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So, I know I’ve been missing from the blog for a while, but for a very good reason. I was working on a very special project, and the last two months was a crunch time. And now please allow me to introduce to you the fruits of my labor, the first Enchanted Doll art book! Eeeee!


This beautifully illustrated compilation of doll photography and autobiographical narrative spans 7 years worth of work and contains 150 pages that are filled with 193 photographs, 136 sketches, supportive project descriptions and 12 Chapters about my journey to becoming a doll artist.


These are the samples of the inside spreads. The dolls are listed in chronological order and accompanied by concept sketches and written content to show the evolution of Enchanted Doll over the years…



….while the chapters interspersed throughout the book contain the narrative about my personal and creative evolution as a doll artist. The photograph below, for example, depicts a chapter titled Enchanted, which relates the origin tale of the brand name Enchanted Doll.

I would like to thank my dear Chad, in helping me complete this great, big labor of love. Thank you!


The first edition of the book is a special limited run of 500 copies, each one numbered and signed by me. Printing begins January 2012 and is now available for pre-order!
The edition will be sold in ascending order, and the sooner you order, the higher your copy’s collectible value. Printed in Canada.

Now, who wants the first one?!

Email me!

120 Responses

  1. Morgan says:

    Seriously, $75.00? It’s a pity that your art is so beautiful, because you’ve got to be the greediest artist I follow. This book could easily go for $30.00 and be available to EVERYONE, instead of just those with deeper pockets. Thanks for offering something that is yet again too expensive to enjoy.

  2. Катя says:

    Я в восторге!!! Хочу такую книгу на русском языке!

  3. Katie says:

    @Morgan You have got to be kidding, do you not know how many man hours alone go into each of these projects not to mention materials? A short run high quality book is not a cheap thing to produce. I am sure following additions will be more affordable.

  4. Wow! What a treasure of a book and I can’t wait to hold one in my hands. The illustrations and pictures look incredibly beautiful! My Best Regards, Wendy

  5. Elena. says:

    Hi Marina, just ignore that response from Morgan. Your work is fabulous and I think that with a limited edition run of 500, your book is well work it at
    $ 75.00. How much would postage to Ireland be?
    Beautiful work, you’re so gifted.

  6. Dnny says:

    If you’re not willing to pay for a collector’s item, I don’t know what are you doing here. Go to a toystore and buy a Barbie

    I want it! is delivery in Mexico?

  7. sandy says:

    I have already written you!! Yeah…. yippee

  8. Landin says:

    Wow,so beautiful! I’m so excited,a whole book of your gorgeous work would compliment anyone’s household!

    Morgan – This book obviously is worth far more than 30$,it’s very clear that this is a hardcover,and high quality book filled with absolutely beautiful work,not some cheap paper back that will fall apart easily.If you are unwilling to pay the price for something this high quality that’s too bad for you,the price in my mind is totally reasonable for such a collectors item,and I should mention I’m not rich by any means,just a lover of true art.

  9. Amy says:


    Your comment is rude. Did you notice that it said 1st edition, signed copies? It’s a collectors edition. The book looks high quality, and she can sell it for whatever she wishes. Perhaps in the future, she’ll make a second edition that’s a little lower priced.

    If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it, or ask politely if there will someday be a lower-priced edition someday, instead of being accusatory and calling Marina greedy.

    Marina, the book looks beautiful. Can’t afford one myself, but hope maybe there will be a second edition someday that’s a little more in my price range. Regardless, it looks like a quality piece, like all your work.


  10. Ruth says:

    This is a large-format book with full-color front to back. Production quality looks to be high. Speaking as a librarian, I’d say that $75 is a reasonable price. Speaking as an Enchanted Doll fan, I’d say it’s a delightful bargain.

