions on the forum and the blog all the time.

    Apparently you have been HIGHLY misinformed about how this works. ALL of us have been waiting two years for a response. There is a waiting list and it is over three years long. Marina wasn’t ignoring your request, you were simply put on a list and your name hasn’t come up yet because her demand is so high. The order form that used to be on her website was simply to get on this list, NOT to receive a doll yet.

    And no, her dolls have not been sold for $1950 in over a year at least. They have been selling for between $5,000 to $40,000– yes, for a porcelain nude! So, in fact, Marina DID put the Ebay Ruby starting price lower than most of her porcelain nudes have been selling for. She was indeed being generous. It is not her fault if the price goes up.

  54. It is surprising.. all this vehemence.

    i would like a nice house. But I cannot afford one. do I then go to the architect who designed that house and the builders and get angry at them because I WANT this house but cannot afford it? Or a car? No, you simply look in your price bracket. marina’s dolls are not the only dolls out there in the whole wide world, if you cannot afford it, you go elsewhere.

    Even this is wrong, even this is looking at marina’s work in terms of a product, rather than a piece of fine art. Perhaps you should visit a few high end fine art galleries… you will not see such close-minded views on what is “right” and “wrong” there, the artwork is priced as it is for what it is worth, and people who can afford it buy it, and those who can’t afford it enjoy it visually.

  55. Jean says:

    I still can´t get over her eyebrows! they are so perfect! i just love them!

  56. Mattias says:

    Money is always an issue that brings out the worst in people. I feel that it is important to think a couple of extra times before expressing an opinion. It’s very easy to let ones own issues with personal finance cloud the issue at hand.

    The facts:
    The enchanted doll dolls are unique exclusive handmade pieces of art.

    They are created in very small numbers by a single individual. No mass production.

    There are billions of people on the planet.

    Price is usually a function of supply and demand.

    This drives the price up.

    The auction is already over 6000. So if she had put the start bid at one dollar that just would have been a waste of peoples time.

    After reading this blog I get the feeling that Marina is a person that really works with these issues and I think the birthday competition is proof enough that she wants her dolls to go to people that will love them. Some people show that they care enough about the dolls by spending their money. Others using talent. But you can’t expect her to work for nothing.

    Would you?

  57. Hazel says:

    Let us all not forget that even Marina must eat.

  58. Amal says:

    Marina, will you do some more Sketch of the Week blog posts? – it’s been a while since you wrote one of those :)

  59. Kimmi says:

    Yay Amal, save us all from this dreadful talk :D

    I also loved the Sketch of the Weeks, those were so fun and interesting!

  60. KarolinFelix says:

    Hi <:
    It is wonderful to be able to witness a creation of this cutie. I like Ruby really a lot, and those freckles give her a bit ‘Flower – Power’ look <: (so second photo for me)

    Money brings worst instincts in people… maybe except a life- threatening situations, like a zombie-attack, so let’s be happy that it’s not zombies. (I overheard once in a bus that Ireland will be floated by THEM because we will all starve to death during this crisis and TURN)

    I had my money saved for the doll, but had to spend them on such trivial things as food – hello simple necessities…. hope for better.

  61. Anna says:

    Well, it’s kind of like being snubbed from an exclusive club that you once were a part of, lol.

  62. Agaton says:

    About the process of buying a doll though I think Marina could be a bit more informative on her website. Maybe put out the approximately prices of a complete nude doll, wig, freckelse and some of the other common attributes. And just write a short note about how long the waitinglist is etc. So missunderstandings like above could be avoided

    Regarding the rest of the discussion; none of us thinks Marina should work for free, Most of us even think the price she sets is fine. In my case I reacted over a high starting price, but if I had wanted this Ruby i would have bid on her anyway. I was not going to comment that until I read the venom against jenkins.

