Song Of The Dolls-Enchanted Doll on poetry book cover.

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This is the other book I mentioned earlier. I love how the looks photo printed on the textured paper. It definitely enhances the picture but it doesn’t scan too well.

Also, I’ve got some more news about that silver collar. I finally have one ready to show. It looks fabulous. I’ll put a couple of pictures up today or tomorrow, while I complete the assembly and put together a series of pictures to show different stages of progress. Maybe I’ll run it in my sketch of the week section on Monday or Thursday. So, stay tuned.

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  1. Can’t wait to see that amazing collar, to see it finished on a doll after all your hard work must be a great feeling.
    I think it will be amazing on it’s own, I thought it might look interesting with the snowflake crown too, but maybe I’m too kitcshy and it would be too much… but I’m sure you’ll have fun playing around composing it!!

  2. Manu says:

    One succès again for this kindly and wonderful artist that you are Marina, Bravo, stay in the same way and i was thinking one day about a Museum specially for Edchanteddolls somewhere in the world.
    or perhaps an expo at the Louvre Museum,that’s will be so great.

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