  11. Mandi says:

    Actually, the price is quite reasonable. Most Art Books are more expensive, and aren’t signed or numbered. I for one am hoping to get my hands on one. It is a sign of Marina’s reciprocation for her fans to sign each of the 500 copies. That is going to cause some serious hand cramping :)

  12. Sandra says:

    This is wonderful!! I need this book!! ♥

  13. KarolinFelix says:

    Great work Marina!
    Can’t wait for my book – wrote you <:

  14. KarolinFelix says:

    oh… I wanted to add one thing… thinking about Morgan’s comment….

    World changed so much. I remember this story my father told me… that…when he was young.. he wanted this pair of real American jeans that you could only buy in special shops (communism, socialism.. ). He worked all month and spend all the salary on this one pair of jeans…(price was crazy)

    So.. it’s really up to us to get what we want…. but we have to really want and value something.

  15. Greysanne says:

    I am thrilled! Do we pay with pay pal? Tell me how! I definitely want one. Can’t wait

  16. Annina says:

    oooooooooh, aaaaaaaaah, *mind explodes*
    wait, not explode yet, want to experience the book first, ok waiting to explode til i can hold it in my hands.

    i wrote you and hope i can get my hands on this beautiful limited edition, omg!

    Congrats Marina and Chad, amaaaaazing!!!! :D

    fingerssss crossed i was fast enough ♥

  17. Ohhhh awesome! I have also e-mailed you and hope I’m not too late hehe ^_^ I think the price is so very fair. Very enchanting indeed!

  18. Tisha says:

    WOW ! I want one ! Seeing as I’ll NEVER EVER .. E V E R … be able to afford a doll .. I find it just as special to be able to browse them in a book … staring at your beautiful work and learn about everything you do. It’s like a Christmas miracle <3

  19. Jayne says:

    Morgan, did your mother ever teach you that ‘If you can’t say nothing nice, say nothing at all’?
    Anyway, Merry Christmas to me! I’ve emailed.
    I’m with you Annina, I hope I was fast enough to order one before Marina gets RSI. :)

  20. Nune2010 says:

    A definitely piece of art book! It’s worth for everyone who loves book with pictures. I love to have one surely:-)

  21. Thank you Marina…….so happy! yahooooo.

  22. Fiona says:

    Congratulations! Marina, just sent you Email to reserve one!

  23. luna says:

    yayyyy i just emailed you please sign my book <3 love you!!! very excited

  24. Eiko says:

    Wow, the book looks beautiful. I hope to get a copy of your book in future. Congrads Marina and Chad!

  25. Shiny says:

    The book looks absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful payoff for all your hard work, congratulations to you guys!

  26. Alisa says:

    Marina, you inspired me from the first time I saw your work! Its wonderful how you can combine beauty, complexity, and magic into each doll that makes it come alive! My art has definately been affected by your talent!

  27. MollyTheWanderer says:

    Girl, if I wasnt broke. You can believe I will buy this one day tho, even if its the closest I ever come to my own Enchanted Doll. Congrats!

  28. Amber says:

    I emailed you.. How can I preorder?

  29. Marcia says:

    It is truly worth the $75 and I have ordered one. I can’t wait to see it. Merry Christmas to all!

  30. I think it all comes down to this. When you are a fan you buy tickets to a show, 2 hours of pure enjoyment. We are fans and for $75.00 we will enjoy her work of art for many years to come. It is well worth the investment!

    My order has been placed and can’t wait.

    Thank you Marina and may you both enjoy your holidays with your familys…hugs to you xxx

  31. Jenny H says:

    What an absolutely fantastic surprise! The book looks sensational! Congratulations Marina and Chad!

  32. Ana says:

    Umm I mailed you about not being sure how to pre’order… umm can you help me?

    Love you.

  33. Ana says:

    Hey can you help me Marina? I already mailed you about me not being sure how to pre-order.
    Love you.

  34. Orangey says:

    Oh my goodness! It looks incredible, I’m ridiculously tempted! I think I will also have to wait to see if there will be a second edition, but I’ll definitely be owning a book eventually <3. Congratulation Marina, since you are pleased with it I’m confident the book is beyond awesome.~

  35. Lada says:

    Marina, it’s amazing work!!
    My congratulations you and Chad)
    so want see it in real, wrote you:)

  36. Cay says:

    Waouh ! So beautiful ! Love it !