    Read the comments before ju answer them, cause this discussion about Marian need to eat axwell, and costs for making a doll is just rediculus couse no one have sad that they think she should lower her price in general. And most of this disscussion seems to have sprung from missunderstandings about the prices. And thats no wonder cause its very hard to find an average price for the dolls out there.

    I read the comments about a doll museum and think that is a aplendid idea. So everyone could see them. It should be a touring one though ;-D

  63. Hazel says:

    Marina -was- more informative… before she (probably) realized that the porcelain waitlist was getting out of hand, so she took that part out (temporarily? I hope so.) The girl can make excellent dolls only at a certain pace.

    We can complain about the starting price all we want. Personally, I’m disappointed that EDs are going way over the $2,000 I’m still saving for. But saying that starting so high is selfish of her, I think, is an insult directed to the person (and not the price) and is way out of hand. The price is too high for many of us, yes, but if there is any fault in Marina it is that she knows exactly what her work is worth. As an artist myself, I feel for her. Humility is knowing what you really are, not in needlessly devaluing yourself.

  64. KarolinFelix says:

    I would like to say one more thing. This time about the price.

    1-Even if a starting price for this auction was 1$, it would still go up to at least 6000.

    2-People are re-seling her dolls (so used ones), for as much as 4000 – 6000$ for a nude, so you think it’s really so selfish of Marina to give a starting price of 4000$?

    Marina – your work is beautiful, and it’s woth the price.

  65. Nathalie Ortega García says:

    Dear Ikki,
    I totally agree with you,why being so angry and disappointed with the doll’s price?.I knew since the beginning that I never could able to buy an Enchanted doll but I’m very happy of seeing and sharing the process of creation and Marina´s thought during this.And the beatiful pictures Chad takes.For me, this is unvaluable;since I’m an artist myself,I decided to make my own doll but mine is made from polymer clay.Marina’s work is the mirror where I look to compare and try to improve my own work; she forcess me (in the right sense) to be better and to go further with te next doll;this is a far enough for me.I just can’t be angry with someone that makes me want to be a better artist!.

  66. MissLK says:

    Dear Marina,

    After following the birth of Ruby, I definitely have a renewed appreciation for the Enchanted Doll. After reading all the comments in this thread, I have a renewed appreciation for living in the part of the world where we come across people with different points of view and to be able to exchange ideas in an open forum.

    Money only goes that far and so do most people. The Enchanted Doll will out live us all. One day, these embodiment of beauty, craftsmanship, and determination will carry the legacy of their creator and the memories of their generations of fortunate guardians and continue to tell the enchanting story.

  67. Marina says:

    I Just wanted to thank all who commented on this thread for creating an engaging dialogue about art and the economics of art. Some very interesting points were brought up.

    I don’t usually like interfering with the reader discussion here, but i need to clarify a few negative and misleading things that were said:

    1) Those readers shocked by the starting price of Ruby auction, may not be aware of the market price of Enchanted Doll. My nude dolls have sold for various different rates recently at different galleries, depending on the dolls. Lowering the price to $1.00, like someone suggested is a pointless waste of time. It’s hard to fool the market price.

    2)I understand the frustration of some people who are unable to get an Enchanted Doll, but I do give away one doll a year to one lucky contest winner for free, to celebrate my birthday. I like doing that. I know it’s not nearly enough, but even one doll is a lot of work- I can’t give them all away. This is my full time, no wait, it’s my double-time job, guys, not just a hobby. And since Chad works for Enchanted Doll as well, his job also depends on doll orders and sales.

    3)The contest winner of the 2010 Birthday contest did receive their prize, along with all the runners up some months ago. Please inform yourself before making false statements here.

    And the last point: I apologize if my words about Ruby being “a gift” this Christmas were misinterpreted to mean that it would be a give away of sorts. I should have been more careful wording that, but what I meant was that it’s a doll made outside of my incredibly long wait list for somebody who doesn’t wish to wait for 4-5 years. I’ve stopped taking new orders over a year ago, and there is still no end in sight.

