The Before-and-After Crown

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crown 5

While shopping for Christmas gifts last year, I found these little, plain and cheap-looking crown tree ornaments at a home decor shop. They were almost lost in the luscious branches of a tastefully decorated Christmas tree, but because I’m always on a lookout for small, interesting objects that fit the Enchanted Doll scale, my eyes picked them out and fastened on them the minute I walked through the doors.

I B-lined straight for the tree, navigating the crowd and barely avoiding the expensive and fragile displays of bone china, mirrors and crystal chandeliers, my eyes never leaving my bounty. Giddy with the potential and anticipation of what I can do with these perfect, little canvases, I scooped up all of the remaining crowns from that tree and practically skipped to the till. Waiting to pay, I felt triumphant over my find and fought back a strong urge to rub my palms together while cackling maniacally.

crown 4

This was my first crown-enhancing experiment. I used gold wire to attach fresh-water pearls, blue topazes, gold-plated findings and drops to the crown base, achieving a high contrast between the distressed rusty metal and the retrofitted gold ornaments. A magnet holds the crown securely on top of the wig, making other fastenings unnecessary. I believe that this was the final detail Skyler’s been missing in her costume this whole time. Now she feels complete. Now she is a crowned queen.

crown 2

I’m going to try something a little different with the other crowns. I don’t have a complete picture yet, but I almost never do until I begin working. Eventually, all the gaps get filled in, like with Skyler.

crown 1

11 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!!! Marina this crown is PERFECTION on Skyler. So tini and and delightful. It almost looks from another time entirely. Skyler is such a stunner, she is OWNING that crown. I am in love with these shots of her in the antique white frame <3

  2. Sonja says:

    Stunningly beautiful! The crown is perfection and your eye for detail never ceases to amaze me. Even the leaf poking through the upper right hand corner of the frame looks like it needs to be closer to Skyler.

  3. Sylvia Leticia says:

    So Sweetly Elegant and Delicate… Pure Magic!!!

  4. You are a master at seeing – and creating – magical things. It’s beautiful!

  5. Annina says:

    Mmm, I love that last photo with her in that luscious white frame, it all comes together, she is perfect!

  6. Merri says:

    What a lucky find the little crowns were! Love how you’ve enhanced this one and the photo of Skyler nestled in that lovely frame took my breath away….

  7. Sonia Anne says:

    Looks perfect on Skyler! You have made your little treasures look so pretty!

  8. Jill Jackson says:

    I have seen larger crowns similar to this but none this small. Totally “enchanting”.

  9. Karen Ke says:

    Have you thought of making her a scepter? :-)

  10. jacquelyn says:

    I love finding special trinkets and treasures and then making them into something special that’s totally your own. Skylar is a beautiful doll, I still love that lace dress you made for her. the crown is fitting, she looks so delicate, and the crown looks so heavy, but somehow it works. a good balance.

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