  37. FABULOUS! I was really hoping you’d make a book, because I love your dolls but could never afford one. This is wonderful Christmas news!

  38. Acela says:

    So I finally know what to write in my wishlist to Santa Claus.. This book looks amazing, would be fantastic to have it in my bookshelf, I hope I will be able to afford a book (and a doll) from you someday..

    Merry Christmas~

  39. Fiona says:

    Morgan, FYI I’ve more than happily spent over $500 US on a limited ed, HC art book. obviously books aren’t all created equal (and as someone mentioned they are not cheap to produce in such a small run like this, not to mention the many many hours of work involved).
    If she had made a first run of several thousand, and charged over 200 I would think she must either be getting ripped off at the printers, or would be taking advantage of her fans, but come on – 75 bucks is extremely reasonable… Also consider many artists sell giclee prints for that amount and noone bats an eyelid.

  40. Carmen says:

    Oh! what a beautiful book. Hope to be able to get it one day. Congrats to Marina & Chad for such a wonderful gift to all the fans out there. Wishes you a Merry Christmas, full of Peace and Joy and a successful New Year.

  41. Linda says:

    Second edition here I come!
    I’ve been waiting for something like this! I can’t wait to buy this!
    Congratulations on your book, you and Chad! :)

  42. The Old Maid says:

    Ohhh, I was wondering when you will publish your first book, Marina! Congrats to both of you! I am sure you will have all of 500 sold really fast!:)
    Love the photos of you with the book – they are great!
    It is a pity I can’t afford it now.:(
    Merry Christmas to you!

  43. Cветлана says:

    Здравствуйте Марина и Чад!
    Пожалуйста забронируйте мне эту волшебную книгу!

    Я живу в Казахстане, оплату могу сделать через ПейПел или как вам удобнее.

    Заранее большое спасибо!

  44. Astera says:

    Congratulations Marina: it is a quite a feat to put together a book and you did it so well…Great format and great choice of pictures for the cover. Hope to see it in person soon. :)

  45. Swdolls says:

    $75 is a very reasonable price. Lisa Litchenfeld doll book costs $60 years ago. Some of the Japanese art doll books cost even more. 9500 yen=over a hundred dollar. Morgan, I know why you are frustrated because right now everybody is experiencing a hard economic time. However, true art has no price. As you can see it is a hard cover book and it costs a lot to produce them. We can definitely as Marina if she is planning to have some lower priced edition in the future, but I personally think $75 is a reasonable price.

  46. Tiasdolls says:

    Wow! Congratulations. What an amazing accomplishment. Love that first photo of you holding your book. PERFECT!

  47. Isabel Pacheco says:

    God mine that dolls beautiful book, I’ll have to keep saving I want, I am delighted with your dolls and a book would be very special to me, I love books and having a book of yours would be a great gift for my, Oh my God I have to keep saving,Marina is a great thrill just to see, Congratulations to you and chat.
    Merry merry Christmas.

  48. Megan says:

    This makes me so happy!!!! :-D I sent you a message. I LOVE your dolls and I hope I will be able to have this gorgeous book in my home!

  49. Crystal says:

    Yes yes yes! Can’t wait! When the sale of my house is done I’ll definitely order.

  50. Signe says:

    Would love to own this book. It would sit right next to my copie of `the world of the dark crystal` by Brian Froud and `Unicorns I have known` *signed* by Robert Vavra. By lukcy me has a horse to feed this winter. I considere myself blessed becuase 1.I own a pony and 2. I have something still to wish for!
    Congrats on making this book. Your smile is beaming on the photo`s. I can tell you are proud, and so you should be! Keep creating!

  51. giperborea says:

    I want one!!!!! Hope I am not too late…

  52. Andrea says:

    Amazing. I’ve been wondering when you would do this, obviously a market for it. And as a bookseller, I agree with the comments that the price is very reasonable for an art book, especially a limited signed edition. Sending in my request. Merry Christmas and thank you!