    Thank you to all those who attacked me in this thread, BUT especially to those who defended me. YOU guys, know so much about my work ethic and patterns by now, that you are becoming real Enchanted Doll scholars and attorneys. Or, you are just like-minded artists who understand the emotional and financial investment it takes to create something out of nothing.

    Thank you again for witnessing the birth of Ruby and sharing some of my creative moments with me. It was a real pleasure for me to write about my process and externalize some parts of my creative flow, but it also made me feel very vulnerable. I only hope that it helped you understand who I am and what Enchanted Doll is.

    PS: I made some really yummy, new doll accessories. Pictures coming soon.

  68. Brigitte says:

    You are making a resin line, yes? So that’s something more affordable. Really, you’re a couturier, and couturiers don’t generally have friendly blogs, so a lot of people might not realize that you actually make the highest of the high end. The only point that gave me pause was that this post followed one that was anti-consumerism. It must not escape you that, if the wealthy people who buy your work felt any twinge of moral responsibility they’d donate that copious amount (or even part of it) to a charity, rather than spending it on a small, albeit gorgeous, piece of art. Then again, as an artist, I realize how hypocritical artists almost always are (and this is not meant to be insulting, I take it as fact) that we always want to keep our work “pure” but sell it for as much as possible to support ourselves and our loved ones. Still, you have no obligation to anyone but you and yours, I think your blog is just so friendly people might not get that impression from you. Plus with your birthday “giveaway” we had to make you something to qualify, and while the value/size was supposed to be low, those who ignored that did very well. Just my observations!

  69. Biscuitbear says:

    People who buy Marina’s dolls are not necessarily wealthy. For all we know they can be people who pass life’s little luxuries and go without vacations, eating out, jewelry, new clothes, make-up, whatever, and would rather have a doll instead. And for all we know they can be people who donate money to charity, whether they are wealthy or not. If we follow this logic then nobody would ever buy a piece of art…what world would we live in?

    When I first saw Marina’s website in early 2007, I thought, I’ll never be able to afford one of her dolls (there were no prices indicated). When I saw it again later that year, there were prices, and I thought they were incredibly low. I was convinced that she would go far and that her prices would not remain at this level for long. It has happened – it means I probably will not get another porcelain doll from her unless I win the lottery, but I’m happy about it because it means living from her art gives her more freedom to explore her ideas, and grow even more as an artist. And even though her art is now out of my reach, I look forward to following her career in the coming years and decades and being blown away again and again.

    And if I didn’t have a doll from her yet – if I had found her too late to get an order in – would I be angry and frustrated? I don’t think I’d be blaming her for the high prices. I think I would be looking forward to the release of the resin line, and in the mean time looking and dreaming about the beautiful things she makes.

  70. Crystal says:

    I can’t wait for YUMMY Doll accessories! YES!

  71. Amarilli says:

    @ Brigitte Please could you elaborate “Plus with your birthday “giveaway” we had to make you something to qualify, and while the value/size was supposed to be low, those who ignored that did very well. Just my observations!”

  72. Deborah Wolfe says:

    The artist does not ‘owe’ anyone ANYTHING. Not even an explanation.

  73. kelly says:

    One of the winning birthday contest entries was a little handmade shoe with tiny scrolls of fabric inside, accompanied with some other handmade items. The size and value/ cost were both small. And Marina gave away more than just the doll because she wanted to, a sliver crown, a pair of slippers, and some necklaces to the runner-ups. The previous year’s contest was a random drawing. I think she’s very generous.

    I also am happy to see an artist doing what she loves and supporting herself well doing it.

  74. Annina says:

    i would like to add that value was not mentioned anywhere in the contest rules, and the size limitation was 2 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot, or metric 60cm x 60cm x 60cm, and one was able to email in case an entry was bigger than that.

    and as Marina said when she revealed the winners, she chose (paraphrased) according to which entry touched her the most, emotionally.
    i think that was a very good way to choose.

