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I was thinking that i will compile a list of the best and the worst 5 dolls on the world doll market right now. Perhaps I will have to make it 10. I’ll see. I think i’ll also rate them on the scale of 10 for their facial appearance, anatomical beauty, articulating, quality and originality. I can call several off the top of my head, but will need a few days to compile the final winners and losers (on my scale). Feel free to put forward candidates for either list. What you like and what you hate. I’ll be happy to consider them.

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  1. Biscuitbear says:

    It will be very interesting to see your ranking! I can’t think of any artist dolls I like 100% except yours. Some artists whose work I like are Maggie Iacono, R. John Wright, Regina Sandreuter, Erika Catellani, Elisabeth Pongratz, Sylvia Natterer, Jutta Kissling, Heloise, Helen Kish…but their dolls tend to be the same year after year. I also like Nancy Wiley, Lisa Lichtenfels’s awesome textile dolls and some of the Friedericy, Rotraut Schrott and Jamie Williamson dolls but they are more art dolls than dolls you can really play with.
    Among BJDs my favorite are Fancyboots Liebchen, Unoa, and Bambicrony, and Pipos animal dolls. I really like the newer Xenis wooden dolls though they are a bit too big for my taste. Among porcelain artist I think Martha Armstrong Hand’s work was really outstanding.
    Among commercial dolls I like old Lenci dolls – lots of playfulness and inventiveness there. Also Sasha Morgenthaler’s dolls – very simple and stylized but endearing. Some old Kathe Kruse dolls too.
    My candidates for the worst dolls ever are all the reborns and Fayzah Spanos dolls. Oh and I forgot Sylvia Weser.
    What I like about your work is that in the comparatively short while you’ve been doing it you’ve been keeping learning and trying new things and getting better and better. It will be really interesting to follow your career!

  2. Marina says:
    Helene, you nailed most of my choices. Good and bad. I don’t think this list will be a surprise to you at all. Especially Sylvia Weser. God, i have to suppress a gag reflex every time i see one of her dolls. It’s like a collection of the most tasteless things imaginable. It’s like a fairy godmother got wasted one night and threw up one of Sylvia Weser’s dolls.

  3. Marina says:

    Thanks for the input though.

  4. twigling says:

    Sounds like an interesting idea, although I am not familiar with most of the dolls that Helene has mentioned apart from the BJDs. It would also be cool to see where you place your own work on the scale; as an artist you would on the one hand be content with the style and concept of your dolls, but on the other hand perhaps look up to someone and aspire to make yourself even better.

  5. peas says:

    Hmm can’t say who is the worst..there are too many… same with the best though far fewer. However I can say that just about anything by Jodi and Richarb Creager blows me away.. their pieces are breathtaking. Their humorous are soo original and many others, including many ethnic pieces are lighthearted and enchanting. I do like your work as well! I love strange!

  6. Emily says:

    So of course I had to look at Sylvia Weser dolls after you two said such bad things about them. My own conclusion: they look like drag queens. Okay then.

    I really like Latidolls, though by the time I see a doll on their site that I like it has already sold out.

    On the nonposable side, I am absolutely smitten with the work of Paul Crees and Peter Coe, Charles Batte, George Stuart, some Dorothy Hoskins, Martha Bowers and Marianne Reitsma, and Stephanie Blythe. Oh, and also this one girl Marina Bychkova… you may or may not have heard of her.

  7. Katie says:

    How about Avigail Brahms? She is a wonderful doll artist. Beautiful work. Had to add her name to the list. Totally agree with you, Marina, when it comes to Blythe dolls. Don’t get it at all. They seem like little things one would get in a cracker jack box. (and would get tossed out)

  8. Merry says:

    While I agree there are a lot of unattractive and simply poorly designed dolls out there I have to say it’s a bit mean-spirited to compile such a list. Your dolls are beautiful and have created their own niche. You should feel self-assured that your skill and craftsmanship will hold its own against the work of other creators. By creating such a list or even speaking out against other types of dolls you are inviting apple-to-orange comparisons and sowing seeds of ill-will. There’s enough of that in the world today, isn’t there?

  9. Anna says:

    Wow, you’re quite harsh…


    Well we all have different standards. I assure you, my cheap $20 dolls will live in peace with your near $2000 porcelain one day..~~~

  10. Jasmine says:

    You guys are gonna hate me, but i just looked through the list of the first poster’s favorites and I thought they were all terribly boring. I actually prefer Sylvia Weser’s to anything else on that list. They are at least interesting, reminds me of punch and judy or some kind of old fashioned puppets. I have to say the blythe dolls are also pretty stylish which has to be why they are appealing. But, no one else makes doll artwork like Marina, so I think she is entitled to make her lists!

  11. Uyek says:

    I haven’t heard of even half of these doll makers!
    But I’m having the time of my life Googling them … especially the ones that arouse strong reactions (i.e., gag reflexes and vomiting fairy godmothers).
    I won’t weigh in except on the “reborns.” Ick. Poo.

    Looking forward to reading the official list.

  12. ollie says:

    wow. worst doll maker.. really? i know many worst doll maker. i keep it to my self.and maybe to a friend.but to point finger at them?on a website? ur head must be so big from compliment.but i do admit u have a beautiful doll and amazing eyes to create such things. no one will deny that.but sometimes on ur case ,silence is gold..

  13. Marcia says:

    The best art doll maker of all time: Robert McKinley

    Of course Marina, yours are the best in their own category.

    (ps… there are spam comments here on this list)

  14. Continued says:

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  15. I just purchased an older Avigail Brahms doll…she goes to the top of my list…Also Crees/Coe for their costuming and I have several Ron Kron celebrity dolls.They are actually my favorites…

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