The Annual Enchanted Doll birthday contest!

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Dear Friends, I’m back from my travels and I’m very pleased to announce that the annual 2013 Enchanted Doll birthday contest, where I give away one doll on my birthday, is now open!

I was drawing a map of some of my recent travels when I came up with the submission criteria. To enter the contest, send me a beautiful, captivating and wander-lust-inspiring travel postcard depicting any thing or any place in the world you want. It can be contemporary or vintage, commercial or custom printed, store-bought or hand-made, from your home town or another country, color or black/ white, featuring a painted, drawn or photographed image of nature, cathedrals, cities, mountains, ocean floor or outer space -whatever. Anything is admissible as long as it’s in a standard post card format and it stirs your imagination, longing and compels you to visit that place.


Your Rules:

One Card per person. No envelopes-just the postcard. Cards arriving in envelopes will be disqualified. Submission Deadline February 28th, 2013. The winner will be picked from elimination stages starting on March 1st. All the entries will be posted online on March 1st. My top favorite Cards will be selected on march 2nd, and then eliminated randomly in daily draws, until one winner is announced on March 16th.

Your Prize:

In honor of the new Enchanted Doll resin line, the winner gets a painted, wigged and fully costumed resin Enchanted Doll


Good luck and Let the games Begin!

134 Responses

  1. Veerle says:

    What a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to start :).

  2. Sonia Ivette says:

    That is so kind of you! To give the day you are suppose to receive… how beautiful. God bless!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Does this mean we can buy postcards, or make them ourselves, or both? Because a combination of both could work.

  4. Hazel says:

    Eeeeee!!! Im so excited! :D
    Thank you, Marina.

  5. Orangey says:

    Ohhh! This is really intriguing! Thanks so much for giving us another chance to grab your lovely work.

    About the envelope… I’m over-thinking now, so you literally want the card sent to you without a shipping envelope?~

  6. Marina says:

    You can buy postcards, or if you have your own image in mind, you can have it custom printed, or you can make it completely by hand.

    Just keep in mind that you have to send it without an envelope, and it has to fit the postage format, front and back.

    Traditionally, postcards get sent without envelopes because they have all the postage, like stamps and address info on the back.

  7. An Bidault says:

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this for months!
    It’s a very interesting criteria :)

  8. Luna says:

    Any place ?? So it can be imaginary right

  9. Ok I need to sleep on this one…… a challenge and this is a good one! Thank you Marina

  10. Sylvia Leticia says:

    So *Exciting* A Lovely way to travel with the Imagination & the Heart to all the corners of our Beautiful World… THANKS MARINA!! ;-}

  11. Marina says:

    And yes, it can be a fictional place, as long as it’s rendered beautifully.

  12. Mai says:

    What an intriguing contest! Already, I can’t wait to see all of the fabulous and beautiful cards that you are going to receive, Marina! And your hand-drawn map of your recent travels…oh my goodness, it’s amazing. So beautifully drawn. I love the little train chugging along. :-D

  13. Bertha says:

    Wow, hope I can think of something!

  14. Merri says:

    Another wonderful map, thank you Marina! I love the Budapest balcony. Hope you can include pictures of your maps in the next Enchanted Doll book! :)

  15. Eiko says:

    That’s such a cool idea. I love it! Will have to think hard of what to send.

  16. MyFragility says:

    Oh I can’t wait to get started! This is such a fun and unique idea!

  17. Signe says:

    Love it!! I am entering no matter what. Love the `assignment` of making map postcards. It was on my to do list.

  18. Excelente idea! And a wonderful price to win!!!!

  19. Annina says:

    oh i love this contest, thank you so much for holding it, so exciting! :D

    and lovelove your new travel map ♥

  20. Ranjiangzi says:

    Dear lord!This is the first good new to excited me after all the f**king exams!!Tnanks for Marina,I’ll enjoying this game right now !
    BTW the deadline is my birthday and good luck for myself~~~

  21. Swdolls says:

    One more question. When you mean standard, does it mean it has to be 3″ x 5? Please clarify the measurement please.

  22. Julia says:

    Oh that’s so amazing! I’m totally up for it. And on the back of the postcard, do you have to put some information there or just leave it blank?

    Love from The Netherlands

  23. Niiv says:

    Wow, what a cool idea! It’s such an open contest though, I think it’ll be really hard to eliminate contestants that have all sent something so different. I can’t wait to see all the different entries though!
    Ah, what to send, what to send! Much get crafting right away. And such a beautiful prize too!