  53. Merri says:

    Marina, this book looks amazing. Love the photos of you holding it. I’ve ordered a copy – hope i’m not too late!

  54. MigMig says:

    Hi Marina,

    Congratulations and a BIG thank you! I waited for this album and for me it will be a treasured book for years to come. I sent email and payment already… Thank you again!

  55. Katarina says:

    Books are not cheap to make, and especially not in small series. Books made under 1000 copys get expensive. Me myself made a interior book here in Sweden called “Lantlig Charm”. With hardcover, printed in Lituania.

    Great fun project.

    Good luck Marina with your book, its look stunning, and I will get a copy also, if there are any ones left for me later :)

    Katarina of the north

  56. Jane says:

    Re: pricing, one of my other favorite artists, Mark Ryden, just released a book for $1,000 in a limited edition. I understand wanting to own art and being sad when you can’t, but we all get to look at it online and in person at shows. If it was less precious (if everyone could do this) we wouldn’t value it so highly, would we?

  57. Suok69 says:

    Marina, congratulations on your wonderful book. I placed my order, and can not wait to own it. Happy for you, Chad and your loved ones.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

  58. ranjiangzi says:

    That’s the best news for this Christmas~thanks for Marina and Chad~
    at least…maybe…I can afford your book by myself.It’s worthyyyyy!!stake all my luck money next year!!!
    And I love your lovely hairstyle this time,Marina:)

  59. luna says:

    wohoo i just payed for mine soo excited cant wait <3 _ <3

  60. Hazel says:

    Count me in the first edition! I’m sending an email right now. :D

    I see that the book will be hard bound and signed, and well worth the CAD 75.00. In fact, given how successful your work has been, this is quite a generous price.

  61. Anna says:

    WOw! :) I would like the first one please! :)) I e-mailed a request! I love the photos they are so full of fun and you look super excited and cute! Hearty congratulations to you and indeed Chad. I’m so pleased for you and am really looking forward to a copy. :))

  62. Eilinor says:

    Marina, Thanks a lot for this fantastic xmass present!
    I really love illustrate books and this one looks great!
    I just sent a mail for the pre-order, hoping to be in time for have a signed copy!

  63. Ilona says:

    Dear Marina,

    The book looks AMAZING!!!

    Sent you an email… :)

    Big warm hugs,

    Ilona xx

  64. Sailor orbit says:

    I emailed you! Hopefully I can get a signed copy!

  65. Elodie says:

    No Cristmas gift as all our money goes in the santa list of our childs, but it wil be my birthday present !
    Then ordered it now, as my present to come soon…

  66. When I first saw you holding this book in the up post on the blog, I thought “I gotta have one!”, and someday, I will. Now that I’m just a college student is kinda impossible, cos despite my mother’s consideration for your work, we still can’t pay for that (all the book price and post service would be a bit expensive for us in Brazil). But I got some goals for when I’m a great psychological and writer, and some of them is to have one of your dolls (just one? Many of them!) and your book on my bookshelf, just beside my own work.

  67. Светлана says:

    Здравствуйте, Марина!
    Очень бы хотела заказать Вашу книгу.
    Можно ли это сделать?

  68. James says:

    Marina, You are an extremely rare talent. Your art is indeed truly beautiful. I very much appreciate your generosity and sacrifice of valuable doll making time spent in the effort to create and share such a wonderful book. Thank you.

  69. Sophia says:

    Is there also the book in german?

  70. Ruth Park says:

    Hi Marina
    Congratulations on your book, you look really excited! I really admire your work. Hope to see the book in person soon. Looking forward to your next creation!

  71. Kamila says:

    Well done, congrats! The book looks amazing :)

  72. Jayne Wourms says:

    Thank heaven you posted the link to paypal as my computer crashed Christmas day and I lost my email from Chad. Really looking forward to the book!

  73. Jorge Loaeza says:

    The book is a fantastic idea. Love your work. Congratulations!

