The Enchanted Rubenesque-New body model for Enchated Doll

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Surprise! I’ve been secretly developing a new body prototype for the past 5 months, and now it’s nearly ready! It feels so good to get that off my shoulders. I’ve been bursting at the seams with this news for weeks, but couldn’t tell you until I knew it would work. This is partially the reason I’ve been mostly absent from the web lately. Between this and the book and a couple of other really challenging new projects, there was no time to chat. Now, allow me introduce you to the rough master model of the Rubenesque!


Definition of RUBENESQUE

: of, relating to, or suggestive of the painter Rubens or his works; especially : plump or rounded (figures) usually in a pleasing or attractive way <a Rubenesque figure>.
Her figure is inspired by the fuller feminine form of classical antiquity, painting and sculpture. Of course I also stylized it to suit my own aesthetic preferences and to add a touch of surrealism. I’ve been wanting to make this body shape for a long time, but things kept getting in the way and I’m so relieved to have finally done it.


When I sculpted my first, slim body model, I sculpted all the parts and joints separately, gauging the desired movement of the ball joints without ever stringing them together and testing how them move until they were already painted porcelain parts. The reason is that all the parts were made solid, without thought out hollows and at the time i didn’t have a drill to drill them out and string them. It was a risky, arrogant and kind of a stupid thing to do as I had to fix a lot of mistakes postmortem, but the doll turned out alright in the end.


This body though, was a lot more thoroughly designed and modeled than the first one. I had spend a lot more time tuning every part to fit just right and to move like silk. I’m also loving the new shape. She is lovely.


I didn’t think I’d finish it before summer, but it’s starting to look like I just might. I’m already doing china painting trials on the first parts!

I know it’s hard to judge properly at this early stage, but what do you guys think about her?

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  1. Nune2010 says:

    I wish to see her done:-) No matter what you do, they are always gorgeous. She’s like no others.

  2. Glynis says:

    Oh she is lush!! So very feminine and already shes taking on her own personality, no wonder time ran away from you!! Can’t wait to see more of her.

  3. Zoe says:

    I am such a fangirl of your work but also a fangirl of art history. This sculpt makes me squeal with joy!

  4. Amoreen says:

    Wow! Although it is quite difficult to judge whole project for now, I am sure it will be very charming. But I would like to see a result. Then we can make a comparison! Marina, there are many new things, can’t wait to see them all!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. CaptGreen says:

    Personally I think the knees look a little too bulky but I’m sure you’re going to smooth them out a bit to look nicer. I like both the fuller and the slimmer bodies, I hope you continue to make both. :)

  6. Eiko says:

    Very interesting tho in order to see the difference, I’d love to see her side by side to one of your slim models.

  7. Amoreen says:

    I forgot to ask you: after developing a new body model, will you make all your dolls with it or also with “old” body shape? Will new body be an option for people who order an ED?

  8. helvella says:

    Is her bust bigger too, or just her lower body? Her top seems unnaturally narrow right now, but that may be because there’s only one arm on or maybe because of that touch of surrealism you mentioned? Although that could also be in her defined, long neck and low collarbone.

  9. Bella says:

    Oh my, she has my figure, how wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing! :)

  10. Anna says:

    Love her. love love love.

  11. DeNetdra says:

    Even unfinished she’s still beautiful

  12. Signe says:

    I adore it!! Having a pearshaped rubenesque figure myself I can relate to her. Great to read here I am not the only one who`s hips are broader than the shoulders!

  13. Kami says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to see this model finish, and the character designs you’ll make! I already love all of your concepts with the thin models, and I just know this will be great!

  14. Merri says:

    Marina, this new doll is not a surprise, it’s a shock! I should know by now to expect the unexpected, yet still you manage to amaze. I can’t wait to see her finished. I’m equally excited about the other new projects you have in the works. I have a feeling that this year is going to be extra special!

  15. silke says:

    oh my! here body is practically the same as mine! when i saw the pictures my jaw dropped, it’s like looking in the mirror :D so much fun! she’s lovely and i like how nicely you’ve been able to integrate her hip balls in her body shape (we all know how hard that is :p) congratulations, she’s wonderful :3

  16. Opusfour says:

    WOW a doll/model with a doll realistic body shape (awesome)

  17. Anika says:

    I can’t wait to see her in porcelain! Her proportions are very pleasing <3 <3

    It must be hard to keep such a beauty a secret for so long!