  75. Hanna says:

    Thank you so much for this little series on how you made Ruby. I found it so interesting to see your process and thoughts as you went along. I like the 6th photo best but I also love the last one because of how well you can see her beautiful freckles.

    Thanks for having this blog so that we can have some of your beautiful artwork in our daily lives, even if we won’t be able to get a real doll to hang out with us.

  76. Brigitte says:

    Ah, I got the sizes wrong, I thought they were 2″ x 2″ but that’s just because I assumed she didn’t want big gifts. I just misread it. I don’t know, a 9 piece painting series and a large wall tapestry came in first and second, those were pretty valuable presents. In the end it was more a raffle than a giveaway, people gave things of real value. But is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not. There’s a difference between judgment and observation, and I have nothing but respect for Marina’s work.

    As far as my comment that only rich people can afford her work, I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that $10,000+ dolls that fit in the palm of your hand are, for the most part, bought by people who have a lot of spare cash.

    All that being said, I still maintain that Marina can do anything she wants, charge anything she wants, I have no problem with that what so ever!

  77. jenkins says:

    I offer my sincere apologies and that Marina. I do not want to hurt you … My frustration prompted me to write nonsense, and I understand a lot better about all the explanations! Just to tell you that your dolls are a reflection of your soul at all. Forgive me again, please.
    My favorite photo is number 2! maybe one day ………
    I wish you the best career, without rancor ;0)


  78. Mattias says:

    I really enjoyed getting a peak behind the scenes in these making of ruby posts. I especially enjoyed the fact that it was more of a trip into the mind of an artist than just a simple step by step description of the process. My favorite post is the one about the cleaning bit. On how to tackle the boring parts.

    I always try to tell myself thet “What you have done is done”. It always helps me to think that even if I have only started doing the boring parts and that there are hours and hous to go, I still have done that part and it is in the past. It makes me able to go and go relentlessly.

    And when the result is this good it always seems like a small price to pay.

    Ruby is fabulous!

  79. Annina says:

    sometimes i go looking at other dolls but it is only seldom that i see this unique spark in a doll that your dolls have, apart from being very beautiful, there is soul and heart in them, something that is unseen but felt.
    that to me is what makes them special, they are not simply forms or empty shells made to look beautiful, they are holistic little beings that are almost alive.

    i certainly agree that it’s a dream to see a permanent exhibition of Enchanted Doll in a museum, or many museums.
    and i really liked your idea to one day have an Enchanted Doll Traveling exhibition (mentioned in this post)!

  80. Kamila says:

    Wow, what a discussion!

    Marina’s work has been an inspiration and I will always be happy to come back for more stunning looking dolls and ideas. I practically gave up hope of ever owning an ED but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy looking at the images. My favourite is the last one. Ruby is so beautiful with the long raven hair (magical!) but looks so bare and exposed without the wig; she seems even more precious and delicate.

    Marina, thank you for sharing your thoughts, it was a real treat being offered an insight into your process and creativity. May you continue making these wonderful dolls (and enjoying it!) for a long time to come.

    All the best


  81. Orangey says:

    I think people are only looking back at what the price ‘used to be’. It’s easy to become sour when the object of your desires is floating completely out of reach. So many of your fans from a while ago who wanted a doll will never own one now. BUT, it’s also easy to forget that you are only one person making these dolls, and all of your time and energy is invested in doing so. As an artist you have the right to choose to do whatever you feel is best for you. Why spend so much time on orders when you can work creating accessories and costumes and dolls? Why accept less when a few big ED fans can pay more? Hey, nobody can really point a finger and say it is wrong, because it’s the artist’s choice.

    Also, I think every artist goes through this in some way or another, there cannot be agreement all of the time. Especially when you are speaking of dolls and art, two of the very things some people do not understand most. The average non-doll and non-art person may scoff at the price, the dolls, they may not understand why they are so anatomically correct, why this and why that. Just continue doing what you’re doing, we’re all loving it! Ruby’s creation was a real delight to read~

  82. Leigh in ME says:

    I think she is quite beautiful!

