Seven more runners up in the contest

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Here are seven more runners up in no particular order. Including the winner and the second and third entries, there are 10 favorite gifts all together. I really didn’t know when to stop choosing favorite entries, I wanted to include them all on this list, but I realize that editing was really necessary. There are so many more that I love for different reasons, but here are some of the reasons I love these entries.

Enchanted Doll Rag Doll, inspired by Lily.


I made dozens of little rag dolls when I was a kid, but never one as big as this one. It’s so playable. Perhaps I’ll make a costume for Raglily one day. Thanks, Andrew!

Concubine inspired, human scale costume.


What can I say aside for pretty awesome? This was clearly a lot of work. And I can really appreciate time consuming, attention to detail oriented projects. The jewelry is mine, by everything was made by the contestant. Thank you, Eva!

Little Bear


This petite, articulated bear stole my heart. I have never particularly liked stuffed toys, but I’ve grown really fond of this one, so much so, that I sleep with it on my pillow. I named him David Bowie, for some reason. I think it has a soul.  Thank you, Sandra!

Shadow box for Enchanted Doll


The craftsmanship is very pro. I love containers of all kinds, and this one is museum quality. Interchangeable inserts were provided, which allows me to keep my own, precious collection of Enchanted Dolls in there, under the glass. Four dolls can easily fit in side by side. Right now, I keep my first 4 resin prototypes in there. It looks, oh so nice. Thank you, Jayne!

Almost edible, miniature cake


This little cake is so delicious and realistic-looking, that I almost ate it. Explaining this to the paramedics would have been awkward. It is embellished with Enchanted Doll imagery and decorative elements: logo, tattoo, bows, bead embroidery and a Lotita fan that says happy birthday Marina! Very, very intricate work. Thank you, Kelly!

Little Rubber Stamps


I like this project because carving is not easy, and this contestant has managed to carve very small, soft rubber blocks with a surprising amount of detail. The application of the idea is interesting and creative. These inspired me to create a secondary Enchanted Doll logo. And now Chad is going a little crazy and stamping them on everything in sight. sigh..So, thank you for that, Trish. No, seriously, thank you.

A poem about being an Enchanted Doll collector


This poem provides an interesting insight into the emotions of an Enchanted Doll admirer/fan/owner. I get so wrapped up in the demands of the creative aspect of Enchanted Doll, that sometimes I loose touch with the feelings of those who end up owning my work. At times of prolonged detachment, this poem will remind me to work even harder to make even more beautiful dolls for you, Enchanted Doll lovers. Thank you, Els!

Thank you all: those who made it in the top 10 and those who didn’t. I love it that you took the time to make things. Thank you!

All the contest entries can be seen here

47 Responses

  1. Annina says:

    wow this is so cool to see more of the entries, all of these are so varied and cool in their own way, i love them! looking forward to the whole gallery, that will be amazing!

  2. Hazel says:

    Wow! These are really beautiful! I smiled at the photo of you in the Imperial Concubine-inspired costume. It must’ve been really cute to “live out” one of your dolls for a few moments. :D

  3. noxy says:

    So great to see more pics of the entries!That costume was too cute, and I LOVE the Lily rag doll. I can’t wait to see the other photos!!

  4. Jayne Wourms says:

    I too love the Lily rag doll. She is so pretty.

  5. Orangey says:

    I was smiling the whole time, what creative gifts! I love that costume. People have put so much time into these entries, I don’t know how you managed to choose, but you did. Awesome runner-up projects.

    Rag doll ED is great too.~

  6. Hazel says:

    And also, I just noticed this: “And now Chad is going a little crazy and stamping them on everything in sight.”
    LOL. I imagine Enchanted Doll HQ must be covered in Trish’s work right now. :)

  7. Eiko says:

    Yay, my entry made it into the top 10. I feel so honoured.

    The other entries are all amazing. I love the cake and the little teddy. It would be impossible for me to have picked a favourite out of all these wonderful entries.

  8. Cay says:

    The costume is fabulous !!!

  9. These are all just so phenomenal, rag-lily is cute!

    Congratulations to the runners up, what a wonderful assortment of creativity and beauty.. how special to have inspired all these marina.. it’s amazing!

  10. Karen says:

    Thankyou Marina and chad for your wonderful display of artist’s. Congrats to all who entered! Karen…in NE.