  18. MigMig says:

    I agree, when dealing with Marina, you expect the unexpected! I cannot wait to see her finished!
    I agree with Helvella: her shoulders seem much narrower than the hips (if you cover the missing arm on the photo on your screen you will see how she would look like with two arms). Her shoulder joints are much closer to the main body axis than her hip joints.
    Saying so, I have quite wide shoulders myself, so maybe I’m biased :o)
    Anyway, it is so fascinating to see a new doll body being developed. Would you please show us the porcelain model soon? Trembling with anticipation..

  19. ALBA says:

    Gooood!!!I like curves,very good MARINA!!!!!Thank you for your art,is sublime^^

  20. Opusfour says:

    WOW a doll/model with a realistic body shape (awesome & gorgeous)

  21. RR says:

    I think that the waist to the hips and legs look great. Top part looks like breasts are fuller, but maybe you can consider a wider shoulder and torso and slightly fuller arm.

    I know it’s your aesthetic, so your vision is most important no matter what.

    What you make is always beautiful.

  22. Karen Vail says:

    Marina, your work always thrills me. Keep creating and I will keep enjoying. :)

  23. Sabrina says:

    I can’t wait to see her finished!

  24. Amal says:

    Ohh it’s so fascinating to see her at this stage! I’m so suprised that you’re sculpting everything from scratch. Could be the camera, but the hand maybe looks a smidge too small?
    If the parts fit together like silk now, how do you compensate for the leather later on?!
    I second the request for a photo comparing the two types of body!
    Beautiful work, Marina!

  25. Hazel says:

    An Enchanted Doll with full hips! And there I thought I could not love you more! (I’m rather pear-shaped myself)

    And, I agree with Amal that the hand appears to be disproportionately small, although not glaringly so.

    The beauties that will come from this sculpt are going to be gorgeous, I’m sure!

  26. Ron says:

    She is beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see what you make of her.
    The anticipation will surely kill me. :)

  27. MissLK says:

    She is entrancing!

    When thinking of Rubenesque, I almost expect even more ample curves ;)

    Will the new Rubenesque sculpt have inserted eyes so the holes?

    Cannot wait!

  28. Marina I love how your mind ticks. Love where you are going with this. For me she is all perfect, love the small torso with larger bottom.

    I also would love to see the 2 models side be side when done……The day I am dreaming about,the resin project come back to life.

    Always looking forward to everything you do.. :D

  29. KarolinFelix says:

    wow, gorgeous! Can’t wait to see her in porcelain!

    She seems big comparing to the notebook and screen in background.. how tall is she in that raw stage?

    Also, will you be making the mold twice Marina? She’s a bit bumpy know. When is that moment she goes super smooth? ^_^

    Her hand seems small comparing to her body, but then again, when we compare our own palm to face it seems the right size. I think that’s an illusion caused by curvy body proportions.

    well… mass media got this image of tall and very thin girls printed in our mind, that now everything in different proportions seems strange. So that’s wonderful to see that kind of body on the doll, especially that it’s much closer to reality ^_^

    Will she have wavy, ginger hair? <:

  30. Naoka says:

    She’s amazing! And she has open eyes, does that mean you’ll be working with glass/acrylic/whatever-not-painted eyes one some pieces?

    The hand does seem slightly small, and the way the shoulder connects is just a bit off-looking (though it may just be me, I haven’t studied it on your other dolls, if it’s the same), but I personally love the smaller shoulders, I have big shoulders and love the small-shoulder-bigger-hip-but-still-hourglass shape, though thats just me. Geez… I need one of your dolls ;_;

  31. Orangey says:

    Oooooh! Congratulations on bringing this vision to reality, we were all curious about a Rubenesque model for quite some time. I personality love her proportions. Fascinating that both you and I are working on a curvy girl at the same time. I prefer curvy body shapes in reality and for the past few days have been sketching out ideas for a doll myself, with fuller hips and legs. Honestly it’s hard to judge her, though, from these pictures I can’t really see how much of a change you made from the regular body, I’m looking forward to seeing this beauty in porcelain and beside your regular EDs! I love her face also.~

  32. KarolinFelix says:

    I’m thinking about the knee…it indeed got bigger. It’s because legs got fuller in shape. Marina, did you experiment with the slight undercut on the back of both calf and thigh,to achieve oval in shape? In the same time making the spheres in the knee smaller but keeping them round? Maybe that would make the knee joints smaller?