    I hope she sells for $100,000.00!!!

  83. xuxu says:

    I’d like to apologize for my uninformed accusation that Marina didn’t award the winner of her birthday contest. It did take quite some time but with better information that I now have, that seems very understandable. Plus, I am told that the winner also received one of the new tins to store the doll(which are gorgeous)and is more than pleased. One should shut one’s mouth until one has the facts….heck, even Jenkins has said ‘sorry’.

  84. helvella says:

    Marina makes exquisite, awe-inspiring art. I am so grateful she has taken the time to post pictures of her process and the glorious result so we can all enjoy it and not just the owners of the dolls. I hope it sells for a high price so she will continue to succeed in her passion and share it with all of us!

    My favorite picture is where Ruby is laying on the box so it looks like she is wearing the crown, she makes me think of a mermaid. Her eyes are so knowing.

  85. Tina says:

    ah, the beauty that you hold in your hands and in your heart. ruby is the most beautiful doll yet. i love the ruby-6 picture.

  86. Jayne Wourms says:

    My favorite picture is seated Ruby dressed in the Red Kimono type gown, or is it the one with the blue and red draped over her arms? or is it… I can’t decide I am sorry, I keep scrolling up and down and drinking it all in.
    P.S> Anyone following your blogs should realize that Ruby is not an enigma, she is the product of years of hard work honing the skills and developing the talent to make such beauty happen. To start an Enchanted Doll auction at $1.00 would have been an insult to the work and the artist and provided false hope to a few people who are still having trouble realizing that Enchanted Dolls have long surpassed their collectible doll stage and have taken their place (rightfully)in the Art world.

  87. Марина, Ваши работы просто невероятны!!! Даже через фотографии чувствуется, как Вы любите то, что Вы делаете!!!
    Для меня (и многих других людей) Ð’Ñ‹ – потрясающий пример того, как любовь к тому, что Ñ‚Ñ‹ делаешь, может стать делом твоей жизни!!!
    Спасибо Вам за красоту, которую Вы дарите нам и за ту часть души, которую Вы вкладываете в каждую свою работу!
    От души желаю Вам всего самого-самого доброго!!!

    С уважением,

  88. Nada says:

    Dear enchantress Marina,
    I wanted to show you a precious miniature castle for Titantia, queen of fairies. If you do not already know it, you might like it:)
    Though your dolls are too big to live there.

  89. helvella says:

    I just wanted to comment again because I just realized the Elsita who posted is another one of my favorite artists – love your work Elsita. If you are not familiar she makes exquisite papercuts. It’s very nice to see that one of my favorite artists also appreciates another one of my favorite artists!

  90. Клавдия Фёдоровна says:

    Марина, не обращайте внимания на чьи-то завистливые слова. Стоимость работы – это дело только покупателя и продавца. Я уверена, что умные люди вкладывают деньги в Ваши работы предугадывая, сколько они будут стоить через несколько лет.
    Так держать!!! Вы умница!!!

  91. swdolls says:

    Oh mine! This is such a long thread that i see no end to it. Poor Chad, I didn’t know you work for Enchanted Doll, haha. Now I know part of the reasons why ED is so expensive.


    I was hoping that you could answer this question:

    How much are you going to sell your resin nude? I’m on the waiting list for over a year, but I think I have to wait for another year to own a piece of your art work. Now your porcelain piece’s price has doubled, I don’t think i could ever be able to afford a porcelain. Let’s cross fingers I could still afford a resin nude.

    Have a nice day!!! I enjoy watching the birth of Ruby.

  92. Jongred says:

    I always thought the Birthday “gift” thing was a bit… well, kinda tacky. Don’t get me wrong, I think you are very talented, Marina. And I love reading your blog and seeing your creative process. Not many artists keep such close contact with their admirers; it’s a very admirable thing you’re doing.