  74. […] jQuery(“#errors*”).hide(); window.location= data.themeInternalUrl; } }); } – Today, 5:35 […]

  75. Tracye says:

    The book looks FABULOUS! I endeavor one day to be able to buy one. Just like your dolls I know I will one day be able to afford one but congratulations on your success. I adore your dolls and admire how much hard work you put into your craft.

    May 2012 bring you even more success!

    Not sure why people are jumping on Morgan for voicing her opinion. It’s the way she feels just like the majority of us LOVE Enchanted Dolls Morgan is voicing her valid opinion about how pricey they are. And she’s right. They are pricey but well worth the price.


  76. nati says:

    Oh Marina!

    I remember when we met in Basel and we spoke about a book featuring your marvelous dolls, more than a year ago! I’m so happy you finally could make it! And happier you could manage the whole thing by youself :)))

  77. Moni says:

    Great great great! I was waiting for this book…but I wonder if it will be also available in italian (someday) and how much is the cost of delivery TO ITALY! HUGS….

  78. Jia Liu says:

    Hi, Marina,

    Your book is truly beautiful!!! I will definitely buy it!!! Just love it so much!!!


  79. Iris says:

    I want to buy!!!But I think it’s a little expensive.And how can I buy it?

  80. Deb says:

    I just ordered and paid on Paypal, I am in awe of your work. Thank goodness for Pinterest, that is where I found some of your magnificent art displayed. You have quite a following, deservedly so.

    Congratulations on your success. I cannot wait to get my book!

  81. Stella says:

    I just ordered on Paypal today, hope i can also get it!!! I can’t wait to see it.

  82. Rebecca says:


    I’ve been following your work since 2007,
    and I’m continually amazed at how you constantly push yourself as an artist–I’m so grateful that you’re putting out this book!

    I can’t wait to pour through it!

  83. celynette says:

    Your work is the reference for our inspiration.
    your dolls are very very fantastic.

    In the Citizen K International of ‘Hiver 11/12’ with Mylène Farmer on the Cover, the Burberry trademarks used of one of your création to present their Lip Glow Heather n.3…

    You can see the page on my blog :

    many thanks for your works that give us more dreams and inspiration

  84. jenny says:

    excuse me,but,does the price($75 CAD)includeing international postage?I’m in China

  85. jenny says:

    sorry,but,I’ve already paied one,how and when will it be sent to me?

  86. jenny says:

    i’ve checked it.I’ve paied one book,then,when can I recieved it?

  87. Z says:

    So thrilled to see this wonderful book! I’m a huge fan of your art and hope this book will inspire my nieces’ creativity and imagination as they grow up.

    I’ve ordered my copy and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  88. Olha says:

    я только что заказала книгу, но как она будет мне доставлена????? я ведь в Москве живу… и когда книга будет готова? и еще один вопрос, а КАК мне заказать или купить Вашу куклу? Умираю как хочу….

  89. Chia Lin says:

    Juat ordered a copy. The book looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it!

  90. Annina says:

    Jenny, i think you saw the newest blog post by Marina?
    she said the book is in print since today feb. 2nd and they will have them by the end of february, which is when she’ll sign them, then ship them out.
    you will get contacted to choose a shipping option when it’s time!


    Juat ordered a copy. The book looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it too! One day, who knows, I will have one Enchanted doll. This is my dream !

  92. Kim Wallace says:

    Just placed my order…its a wonderful thing to see how an artist works….thank you Marina for your beautiful works and sharing with the rest of us <3 My dream too is to one day own one of your never know some dreams do come true ;)Wishing you continued sucess..Kim~

  93. ihave e-mailed you. how can i have one??

  94. MysticKim says:

    those who are getting the book are truely lucky. I am just enchanted with all of Marina’s dolls and I am sure the book is worth every dollar spent on it. I will keep dreaming just as others that one day I will own one of her beautiful dolls. You are truely a talented artist. Please continue to create these dolls, jewelry, and books.

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