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Oh this thing gave me so much grief!


It turned out to be every bit as difficult to replicate as my tech had expected it to be, and more. I was a lot more optimistic about molding, injecting and casting this large, yet extremely thin filigree design than him, and boy, did I get a reality check. The collar was fighting us at every stage of the process! It didn’t want to get made. After two months or so, of fiddling with the molds, altering wax injections, going back and forth, trying this and that and watching it fail again and again, I must confess-a week ago I almost gave up.

It’s not like me to drop an ambitious project, especially after investing hundreds of dollars and countless hours of my time to see it get to this stage. I believe there is a key to unlocking every problem, but that thing almost did me in. I was beginning to consider that my design was fundamentally flawed and un-castable and that finding a key to getting it made meant going back to square one and re-designing the structure. Yet, I was so mentally exhausted from trying to figure it all out that I knew if I abandoned this approach, it would be some time before I returned to it. So, we made a last ditch effort in trying to save it, adjusted one factor in the casting process and……it came out perfectly. The key was found.

I haven’t had a chance to get it cleaned and polished yet. Metals don’t come out all bright and shiny after casting, and look very little like the precious things they really are. Just like unpolished gems. It often requires hours to clean and polish silver to a bright shine after it’s been cast. I can’t wait to see this piece finished. Meanwhile I’m going to try to cast a couple more and see if it was just blind luck they turned out this time or if the formula actually works.

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  1. annina says:

    ohh it’s amazing, i’m so glad you found the key in the end, i was very curious to hear how it had gone along!
    this collar is just so beautiful, if you ever would make it available as a limited purchaseable accessory i would do my best to buy one for my Iðunn, i’m so in love with it’s shapes!

  2. clap says:

    wow looks like paper. Wow.

    surely it’s not blink luck! Anyways good to see this piece ready :)

    the details are amazing. Maybe it will go well with the corset. Or maybe a silver shirt. lol.

    oh can’t blieve it’s silver. looks like lace.

  3. congratulations marina, it’s beautiful, and looks so fragile! I think it will looks breath taking on one of your dolls

  4. Little Lina says:

    What a gorgeous piece you have created, congrats. So many of us give up because something is too hard, or isn’t coming out correctly. But when it does, it’s that moment you breathe.

  5. noxy says:

    wow, it looks incredible! I’m so glad you kept on truckin’. Our Marina does not quit. Yay Marina!

  6. Crystal says:

    Oh,Wow again! There it is! What a coincidence!
    It’s really gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see it on one of your dolls!!!

  7. Manu says:

    so delicate and full of beauty , there’s two think that i would like to buy for my futur Emerald when they will be available on sale this one and the illumination cape , Bracvo

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