    That said, I do find the birthday gift contest a bit manipulative. It’s like saying “the friend who loves me the best (and gets me the coolest present) gets a gift from me this year! But no one else.”

    About Ruby and her auction: I see no problem with calling Ruby a “gift”, someone may indeed purchase her and make her a gift. And the starting price is really irrelevant. No matter what, the doll is going to be sold for several thousand dollars. Even if it does start at $1.

    So thank you for sharing your creative process with us, Marina. It’s been fun to watch. And congratulations to the eventual winner. :)

  93. foo says:

    my favorite picture is #8. the full body with the beautiful dress and hair. I really enjoyed watching the process of making her.

  94. foo says:

    whoops! make that picture #11! Boy, I can’t count today! =)

  95. Orangey says:

    Jongred, all contests work that way, you submit something with the hopes of getting something back. Marina is giving away a whole Enchanted Doll to one person, all the gifts she receives don’t even add up to the cost of the doll, she is being extremely generous. And this is not to say that the gifts don’t have worth because they have a ton of worth and whoever wins I think they deserve it, but in -monetary- value her doll is worth more than all of the gifts, I’m sure. I think she values the unique things that people may send to her, it’s cool for her to go through them and see the talent amongst her fans. Of course only one person wins a doll, but she does give away more than just the doll, she has prizes for I think 12 runner ups after that. What I’m saying is that I’m sure none of us mind sending her birthday gifts because we can have a chance to win a doll, which is a really big opportunity. So, would you like her to go back to drawing a winner randomly? I’m just curious. :p

  96. Sage says:

    I like the second picture and the last picture. She is amazing, I wish I had the money…

  97. Marina says:

    You might be missing the point of the birthday contest, Jongred.

    I don’t do it for my ego trip or for the ‘gifts’. They are hand-made contest entries, not bribes to appease me. The meaning of a word is gift is figurative in this context.

    In fact, the whole contest is really just an excuse to give away a doll and a vehicle for finding the most suitable candidate for it. Not to mention that it adds days of extra work for me on my birthday.

    I did a random draw last year, but it wasn’t as exciting as getting people personally and creatively engaged and invested in the birthday doll giveaway.

    This is generally how most contests and juried events work, is it not? What is it exactly that you find so tacky or manipulative about mine?

    Perhaps you could suggest a more ‘tasteful’ way for me to give away a free doll?

  98. Marina I think your birthday contest is brillant,I found out from these blog’s that there was such a thing. You are giving your fans a chance to express there appreciaion in a art form. How genius is that. Hats off to you……

  99. Orangey says:

    What’s better than submitting art for a birthday contest? It’s fun for everyone, believe me. Kind of like keeping the fire alive for us ED fans who don’t have money to buy a doll (raises hand), and bringing together fans in general on her forum. It’s fun to see what people create by the end of it.

    It’s better than her choosing her favorite forum member: “this person says really nice things about me on the forum”, ha ha.

  100. Kathryn says:

    Ruby is absolutely exquisite, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing her being ‘born’. One person will be one very lucky owner. Good luck with the auction x

  101. Agaton says:

    @Orangey: Just wanted to point out the gifts (at least for the one contest I know about) consist of art. And that it is quite possible that some of this artwork can add up to an ED in worth. I do think that it is a great way to decide the winner, especially since I read somewhere that Marina did chose the one wich touched her the most, not the one wich was the “best” artistically.

    The contest is not tacky at all; it gives people who cant afford an ED the chance to win one. And that is great and kind of Marina, and nothing else!

  102. Orangey says:

    Agaton: Maybe? Possibly? Heh.

  103. Hi Marina,

    I personally don’t have a problem with your birthday contest. It is really kind of you to give away a doll on your birthday and I do not doubt your good intentions.

    I wanted to enter a little sculpture last year but my mother loved it so much, that I decided to give it to her.

    I am still doubting if I will enter your competition this year, because I want to give you something that will ad up just a tiny bit to your amazing dolls, and that will take me loads of time to make. If I enter your competition and you don’t like what I have made, my project might end up in a closed box ore something.