  24. Silviacat says:

    Wow great idea I really really really would love have one of your amazing creations.

  25. ziggytaku says:

    oh my goodness this is so much fun there is so many lovely places i would love to go ^^
    it is so wonderful to dream ^^ and ones some one dream will become the reality ;}

  26. Issilyn says:

    On the back of the postcard, is there any other information that you want besides the full return address? Thank you

  27. Mai says:

    Marina, how do you pronounce your last name? Would you be able to “sound/spell” it out for us? Whenever I tell people about you and your work, I am always uncertain as to how to pronounce it correctly.

  28. Jenny says:

    I agree with Niiv. It’s such an open contest for anyone interested. It’s great to feel that one has a chance to enter and win a beautiful resin doll. I can’t wait to know more about the little creation. =)

    Oh, and I’d like to know the postcard measurements as well.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Marina!

  29. Candice says:

    According to the USPS standard postcards are defined as follows:

    At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick
    No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick”

    Can ours fall in the size range or would you like them all the same size?

    Thanks so much for doing this again!


  30. Marijke says:

    Hay Marina,

    Waua…this idea is great…!
    I love this idea…
    And I started creative…and
    love it to work on this!

    It’s amazing this open contest,thank you Marina
    maybe I can win a little wonder…

    Love &happinesssssss
    from Holland..

  31. Anton says:

    Can I make square postcard?
    What do You mean standart size?

  32. Sabine Virgo says:

    Such a wonderful idea. I am excited and can’t wait to beginn to work on it at the weekend. I love your dolls and it’s a dream for a very long time to hold one in my hands.

    Thank you, Marina, for giving us the chance to own one of these marvelous dolls.

    Hugs and greetings from Germany

  33. Manu says:

    Hi Marina,

    That’s a wonderful contest it´s will be a pleasure to participate!!!!

  34. Glynis says:

    Merri, maybe Marina could be persuaded to do a book just of her drawings/thought processes,that would make a wonderful book to stand alongside the doll book,here’s hoping!!

  35. This is very kind, Marina!

    What a lovely idea as well!!!



  36. Dianna Bird says:

    I am a big fan of your gorgeous dolls You do such fabulous work. Just mailed my post card
    Your map is really neat

  37. Helen Roberts says:

    Inspiring idea Marina. Off to work on my postcard!

  38. Beth says:

    Wow, I had no idea you live so close by…

    This changes my postcard plans a bit…

    I look forward to seeing the enteries in this contest! This sounds like fun, so I am definitely going to enter.

  39. Lalys says:

    <3 I loved the card- idea!!!

  40. Katarzyna says:

    What a brilliant IDEA!!! This is so great!

  41. blablette says:

    Ohhh, what a beautiful gesture from you!
    I will now start to think about my postcard to you… ^_^

  42. itsallyourgoldlust says:

    just lower the price of your doll, Maria, before showing off

  43. Donna Wright says:

    Hi Marina,
    I am so excited about this, just one question, what are the postcard dimensions you would prefer?

  44. Fernando Rocha Oliveira says:

    Great idea, Marina ….I´m going to start thinking in a beautiful postcard.

    And the Oscar goes to?………….

    regards :-)

  45. Wilma says:

    This sounds like a great contest, Marina .

    What contact information do you want on the postcard ? Full address ? Email address ?

    Do we need to write why we chose the particular postcard ?

  46. Maria Garrido says:

    Thank you for this opportunity, Marina! This will be fun!!!

  47. @Julia 22
    There isn’t much space on the back. You can write a couple of words why you like this place on the card, if you want.

    @Candice 29
    Thank you for providing the standard dimensions of a card for those who are asking.
    If you want, you can make something smaller than the standard size, but nothing bigger please.

    @Donna 32
    Dimensions are stated in comment 29

    @Wilma 42
    Only a little bit of text will fit on the back, so you can say why you chose that image in a single sentence.

  48. Annina says:

    thanks for clearing that up.
    based on the info in comment 29 i calculated the metric size, here it is:

    At least 8.89 cm high x 12.7 cm long x 0.1778 mm thick
    No more than 10.795 cm high x 15.24 cm long x 0.4064 mm thick”

    (note: thickness is in millimetres)

  49. But Marina, decorative postcards are often stolen en route. The post office advises to put them in an envelope.

  50. Hm, really? Stolen?
    Never heard of that happening.

    Alright. Please let me look into it today, and if there is a likely hood of that happening, I will make a change.