    I have no idea if that would work ^_^ making proper joints is still something that is waiting for me in the future..

    Would you share some porcelain pics of body if you have such? ^_^

  33. Glynis says:

    Just come back for a second look,not being a doll maker I can’t comment on proportions etc,I still thinks she’s lovely,is this going to be a costumed doll or one for general sale? Waiting with bated breath

  34. KarolinFelix says:

    I just came back for third look.
    Love her hips ^_^ and whole torso proportions!

  35. Susann H. says:

    It seems Iam the only one who have to cut the hype here a bit. I like the more delicate shapes much more (not only because its mine) because they are more elegant and hit my aesthetical taste more. Maybe I will be more convienced when its finished.
    Iam sick of this new thing which is going on now anyway in fashion, and maybe Marina is influcended from this too (?), that they want to tell ppl now a women is just a women when she have a big ass and big breast just because alot of women/girls looks more chubby..and some generalizing like “Men dont like thin women bla bla bla”. Actually the models from this new Fashion shows where they are more chubby look like gross farmer women to me and can be reduced on their primary sexual organs but they dont look really elegant or special anymore. And for me Beauty have something to do with looking different and more special than the mass. And no I dont support anorexia or models who have to suffer do keep their shape its not like this. Some women are blessed with a good delicate shape by nature and I find this more pretty and so ur other doll shape makes my heart beat more and my fascination explode. But as I said maybe I will be surprised from this new one.

  36. Monet says:

    I quite enjoy the rubenesque figure (wish I had one myself). I have been wondering if you’d ever do a fuller figured doll and I’m most pleasantly surprised! All I wait for now is another doll with African features and dark skin.

  37. Joe says:

    She is beautiful, and can only get better in your talented hands.

  38. Новая форма потрясающая!!! Мне бы хотелось чуток попышнее грудь… совсем капельку! И форму тоже чуть опустить вниз…каплевидную форму… А бедра то какие чудные! и животик…. Марина, Ð’Ñ‹ мастер с большой буквы!

  39. Ahna says:

    Ah, she’s lovely! I’d adore seeing one in this style inspired by Botticelli’s Venus.

  40. Glynis says:

    Not hype just personal tates etc, nice to see someone breaking stereotypes , so far so nice, waiting to see the final result

  41. Jenny H says:

    She is beutiful. Love the fullness of her hip area. Go Marina!

  42. Cheryl G says:

    Beautiful :) reminds me of my beautiful mum, she has a lovely curvey figure. I look forward to seeing her complete. I would love to see your work person will you be visiting the UK again anytime soon? x

  43. Had to come back to look at her again, I don’t think the cellulite was part of the plan. Its just unfinshed rough work, but funny…..

  44. Arlene says:

    You are years ahead of other artists in vision, thought, and creativity. A great artist always encounter opposition. Bravo!

  45. cecilia says:

    i see your dolls because in a virtual world called second life there is an doll avatar for sale, very similar to your dolls i think the creator maybe is inspired in your work (see the picture—-> after see that doll in second life i put in the search field in google ”best doll” and voilá, the result bring me to here and i’m dreaming and in love with this dolls, i wish i could get one of them maybe someday, they’re beautiful, perfect! and i love them!! this new project i’m sure will be perfect as the other :) good luck!

  46. KarolinFelix says:

    Rubenesque figure was the most desired one in it’s time. Woman with such body was considered most beautiful. It also meant such woman is wealthy, healthy and of high social status. It was really unfortunate back then to be born with slim and delicate body.

    There were many canons of beauty thought the human history. They were all true and the only acceptable ones.. and they were all in peoples heads.

    So I won’t argue with someone who fancies slim or the opposite – beauty can be found in various forms.

  47. Annina says:

    wow Marina, you blow me away, she is so beautiful!
    i feel you found a perfect balance with this rubenesque, rounded shapes but yet stylized and beautiful too. i don’t know i’m explaining myself right but i mean that you found such a beautiful shape and yet still make it all work.
    so interesting.
    i too can’t wait to see her finished in porcelain, and also a comparison with the first body model!
    and props to keep this secret for so long!