  11. Trish says:

    Wow! I made top 10 thank you but expressly thank you for using them!! And here i was thinking they might grace random mail or a last minute contact card! Thanks Chad! ;D

    And I am flabbergasted at the amazing entries! Wow!!! See you next year!

  12. Cay says:

    I come to go to see the complete gallery: I waited it so much. It is splendid! So much colours, styles and different ideas! This competition is a shining idea: all participants surpassed themselves to return the magic of your dolls. I am also very happy to appear of there and see so nice photographs!

  13. Jean says:

    wow awesome gifts!!!! *happydance*

  14. Annina says:

    oh oh the gallery, i am looking at all the gifts now, wow just wow, so much variety, i love every single thing!
    Chad, great work, beautiful gallery!
    congratulations to everyone for participating, so many beautiful gifts, i’m going back to look at everything as this will take a while!

  15. kelly says:

    Thanks for this experience, Marina, it was awesome all around! What are you going to do with all your stuff? You will need a museum!

  16. Eva says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you liked the costume (and it looks awesome on you)! :D

    All the other entries are awesome. I’m really blown away by the cake (I remember someone on the forums saying she wanted to send a cake! That was very clever! ;) and the shadowbox. I’m looking forward to going over the full gallery when I get home from work!

  17. Ariel says:

    I’m impressed with all the wonderful entries. Congrats to everybody for the awesome work. And congrats Marina for the best birthday bounty I’ve ever seen. I checked out the entries during a break (still cleaning up from the storm here), and everything is so lovely, it’s cheered me up. So to everyone who took part: congrats again, and a heeeeyuge Thank You. x :)

  18. Andrew says:

    I’m thrilled that my “Raglily” made it so far along in the contest, and even more pleased she can be shared with all of my fellow ED fans. Thank you all so much for the love and appreciation. There were so many beautiful entries! I am so grateful that Marina’s work can unite so much talent.

  19. Sandra says:

    I have seen the gallery contest : they are many impressive entries.
    But I have decided, I will be on the contest next wear ! Looking all theses submissions giving me inspiration for your next birthday surprise.
    See you in one year :)

  20. Orangey says:

    I knew your fans were talented but… holy shoot. These people are wonderful, I love all of these entries! People have put so much work into these, they all look really good.

    Hopefully I can enter next year! College killed it for me this time. Darn college. Haha.~

  21. Paula F says:

    Woow, wonderfull creations! It’s amazing in how many complately different ways Enchanted Dolls can inspire people :)Congratulations to lucky seven runners up!

  22. Candice says:

    Thank you for sharing all of the entries with us. I love the finalists that you chose, however, the gryphon jumped out at me as especially adorable. Thanks again!

  23. Amarilli says:

    Congratulations to all !!! amazing works !

  24. LindaB says:

    What a joy to see everyone’s entries! SOO many talented people! :)

    I’m so touched to have been a part of your birthday celebration, Marina! Thank YOU for sharing it with us!

  25. Annina says:

    i blogged about my entry “in a nutshell” here (except it’s a little longer than “in a nutshell”, hehe).

  26. Jenny says:

    Wonderful entries!

    So what will the 7 runners up get as a prize? You said in your previous blog entry that the top 10 winners would get a prize.

  27. Jenny H says:

    What a wonderful experience this has been! Congratulations to all entrants and prizewinners! It is delightful to see how much your enchanted dolls inspire creativity in so many mediums Marina! My particular favorites are the Little Rubber Stamps by Terri A, A Very Short History of Enchanted Art by Sanne B, the Pet Griffin by Sarah A, Balance by Jayne M, and Piggy Back Ride by Swdolls. I love their joy and humor and individuality. And I love Els G’s poem!! As someone hopefully on that waiting list, it conveys so much of the anticipation and excitement. Well done all! And as always, congratulations Marina on channelling all this positive energy!

  28. Wilma says:

    The variety,inventiveness, and sheer number of entries is just amazing ! What wonderful things ! It almost seems like a fairy tale – a monarch requests unique gifts for her birthday, with very special rewards going to her favorites. Thank you for sharing photos of the gifts, and happy birthday !

  29. Maria says:

    Marina – did you receive my present????.)

  30. Jerry says:

    I finally found your site again! Been curious all this time who won. Congratulations to winners! Entries are quite good!^_^ Hope I can join, when you are giving away another doll.

  31. sandra says:

    You can better get mine off, or sent it back,
    you don’t keep your promise,
    and yes I am angy, is that so strange ??

  32. Sandra says:

    Give me answer than !!

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