Sirena Emerges From the Sea

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New costumed porcelain doll available for sale in July. Get in touch with me by email if you’re interested (address in bio). I tried some new things with this doll, one of which was submerging her in salt water for this photoshoot. I got more awesome photos coming from the depths. .

Sirena is wearing a one-of-a-kind sterling silver coral fan crown, sterling silver coral corset, and a sheer silk cape with sterling silver coral clasps. The costume is made from impressions of actual coral.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Such a seren captivating beauty she is. I love everything about her, especially those glorious lips and lashes <3

  2. Crystal says:

    Oh wow! I decided to see if anything had been posted. Gee, I missed a few! Amazingly beautiful mermaid, stunning and so creative coral design crown, cape clasp, and corset!!!!!

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