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..For the 2011 Birthday Contest Winner!  The grand prize doll Lily has been completed and will be shipped to its new owner this week. Amal, please let me know you’re in town and confirm you shipping address.


This still frame animation depicts some steps in the painting process of Lily, showing how it starts out and it’s final look, but there are other steps between the layers that aren’t shown, such as firings, of course. This head was painted in 3 china layers and 3 kiln firings. You can see how each layer fades after each firing, and has to be built back up to gradually intensify. It’s a one step forward, two steps back kind of process.


Due to the unique transparency and non-drying characteristics of china paint, which require multiple firings to set, the painting process is driven and defined by the two conflicting targets: To paint the doll in as fewer layers as possible to minimize the number of firings, while simultaneously achieving the ultimate feature shapes, vibrancy and depth of colors.



After years of practicing china painting, I’ve finally come up with a suitable analogy to describe its multiple characteristics: China paint is like watercolors because it’s translucent; like oil paint, because it doesn’t dry; like digital graphics, because all layers must be kept separated and like ceramic glaze, because it bonds only through kiln firing.


A completed doll face. This one is for you, Amal. Claim your prize!


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  1. Annina says:

    i saw her online half an hour ago, i wish i had her cell phone number, aaaah so happy for her.
    she might be sleeping but i’m trying to send her a mental message to come here! :D:D:D

  2. Annina says:

    her eyes are amazing, wow ♥
    i’m jumping up and down for Amal now :D!!

  3. sailor_orbit says:

    ah i see you have improved the design for the head. I see the magnetic inside the hole… and smoothed out the head. oh why do you have to make me desire to get another one of your creations!? Amal won a prize? oh is it for the birthday contest?

  4. sailor_orbit says:

    Oh I had a question that was pressing my mind for the longest time. It’s not a criticism at all! But I am wondering what’s the reason to put the genitals much higher than normal? Is it because you stylistically prefer that, is there a significance to make it higher and more visible? Just curious! please let me know.

  5. Marina says:

    The angle the photo is taken at and the design of the hip joints, accentuate the impression that they are higher than usual, when in fact they are not.

  6. sailor_orbit says:

    no i mean even in regular photos I still see them higher than normal, not just the angle. but if you look at normal photos (frontal view) you would see it higher. I own a Sapphire and it’s still a bit higher than average. I was just wondering if you visualize this as normal height or is it because you like to accentuate it?

  7. sailor_orbit says:

    or do you still mean because of the ball joint it looks accentuated?

  8. Marina says:

    Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Hip joint construction exaggerates the position.

  9. sailor_orbit says:

    Oh okay, thanks for letting me know. Your painting and small refinements is really improving! I hope you could do a lottery or something in the waitlist (or whoever enters for the period) to purchase a nude :) I really appreciate that you show the process, and progress. Amal worked very hard and is very lucky to win such a beauty.

  10. Kristina says:

    Marina, Your Doll is excellent!
    , What is name of company your paints, that you use?

  11. Wonderful, I know Amal will be over the moon when she sees this!! A great post on the process too, it’S great to see the intricate little steps that go into the final realisation of the piece.

    Amal…. think she will get to London by Friday? Then I could meet her!!!

  12. Orangey says:

    Ahh, she’s an absolute beauty! I love how dreamy and feminine her painting is, what a gorgeous doll. Amal is going to die!


  13. Crystal says:

    She is lovely! How exciting!
    Thank you for showing us the china painting process it’s very helpful for us amateurs!

  14. Amal says:

    Oh my, I love her! I love everything about her! It’s so fascinating to see the different stages of painting.

    Marina I sent you an email with my address.

    Thank u Anninnio, for jumping around on my behalf! Mayple, if she gets here before you leave London, maybe we can squeeze in another meeting!

  15. Lucky lucky! Congrats Amal…:)

  16. Amal – what’s the estimated shipping time, I am willing to sleep on the streets of London for an extra week or two ;-)

  17. Nune2010 says:

    Oh that’s lovely!!! Congratulations to Amal!!! You’re so lucky and I’m so envy.(truly happy for you) After I have seen the painting process, that’s why the porcelain doll is very valuable!

  18. Nune2010 says:

    Oh One thing, so curcious to see, who’s that girl in the last picture on the left?? Any prediction?

  19. KarolinFelix says:

    Beautiful as always (:

    I was curious about the china painting. She’s not oily so I guess that’s a some kind of ‘dry technique” … She’s a beauty.

  20. Manü says:

    Whaou beautiful and lovely work as always Marina, congratulations Amal!!!!!

  21. Ama says:

    Congrats to Amal for her little porcelain beauty !!!
    Monika my package took very few days ;) (I think 4?)

  22. ranjiangzi says:

    Congrats to Amal~~~~you must be can’t sleep for a week,no for a month!!!I think we can see more pic about beautiful Lily as soon>-v<
    the left girl is…Ruby?

  23. ranjiangzi says:

    Congrats to Amal~~~~you must be can’t sleep for a week,no for a month!!!I think we can see more pic about beautiful Lily as soon>-v<
    the left girl is…Ruby?

    sorry terrible internet speed= =

  24. ranjiangzi says:

    Put her in your cup Amal~:D
    Marina I love the painting process,like dreamy~~and also like chinese painting~layer by layer>v<

  25. Елена says:

    Мне нравится видеть как кукла оживает!
    Какое это чудо!!!Прекрасные создания!!!
    Congratulations to Amal!!!

  26. Jayne says:

    Oh Amal, stop exaggerating! You’re not that excited!…I AM, WOOHOO, DOING FABBY, HAPPY DANCE. Come dance with me Annina :) :)
    Marina, she’s just gorgeous, thank you for the gif thingy, it’s great <3
    Do I need to mention photos Amal????

  27. Annina says:

    yeah, i love the gif thingie!
    and Jayne, let’s dance!!! :D
    (man i wish we can all have a big ED meeting some beautiful day!)

  28. Amal says:

    Photos? …of Lily? …my ED?(WHOOHOOOOICANTBELIEVEIMGOINGTOHAVEANED)… Hmmmm, I will think about it :P

  29. Amal says:

    I can’t dance and stare at my computer at the same time – I’ll get terrible neck-ache! :D

  30. Carmen says:

    Congrats Amal! She is so beautiful :) I’m doing a happy dance for you.

  31. Congratulations Amal, it is a dream come true delicate and beautiful as a rose of spring, I am very happy to see you beautiful doll,please photo of her just a beautiful section. congratulations to you and your precious doll enchanted must be a very special day of his arrival in London, Enjoy and cherish a work of art as enchanted doll. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations Amal.

  32. SSvet says:

    Dear Marina, could you please share your secret with us? Does the left one girl on the last photo already have her new owner or was she created for the VII International Doll Salon in Moscow?

  33. Anna says:

    It’s brilliant to see the process, the gif is an excellent idea, thank you for sharing that Marina. The labour involved in building up the the colour and the making of the doll itself is eye-watering. Very inspiring. A beautiful doll and what a prize! Congratulations to the winner!

  34. Silvana says:

    Marina, thank you for showing us the intricate process to paint each doll. It is a wonderful work.

  35. mhbb says:

    hi where can i buy one of these dolls

  36. Dianna says:

    Your work is amazing! You have to be the most talented doll maker I have ever seen! I want to start collecting these things immediately!!

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