  51. Acela Tesch says:

    This is such a wonderful chance and really a lovely idea from your part and I really want to thank you for this generosity. I am well aware that I probably will compete against very talented people here, but I will do my very best and I have the perfect idea of what I will do. After all it’s an enchanted doll at stake here.. My heart is beating faster just of the very thought <3

  52. Marina says:

    You guys, you guys….I’m so, so very touched by how enthusiastic you all are about the contest and the postcard idea.

    I can’t wait to see all your entries!

  53. Piercednpainted says:

    Wow omg omg I must send a card. You gave me the love of Bjd into my like. I love your dolls

  54. Rux says:

    What a wonderful idea!! I love it!!!
    It would be really difficult to choose just one special place. (i want my country on your map:P)
    I’d love to send you a handmade card:D.. so i’m working on it!

    ps: i’ve also asked at the post office (to get the info about the measures:P) and been told that a post card has few chances to get to you if it’s not in an envelope.. :-s

  55. T, says:


    I have recently discovered your Art. How inspiring… and the alluring style of the competition adds a new depth and smile to your work. I’ll be posting from Australia, hope it doesn’t take a decade to reach you. :)

    Thank you!

  56. guga says:

    I really wanted to participate, my dream is to have an enchanted doll, I’m from Brazil! I am a designer girl and I’ll send something very creative, would do anything to win an enchanted doll
    I have a question, I can send him a cartoon by email?

  57. Rina says:

    Love the idea, everything is pretty clear to me, except one thing. You say it can be absolutely anything on the postcard, which means it doesn’t have to be a picture of a place? It can be any image that is alluring and inspiring to us?

    Thank you in advance!


  58. Felicity says:

    ooooh Marina,

    this is the most wonderful, lovely news!

    This will supercharge my creativity, to try my best. I am too happy for words, that you have given us a chance to win one of your outstanding pieces of stunning artworks!
    YAY – happy dance!

    cheers, F

  59. Marina says:

    It has to carry an essence of a travel postcard. Choose any image that inspires you to travel and conveys that message to me on some level.

  60. Laeticia says:

    Oh Wow!
    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. I so want to be a part of it even if i don’t win.
    Its great to that you will be posting all entries online…It will be great to see all those wonderful places on our Earth that other people find lovely.

    Time to start getting creative!

  61. guga says:

    I really wanted to participate, my dream is to have an enchanted doll, I’m from Brazil! I am a designer girl and I’ll send something very creative, would do anything to win an enchanted doll
    I have a question, I can send him a cartoon by email?

  62. Rhiannon says:

    Ah! This is so great! I dunno where to start! Thanks for the contest! :D

  63. Mariana says:

    Im from México, can I enter the contest?

  64. Nancie says:

    Wow … what an incredible journey you have been on! An adventure worthy of your talent. Now if I can come up with something that not only inspires you but expresses my love of travel too, what a wonderful challenge! Thanks from Port Moody.

  65. Nancie says:

    Forgot to ask my question … :D … does the postcard have to be a “real” place or can we exaggerate/enhance the image ;)

  66. Nancie says:

    Sorry, ignore my previous post … I just re-read your rules … I guess if it can be outer space or Ocean floor we can exaggerate/enhance/imagine to our hearts content :D Silly me!

  67. Thank you so much Marina for this opportunity .
    “Italy whithout Sicily leaves no image in mind:
    Only here is the key to everything …” Goethe

  68. Natalia Feschenko says:

    Marina, it is a very inspiring idea, thanks a bunch!
    I will do my best to create a lovely post card for you and possibly win the prize! It has long been my dream to have an enchanted doll and to create beautiful embroidered clothes for her.

  69. Chuhong Guan says:

    Great idea and I am sure it is with lots of fun. I am going to do it ^^

  70. Nada says:

    Is it possible to send the chosen card twice or three times? So one might come through!
    Best wishes and thanks for the contest!

  71. Mitchell Imar van Tilburg says:

    Dear Marina Bychkova,

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and a chance to win such a beautiful piece of art!

    I found a vintage postcard of my mother’s place of birth, and created another with the help of a professional promo-site. I’m ecstatic with anticipation which will come first, and hope I can send you my greetings with love soon, from The Netherlands!


  72. Alessandra says:

    Hi Marina! This contest is wonderful.
    I’m excited to partecipate.
    Should I put my personal details in the back of the card along with a short message?

