Some ED resin dolls up close

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The face of Vega

Vega is a very bright star located in the constellation of Lyra only 25 light years from Earth. Fourteen thousand years ago it used to be our North Pole star and will be so again in another eleven thousand years. Meanwhile it’s still one of the most brilliant stars in our night sky, captivating our imagination and inspiring a magical sense of wonder at the mysteries of the universe.


The face Andromeda

Andromeda is a captivatingly beautiful and mysterious, spiral galaxy approximately two and a half million light years from Earth. It was named after princess Andromeda from Greek mythology, who was also breathtakingly beautiful. The Andromeda Galaxy is approaching the Milky Way Galaxy at around 140 km per second and is expected to collide with us in approximately 4.5 billion years, perhaps creating a new, elliptical galaxy. Maybe then we will discover some of the secrets it hides within its luminous haze.


The face of Cassiopeia

In Greek Mythology Queen Cassiopeia was Andromeda’s mother. She was a vain and proud woman who boasted of her striking beauty, earning herself the wrath of the gods. Today, Cassiopeia is a constellation of the northern sky, whose distinct W shape dominates the skies with her presence and like a beautiful queen, commands the admiration of all who gaze at her.

More new resin dolls coming in December.

64 Responses

  1. Manu says:

    Marina, your news girls are absolutely stuning it’s very interesting to know how you draw your inspiration from the galaxy to create these beauty.Congratulations

  2. João says:

    They are so beautyfull! And your concepts… they always amaze me =)

  3. d.ark says:

    I’ll take an Andromeda!
    All look lovely though. Can’t wait to see more of these!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Marina Bychkova, Dark DollHouse. Dark DollHouse said: Gorgeous!!! RT @Enchanted_Doll: Close up look at 3 resin Enchanted Dolls What do you think? […]

  5. I can’t believe how individual their faces are. This is incredible work.

  6. Jon Songserm says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work, it’s so beautiful, they’re so unique can’t compare who is most beautiful.

  7. Oh Marina, they’re incredible! Vega is breath taking…. what a gentle soul!

    I noticed you can achieve a much more vivid, saturated colour with the paints you are using for the eyes of these girls, as opposed to the china painted eyes of your porcelain girls. Andromeda and Cassiopeia definitely command attention with their striking sky-blue eyes, like real goddesses.

  8. Jayne says:

    Have I mentioned your supreme brillance (not to mention evil side :))
    These are cosmologically fantabulous.
    Supernova brilliance.
    Luv Jayne XXX

  9. Annina says:

    i have a question: how do you fixate the paint on the resin? is there a solution that lets one handle the doll without rubbing off the paint eventually? i so wish there is but that is my one concern about the resin dolls. it won’t stop me from buying one though because they are so very beautiful!

    Cassiopeia is the one star i always look for when i look up at the night sky, and i always get so happy when i find her! :)

  10. Jayne Wourms says:

    I can’t imagine these little beauties are any less time consuming to paint than a porcelain ED, you just get to skip the firing time. They are “heavenly”! I would love to see Cassiopeia in a dark wig.

  11. rienna says:

    девушки очень хрупкие и изысканные, и так хороша анромеда…

  12. Suok69 says:

    They are very beautiful and i like their Star names. That makes them more surreal and misterious. I think my first choice would be Andromeda, and then eventually all of them.

    Wonderful work Marina.

  13. Brittany says:

    Oh WOW. These are breath-taking! My favorite has to be Vega, and I’d love to see her in a chestnut brown or flame red wig. Wow, these are just stunning! How much will they eventually cost?

  14. Eiko says:

    Andromeda looks gorgeous. Is she the same sculpt as Kay?

  15. Sarandipitty says:

    Marina, you are such a genious. I love it! Not only does Beauty live on in resin but Andromeda is so amazing to me. She has such a vibrant personality!

  16. Eva says:

    They are beautiful! I’m constantly amazed by what you do with paint. I’ll definitely be waiting impatiently for my turn in line! :)

  17. Sandra says:

    OOh wow, Andromeda is so lovely.
    She is breathtaking ! I love her big eyes.

    Marina, I’m very mpressed by your skills. Your resin dolls are just so close to porcelain ! The difference is so subtle.
    I love that !

  18. jslord says:

    Marina, they are past all expectations. So exquisite. How can one ever decide? And more are coming? Beautiful beyond measure.

  19. Jenny H says:

    They are really beautiful Marina! Congratulations!

  20. Shilpa says:

    Exquisite, Marina! Love.
    (Btw, can’t find a ‘like’ button on this page?)

  21. LeeAnn says:

    Simply beautiful! I love Andromeda!

  22. Sara says:

    The detail is amazing! I think Andromeda is my favorite, but Vega is so pretty – such a tragic heroine face. I’ve got everything crossed that I won’t miss out on these. They look so lovely. :)

  23. Orangey says:

    Stunning resin girls. I can really see how your style has evolved. I am absolutely in love with Vega, or ‘Beauty’, her sorrowful face is just exquisite. And let me tell you, the no-leather jointing makes a world of a difference.

  24. Carrie says:

    Oh wow! Cassiopia is exactly the doll that I wished for in porcelain. Incredible! It honestly brought me to tears when I saw her just now. Now I must submit my name for a resin.

    I am so happy right now. :) :D

  25. Nuraz says:

    I really wanna have one of the Resin ED so bad..but I leave in Malaysia and it’s far away from where the dolls being it possible for me to purchase one?

  26. Ilona says:

    Fantastic girls and great news!

    Love them all but Cassiopeia really seems THE queen. And I can’t stop thinking that she looks like you! :)


  27. randy gabriel says:

    How do I order one?

  28. Sigh!….they’re so gorgeous, I must have one some how!…I really want to hold one (my very own!) of your dolls in my hand.
    I’m hesitant to put my name down on your list though in case I can’t afford one for a long time…
    The resin line is incredible- I can’t believe how they look as beautiful as the porcelain dolls -I know there must be a big difference especially when you hold one but you’ve made them look so exquisite. Wow!

  29. Adriana says:

    oh! wowwwwwwwww !!

  30. DreamBello says:

    Marina these resin lovelies are just as stunning as your porcelain beauties <3…. Dear lord they are breathtaking!!! I can only hope I am lucky enough to one day own one of these stunning creatures of my own

  31. ayame says:

    Oh words not enough to describe the beauty! I especially like Andromeda.

    Do you know the myth behing Vega? It’s such a beautiful and touching legend with orient roots. See here

  32. katie kirby says:

    Such incredible detail, they are kind of heartbreaking to look at.

  33. gonoway says:

    been looking for info on buying a resin doll… to no availe.
    how would one go about doing this?
    …and I know it’s a pain in the reer, but can’t you get rid of the spam posts?

  34. Erika says:

    Are these resin ones available??

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