Such a pretty doll

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This is an experiment with make up and tonal combinations. The goal was to create a face resembling Cinderella without facial resculping of mouth and chin. I believe the resulting expression is very sweet but not as haunting as Cinderella’s.

This particular snowflake crown is an example of sterling silver finished to a bright shine before the application of patina. Patina is a type of acid which brings out fine details, accentuates recesses and raised areas and gives silver an antiqued, contrasty look playing down the bright shine.  I always prefer treated surface to a shiny one because of the contrast it creates. Pretty as the shiny finish is, I find it reflects so much light from all the surface planes and a lot of detail gets lost in the glare. Although, as can be seen from this fine example, sometimes the untreated, bright finish silver is just the right thing to have.

39 Responses

  1. miss LK says:

    She looks so pure and shimmery with the shiny snowflake crown while Elena The Beautiful with the patina crown has a fierce charm!!!

    I hope to see your book soon and read all about EDs!

  2. annina says:

    wow i love the snowflake crown, loved it since i saw the wax-“mould” and when i saw it on Elena.
    is it or will it be available for pre-order? and if so how would the price be?

    i prefer it with patina too, but i see what you mean for this doll here, it is perfect for her like that!

  3. annina says:

    oh and are you planning to send an announcement for new slots today/tomorrow?
    because i sold a doll today to be able to afford an Enchanted Doll and paypal accused me of money laundering (stupid new law in the EU that requires paypal to check payments of a certain amount if they are money laundering attempts) and i have just gone through a hell of a night staying up so that i can call their support when they opened, to resolve this. all is ok now but i am so tired, i have to sleep, and now i had a hunch that you might send an announcement soon and i will be too late to answer cause i am sleeping. ;_;

    just if you see this and you are about to send an announcement, please tell me, because then i would stay up longer!
    (sorry for rant but i was close to a nervous breakdown and if i missed my chance for a slot it would just break my heart)

  4. Marina says:


    Please relax….I just got the porcelain in through my front door. It’s still in my hallway. I haven’t even thought about a new batch of orders yet. I’m still ear deep with the current order situation as everything got pushed back a couple of weeks because of the slip shortage.
    I won’t be making, won’t even be thinking about making a new order schedule until these orders are dealt with – or I will simply go nuts.

    And then who will make you a doll?

  5. annina says:

    ahhh thank you so much for answering Marina!
    i am sorry that i sent you so many emails/messages, i hope you can look over my having sometimes been overly passionate about getting a slot, i don’t mean to offend (and i hope i didn’t)!

    i am relieved to know that it’s not yet time for an announcement (so i won’t miss it) and i will now relax as you suggest. no more emails begging for a slot i promise.

    i don’t want you to go nuts! sorry again and thankyou for all your work, i adore all you do!

  6. Amal (aneemal) says:

    I like the bushy eyebrows! And the colouring is unusual, yet subtle. The overall effect is soft, but not too soft, she’s still… waivering. Maybe she can’t remember if she left the iron on.

    I wonder if you’ll be more adventurous with noses in the future?!


  7. Marina says:

    Noses? Adventures?

    Can you elaborate, please?

  8. Shiny says:

    I thinks she’s beautiful. She looks like an Ice Princess.

  9. She’s absolutely gorgeous. And the snowflake crown really does suit her. It’s so interesting to see how slight cariations in the jewellery and colouring of a doll will create an entirely new character and mood.

    This girl really reminds me of the deep silence my mum describes in walking through a snow-coated forest in europe.

  10. Anelise says:

    Some of the dolls have very ethnic noses- Lavagna, Farah and Izel. I wonder if that is what is meant by adventurous?

  11. Crystal says:

    Are you saying that you used the same head form-mold as Cinderella but just painted it in such a way as to give it a different look/expression?
    I have driven myself crazy but had fun at the same time trying to figure out which of your nudes corresponds to your costumed dolls. Some are easy to figure out, some I can’t figure out at all. Like which of the nudes is the Imperial concubine?
    You certainly are the master of disguise!

  12. Lumina says:

    cute doll…

  13. Crystal says:

    Good God!
    When you think they just couldn’t possibly get any prettier you go and out do yourself! You are driving us all mad with desire!
    (I just had to say that!)

  14. Amal says:

    Your dolls noses are beautiful and delicate. I can’t help but wonder, what with the fairy-tale elements present in some of the characters, whether one day we might see a baddy/wicked stepmother/ugly sister inspired type?! :-D

  15. Mary says:

    Oh my gosh! That crown is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Wow!

    Will it be for sale????? :)

  16. giperborea says:

    She’s almost a Cinderella twin, but not quite…Marina, if Cinderealla won’t show up in the Nude Section, might this doll be in the Nude? I do like the open-mouthed Cinderella, her facial expression is beyond words :((

  17. elcato says:

    I missed this post somehow (my bad)
    Marina, she is fantastic in person!!!

    Love her soooo much!!!

    Thank you for my BEAUTY

  18. Crystal says:

    elcato, did you receive the doll on THIS post?

  19. usghi13 says:

    OMG, she is sublime.She is exactly like I imagine Ursula from Vittorio (Anne Rice novel).

  20. Sarthak says:

    She’s divinly beautiful ~! and the head piece gives a perfect mix of her feminity and some princess like command !

  21. elcato says:

    To Crystal: yeah! This is my doll:) I have been waiting for her mor than 2 years. PS: of course I was in waitlist etc.

  22. Manu says:

    She is extremely adorable , there’s something of mystery in her look
    i am more and more passionate each day by Ed’s and you always have new work , bravo

  23. Crystal says:

    WOW, Congratulations!

  24. Татьяна says:

    Роскошная вещь!Я не очень хорошо знаю английский, но, кажется, это Золушка в короне Снежинки.Или Снегурочка? На лице целая буря чувств – и нежность, и ужас, и ожидание…Думаю, это все таки Снегурочка, боится, что вот-вот растает. Как тебе это удается? У меня куклы все выходят как-то сами по себе, я их выражение лица контролирую с большим трудом, последняя похожа на Ефима Шифрина, и лицо ничего не выражает, кукла, одним словом. А у тебя – искусство…

  25. Sonia says:

    She and her expression, remember to me Audry Hepurn

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