  73. Marcia says:

    Most exciting! Now I just have to decide on what to do.

  74. claudia says:

    I’m enchanted… hope I succeed in doing something…:)
    thank you

  75. Marina says:

    @Mariana 63
    Entries from around the world are accepted.

    @Nada 70
    Yes, you can send multiple back up copies of your entry if you have concerns it might go missing in the mail. Only one of entry from each person will count, no matter how many back ups you send.

    @Alessandra 72
    You personal details are necessary for mailing and contest entry. Any other writing is optional.

    Attention birthday contestants! This is a modification to the mailing rules:
    You may mail your cards in envelopes if you have concerns that cards might go missing in the mail. They won’t be disqualified.

  76. julie says:

    Yayyyy!!! This is excitinggg! :)

  77. Thank you for the envelope option! I did have a few concerns…..If the post man does not know who you are…..well he will after Feb 28!

  78. Clarisse says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity !

    You’ll receive one from Paris very soon, I posted it this morning I was so inspired by the contest ! :)

    I saw you changed the rules just after i already posted it, so… hope everything will be okay ! :)

    thank you again.

  79. Rubyyyy says:

    I’m only 11, can I partecipate??

  80. professional Copywriter…

    Enchanted Doll » Blog Archive » The Annual Enchanted Doll birthday contest!…

  81. Marina says:

    Yes, Rubyyyy, you can participate!
    There are no age restrictions.

  82. Silviacat says:

    HI Marina ^_^
    Do I have to write just my name on the back of the card or you need the address too?

  83. livalic says:

    Thank you , Marina
    Thank you for this opportunity .
    How exciting~~~~~

  84. Sonia says:

    Thank-you Marina, for giving us this chance to possibly own one of your beauties!

  85. Joanna says:

    probably you have already planned it but if not I think that really interesting will be the map with all places you’ve received postcards from mrked on.

    go to work!!!

  86. Pati says:

    Wow, its wonderful idea, you are so generous Marina!Your dolls are so amazing! I totally fell in love with them ♥

  87. Alina says:

    Marina, if sent in an envelope i need to write something on the card itself? (Address, name, etc.)

  88. Isabel pacheco says:

    Thanks sweet Marina.

  89. Svetlana says:

    Just sent my postcard! Marina this contest so exiting as usual!

  90. Margret Simpson says:

    wow! Your heart and giving spirit match your beautiful dolls!

  91. Barbara says:

    I have always wanted one of your dolls since I
    seen the creativity and love you put into them.
    I am so excited to be able to participate in this
    contest. I just want to make sure that it is alright to put the postcard in an envelope for safe keeping. I do not want to be disqualified.

  92. valeria cabral says:

    I’ll send one from Uruguay! Q HOPE arrive on time, hope you like!! :)

  93. Yay! Happiness! Thanks, Marina. Happiness, ever!

  94. Emeline says:

    I’m so excited! I have a wonderful idea for a homade postcard and hope you like it!

  95. Christian says:

    I shall conquer her, against and with wild winds, open seas, and fire.

  96. Emmy says:

    Is there a hight requirement i.e can things be proud of the card surface, and if so, by how much?

  97. Ruth says:

    Just sent out a postcard from Taiwan, Happy Enchanted Doll Birthday!

  98. rose-marie says:

    helle Marina,

    good luck for every people !

    I send my card today !

    thank you very much Marina.

  99. Ginie says:

    Wonderfuly inspiring !
    Many thanks Marina …

  100. Tanya says:

    Happy Enchanted Doll Birthday, Marina!
    Thank you for this generous and thrilling opportunity!
    I have just sent my postcard from Australia xx

  101. Maribel says:

    Hello friend I have two questions to ask.
    1 Even when the call ends?
    2 Where I can send my letter?, Since I’m from Mexico.

  102. Raffaella says:

    Dear Marina
    Your idea is wonderful!
    I’ve yet sent my postcard made only for you!
    I hope you receive it soon from Rome!

  103. Kait Craddock says:

    My aunt and I are sending our entries today! We are so excited! Thank you for this opportunity to own a beautiful doll, I hope your birthday is wonderful!

  104. Kiersten says:

    Hi Marina,

    Do you have to have all postcards received by Feb 28th? Or do they just have to be postmarked by then? I’m not sure how long it will take to get there so I’m trying to gauge how much longer I can work on it before I have to have it finalized. Thanks so much! :)

  105. sara says:

    should we write our name and contact info or something on it? so you can find out who sent it?

