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This composition was put together exclusively for a photograph. These accessories belong to me and will not be included in the auction. The idea came to me spontaneously while shooting the lovely nude Salome. When I momentarily looked away from the camera to stretch my back, my eyesight slid distractedly across some loose doll heads on my desk and then instantly shot back to them, this time focused and alert, as a light bulb went off in my head. I thought: “Ah, but of course. So obvious!”

The lantern crown is the third installment in my ongoing Light Series. I made it as an experiment 2 months ago but didn’t have time to make a doll to wear it, so it sat in the drawer as if it was waiting for Salome. I think it works really well aesthetically and contextually, because for all we know, real Salome could have actually performed the traditional Middle Eastern Candelabra dance for King Herod.


It is a very heavy piece, borderline hazardous to the doll unless its center of gravity is perfectly balanced and that’s why it’s staying in my collection. Having said this, if somebody were just dying to have this piece for their doll to wear on display, I might be able to replicate it again.

Salome’s tears were made for the photograph with quick drying jewelery glue. I dripped it on her face and then flaked it off after the shoot. It doesn’t bond permanently to porcelain. I’m not sure why I made her cry. Felt right. So did putting electrical wires into the severed (originally John the Baptist’s ) head. Make of it whatever you will.

Perhaps my Salome is a specter of the past and the future both, as the history always repeats itself.

Well, there you go folks. The auction starts tomorrow afternoon. See ya there.

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  1. jacci says:

    interesting. i don’t know much about the backstory of Salome except whats been posted here, as i’ve never read or owned a bible, but i like the shot. the tears make her look even more vulnerable. she’s gorgeous. whoever wins her has a real treasure.

  2. Marina I love the shot you took. Yes its a bit twisted and love the ideal. Put aside the story of Salome, love the electrical wiring.

  3. I am looking at it in a Art Form.

  4. ok last comment if you were to take the head and replace it with a half eaten cherry blossom….Salome has the pink syrup on her leg………just for laughs.

  5. jacci says:

    that would be could make stems that look like electrical wiring coming out of the half eaten cherry and make it really twisted looking. surreal enchanted doll photo shoot.

  6. Maia says:

    I think the crown is just exquisite. And so is the look of the ‘severed head’ and the pink ‘juice’ dripping down, and the tears…. I’m feeling it!

  7. Merri says:

    The crown is amazing and the colour is perfect for her. And I love the doll head she is holding. Hope we get to see it on a completed doll some day. It appears to have the lovely face painting style of the Young Cixi and ‘Title Yet to be Revealed’.

  8. Miriam says:

    I love the tears. Aesthetically, they look beautiful, but I think they fit the doll. In the story as I remember it, I’ve always felt sorry for her…like she was just a pawn in everybody’s game. She dances this dance while being ogled by her stepfather [kind of creepy], who then promises her anything she wants, and her mother has her ask for something that was for her own political/revenge benefits. John the Baptist didn’t seem to have done anything against Salome in particular. It always made me pity her a bit, because she seemed caught up in a situation that had little to do with her. Plus, it must have been gross to serve a head on a platter to your mother, whether or not you hated the person. Ew. Just my own interpretation of why the tears seemed very fitting. =]

    Beautiful work. I like the large crown, but I LOVED the small flower crown from the previous photos even more, it was so light and delicate.

  9. Annina says:

    the crown isn’t really my thing, there’s too much “stuff” for my taste.

    Salome on the other hand, she is heartbreakingly beautiful and each time i look at her, i wish she could be mine.
    i love the tears done with glue, genius, it looks beautiful.

  10. Mai says:


    The headpiece is an utter work of art– a true masterpiece, and it’s wonderful to see the beloved lanterns in bronze (I have one in silver and it’s exquisite.) I did wonder how you accomplished the tears, so thanks for explaining. :o)

    The composition is striking. The bizarre contrast between the richly ornate, almost mythical bronze headpiece and the severed artificial-intelligence-like head, with cyber ooze running down, is intriguing. Like a clash of time, space, and worlds.

  11. Sailor orbit says:

    Is the head piece made out of bronze?

  12. Orangey says:

    Amazing! From a glance at the headpiece I could do nothing more than stutter ‘w-whoa’. Really, it’s INCREDIBLE! It must be the most stunning costume piece you have ever made. My eyes are just lapping up the rich details. Your interpretation here with the head is fantastic. I love how utterly shaken and afraid she looks, I can imagine she couldn’t stay there for long, guilt overpowering her.

  13. Jon Songserm says:

    Oh, Pink Crown T-T, Finally

  14. Sylvia says:

    the headpiece is stunning
    I admire your sense for decorative elements, they are always tasteful yet cluttered(in a good way)at the same time.
    your creations are so delicate, it makes me happy to look at all those details.

    One question out of curiosity, did you ever consider making a lifesize doll?

  15. Marina says:

    Of course I considered it, Sylvia.
    I may or may not be already working on something like that. ;)

  16. Using the little head for the photo shoot is a perfect idea for Salome. The representation with the tears, wires and pink fluid/blood it’s a great modern twist to her tale.

  17. Amal says:

    I like the grandiose headpiece. It could also be considered part of the Architectural series. Have to read her story.

  18. Fiona says:

    Love this doll and her headpiece! But I feel it would be better if the blood vessel can be expressed more abstractly instead of using electronic wires, although I don’t know how…

  19. Orangey says:

    “I may or may not be already working on something like that”

    AHA- The cat’s out the bag! Don’t try to swallow your words now!

    On another note, what a pain to cast in porcelain? Anything lifescale. I wouldn’t know however.

  20. Алёна says:

    Очень красиво вышло. Напомнило мангу Масамунэ Сиро “Призрак в доспехах”

  21. Rocio Torres says:

    I’m exited with this doll congratulations Marina

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