Sketch of the week 4- Halo for State property

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These sketches are from summer 2007 when I was road-tripping in Italy with Chad and his parents. We had an RV and we drove around the whole country from Milan to Sicily for almost two months. It was fantastic. I got to see everything I had studied in Art History 101 in my first year of art school.

In the upper left corner and bottom right corner of the sketches you can read Venice 2007 and Florence 2007. That’s where I was when I made these. You can see that I was heavily influenced by the religious iconography, which dominated Italian Renaissance art. Honestly, it was all about Jesus and the Virgin. Frankly, it kind of got a bit monotonous after about 300 paintings and  four dozen cathedrals or so, but it was inspirational too. Throughout history people have produced some breathtakingly beautiful things in the name of the invisible man who lives in the sky and controls the world. I find it awe-inspiring and deeply disturbing at the same time. Religion makes no sense to me.

So, obviously I’ve had the whole halo and religious reference project on my mind for quite some time. It’s good to be finally working on it.

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  1. miss LK says:


    I love your sketches… the shading, the words, the specs and the intricate details are like preludes to the ED beauty. Will you be including them in your book? I hope your book will be available soon for ED fans to collect.

  2. Crystal says:

    Do you use a ruler and other measuring devices/ stencils such as circles? I ask because the jewels on the halo are so evenly placed around the circle which is perfect. I really admire you attention to detail.

  3. Marina says:

    I used a piece of paper to make the two centre lines in the halo.
    I had to draw the circle by hand because we were traveling and all I had on me was a pencil and a pocket sketch book. I pulled a hair out of my head and used it to fashion a crude drafting compass by connecting it to my pencil. Pretty low tech.

    I usually don’t even do that for drawings-just eyeballing. But I was really hot and bored that afternoon and was trying to take my mind off my discomfort with tediousness. When I have to translate a sketch into a design in wax, beads or metal, then I am way more serious about precision.

  4. annina says:

    oh yes! so perfect! already when you showed the last drawings i was so excited about the halo for State Property, and seeing your sketches here, ah just perfect!
    i look forward to see your 3d halo!!!

  5. Lumina says:

    Nice sketch ^^.

  6. Manu says:

    That’s one of your most beautiful sketch,Rome it’s an amazing country.
    i use to work also with esoteric sign and i draw my inspiration in various religion, i don’t believe a lot in religion too,only i trust in Good.
    It’s will be interesting to see the project when it’s done.CONGRATULATIONS

  7. Shiny says:

    I am very interested to see what the finished halo will like when juxtaposed against the industrial and almost maze like tattoo on the doll.

  8. ~Mia says:

    I love seeing your sketches ~**~*~
    Thank you for sharing them with us !

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