    With designer toy competitions your entrance will be returned to you if you loose the competition. Of course you will have to pay the expenses for the return and send the toy in a double box so one box can be used for the return.

    If there would be a option for the return of the contest entries that where not picked as winners, I would not doubt entering something that would take me months to make. Then if you do not like what I made, I could give it to someone else who does like it.

    I do understand that returning the contest entries will cost you allot of work and understand it if you don’t want to do that.


  104. dollutional says:

    Congratulations! on Ruby’s sale.

  105. Orangey says:

    ♪♫ Congratulationssss ♪♫ Congratulationssss ♪♫

  106. Jayne says:

    Well done and well deserved.
    Thank you for allowing us to come on your journey with you. :)

  107. giperborea says:

    Congratulations!!! Hehe, the sale price is more than what my car costs ;)))

  108. Orangey says:

    Giperborea: If you could divide Ruby’s body into 6 equal pieces, one piece would have the same worth as my car, lolol.

  109. Orangey says:

    Jayne, I notice a lot of those spam comments, I was just wondering a while ago if that account could be blocked from commenting on Marina’s entries.

  110. Maura says:

    Well done, Marina! :)

  111. terri says:

    Bravo to you Marina!

    That last shot of Ruby is my favorite!

  112. Crystal says:

    Horriblesweet I think the entries for the birthday contest were actually birthday gifts as well so I think people wanted Marina to keep them. I do believe she really liked and has used quite a few of them. :)

  113. Nathalie Ortega García says:

    What a lot of nonsense I am hearing in this forum!;I am persuaded that Marina have had appreciated all the gifts of the people that took part in the birthday contest,all and every one and I’m sure that every one of these persons wanted Marina to keep their presents and not to have them back. But she had to CHOOSE, and she chose the one that touched her the most, I think this is honest.
    And, when she decides to share all the process of a doll making and her own emotions and fears I think that it’s an action that makes her vulnerable and exposed since anybody can take profit; that act speaks for her!.She works very hard and her work is truly wonderful; for all the people that love Enchanted Doll, Ruby creation process is a present itself.
    Thanks Marina, and congratulations,you deservs it!


  114. Nathalie Ortega García says:

    Ups! I almost forget; my favorite photo is number 8.
    One last thing,I would like to ask to Marina if she can tell the price of the resin doll nude.


  115. Candice says:

    The way you handle your birthday giveaway is fabulous! If I had had time to enter, I would have, but I’m not bitter. I too was on the edge of my seat wondering what artwork you received and who would be the lucky winner in the end.

    Everyone else… It is such a special thing that Marina is in contact with her fans and admirerers. How many successful artist to you have the opportunity to speak with directly? Don’t abuse that bond! Just love her and her incredibly talent.

    Thank you Marina, for all you share with us. When you posted about the Christmas gift on ebay I was excited to see a doll available, like you said, ahead of the wait. Congratulations on everything that you have accomplished. Your work has just soared these past few years, you deserve. *hugs*

  116. Marina says:

    Wow, thank you everyone. Thank you very much for being a part of my blog!

  117. iesza says:

    I dream of the day I can hold one of your lovelies in my hards…Some day…please do let me know hen you are selling again.

  118. Noemi says:

    It is beautiful!, A great work of art. I love the beauty of your wrist, you have a prodigious hands. A part of the beauty of your dolls, I love your joints are perfect.

  119. Noemi says:

    I restart my comment, I used a translator and not corrected some mistakes …:

    She is beautiful!, A great work of art. I love the beauty of your dolls, you have a prodigious hands. I love also the joints, are a masterful job.

  120. more says:

    I simply want to tell you that I am very new to weblog and absolutely savored this website. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You absolutely have exceptional articles and reviews. Thanks a lot for revealing your web site.

  121. Mr yeo says:

    You make very very beautiful doll look so real like a beautiful young woman

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