  106. Sonia says:

    Post cards come in small, medium and large size. Starting at about 3.25 x 5.50 inches and up to 6 x 11 inches.There is no real size of a post card.

  107. Ana says:

    I’m from Portugal and i dont think that if i send you a postcard will arrieve on date, plus i’m not that good in drawing landscapes and using computer darwing programs…oh well i’ll try it, althoug i think i can’t beat some great artists i saw on last year contest. Love your doll’s wish i could have. :)

  108. Chad says:


    While I can’t find any official documentation, a postcard should be smaller than 11 inches.

  109. Sonia says:

    Hi Chad,
    I found these sizes for postcards online. I can’t believe these sizes either. I understand a postcard to be no bigger than about 4 inches by 6 inches. Different Countries have different standards for postcards. I just received 2 postcards from Romania and they both were different sizes and had different spaces for writing on the back. Cheers!

  110. MyFragility says:

    Hi Marina, I have another question.
    I was wondering if the postcard itself has to be made of paper. the rules state it has to have the right measurements, but I see nothing about the material.
    And thank you so much for giving us this chance to win one of your gorgeous dolls!

  111. DONA GAM says:


  112. Rubyyyy says:

    yay!!!! I’m so excited!

  113. Rubyyyy says:

    do we have to write something on the back of the postcard?

  114. Kait Craddock says:

    Mine and my aunts postcards are already on the way! You will be choosing your favorites on my birthday!!! I hope mine will be among them. :)

  115. Ady says:

    I hope my postcard is arrived!
    From Italy ;)

  116. L. Garrotte says:

    I hope you received my post card I sent in Jan. and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for the opportunity. L. Garrotte from Santa Maria, California

  117. DIANE says:

    What a cool contest & idea. Great Birthday present for evryone! Love it.

  118. Cynthia says:

    Sent my postcard out today, hopefully it will make it within the deadline. Can’t wait to see the entries :)

  119. Rachel says:

    Hi Marina,

    Is the Feb 28th deadline the date the postcard has to arrive at yours in Canada?



  120. TK says:

    Hi Marina,

    Same question as above. Is the 28th the deadline for arrival or can the card be postmarked by then?


  121. Sara Chacon says:


    I just dicovered this contest today, I am very excited and can’t
    wait to get to work on this post card! Thank you for your generosity.

    Be Well and Happy Birthday Sara

  122. Kathleen (kathe) says:

    Hi, I’m sending my postcard tomorrow and hope it gets there in time! This was such a fun project! Best wishes to all, can’t wait to see everyone’s entries.

  123. Arianne Lamb says:

    Is anyone wondering what the doll will look like? I have been going crazy pondering this question.
    I was quite late sending mine in since I was so stumped with the challenge. How can I choose one place? We live in such a wonderful world.

  124. la pierle says:

    Hope mine is already in marina’s hand now :) Cross fingers :)And curious to see all entries in this contest . First participation for me.Cross fingers :)

  125. An Bidault says:

    It’s driving me crazy not knowing if my card made it to Canada. I’m crossing my fingers so hard, I really hope to win. Good luck everyone!

  126. Robin Kohlhepp says:

    Hello, I just mailed mine today because my husband forgot to and it had sat in his truck for a while. I hope you will take ones post dated prior to the deadline. It is coming from America. If not…enjoy the postcard and you are an amazing artist. Love your work.

  127. Fidelia Wenban says:

    Hi Marina, I mailed my postcard a few days ago and I am worried that it will not get to you in time. I live in Sydney, Australia. I hope you accept my card if it arrives late as i submitted last week. Your work is amazingly beautiful and inspiring <3

  128. Syaron says:

    Hi Marina,
    Is there a list someplace with names for those whose cards you have received? I am so very very hopeful mine made it to you.
    Gratefully yours!

  129. Sara Chacon says:

    Greetings Marina,

    I am so excited about this contest! Thank you for being so generous . Looking forward to seeing all the post cards.

    Thank you Sara

  130. iola says:

    Dear Marina,
    I can’t wait to see all the entries and as I thought of it I also wanted to wish you an extra pair of spirit hands to help upload them!! .

    I also hope my card has reached in time for the deadline,but if it hasn’t at least it will reach you for your birthday ;)

    Big hugs from Uk

  131. DIANE JOHNSON says:


  132. Sanford says:

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    was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I
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