  48. Kate says:

    I love this! The curve of her hips and fuller thighs is very pleasing, the tummy shape and long neck too, especially seeing her posed! I agree with some other commentors that maybe her arms would be fuller in real life, but that could be personal body shape projection :) and the surreal beauty of your dolls is why I like them. Can’t wait to see what new dolls you’ll be making with this shape! If I ever manage to afford a doll of my own, this is definitely the shape I would choose!!

  49. Sailor_Orbit says:

    wow love the classic body look. Her trapezoid looks a bit thick though, kind of buff from a work out or something, maybe make it less defined around there to make her look more soft. Otherwise I do love that you are getting better with smooth jointing. hopefully one day you can figure out how to get rid of the leg holes like araki gentaro or gentle creations.

    I do hope she is in the more affordable range! If it’s around the $2,000-$3,000 range, sign me up!

  50. Kate says:

    PS – although I have wide hips and wide shoulders, this is how I draw women too, with narrow shoulders and wide hips, so I was so blown away and happy to open this blog post and see a woman like this in 3-D, and with the doll joints so beautifully integrated into the hip joint as silke says.

  51. marina, she is to me, the most beautiful of your dolls so far. I think she has a beautifully aesthetic pear shape, though I would still consider her slim, far from voluptuous (but perhaps I am just comparing her to my own curvy hips.)

    She is a doll I would pine after. I adore her.

  52. Glynis says:

    Back for another look,still gorgeous , I’m with sailor in the earlier post,hoping its an affordable one we can buy,I’ll have my name on the list too please!!

  53. Amanda Bloom says:

    She is lovely, but I wouldn’t call her rubenesque. She is just less thin than your other dolls.

    Check out Ruby, the now retired rubenesque doll who was part of The Body Shop’s advertising campaigns:

  54. Crystal says:

    As much as I feel that society worships the thin body and that I’m happy to see a choice of a more fuller realistic body I wonder if I’ll actually like it. It will be curious to see!

  55. Rowan says:

    I think she’s beautiful! The only criticism I have is that if she’s going to have a larger figure overall, she should also have larger breasts. She looks a little bit bottom-heavy to me.

  56. Aeroksana says:

    Марина, твоя новая девочка очень трогательна – она будит какие-то совсем иные чувства в моей душе!
    Безусловно, она прелестна!
    Очень хочется увидеть её личико нарисованным, какого она будет возраста?
    Насчет глаз – я влюблена в нарисованные глаза твоих кукол – считаю их намного более выразительными, чем вставные.

    Смотрю уже второй раз за сегодня. Смотрю, затаив дыхание!
    Только на днях я размышляла, что мне никогда не суждено стать чьей-то музой, ведь я совсем не “музистая”: не неземная и не летящая… совсем не фея (внешне ;)) – а тут моя возлюбленная художница, вкусу которой я бесконечно поклоняюсь приготовила такой сюрприз!!! У меня в юности была почти такая же фигура, только мои лодыжки не такие изящные :) Моё мироощущение значительно изменилось!Спасибо!

    Marina, your new girl is very touching – it awakens something completely different feeling in my soul.
    Of course, it is lovely!
    I’d like to see her face painted, what it will age?
    As for the eyes – I’m in love with your eyes painted dolls – I think they are much more expressive than the plug.

    I looked for the second time today. I watched with bated breath! Just the other day I was thinking that I will never destined to become someone’s muse, because I do not “muse-like”: not ethereal and not flying … not really a fairy (apparently;)) – and then my beloved artist, with taste, which I infinitely adore, prepared such a great surprise! In my youth, was almost the same figure, but my ankles are not as graceful :)
    My perception of the world has changed significantly! Thank you!

  57. myla says:

    the top of the body is at such extremes with the bottom of the body…it looks awkward. maybe once the doll is finished it will look more graceful.

  58. Annina says:

    like someone else said, i also think you were inspired by Botticelli’s Venus.
    i’ve always loved Primavera, this photo will look great redone with the new body:

    just love her belly!

  59. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I think she’s great. I especially love that she looks kinda like me! I’m definitely a rubenesque shaped girl. I cant wait to see a finished doll with this body type. Do you have any characters lined up at all?

  60. Candice says:

    Oh wow, I am in love! I am ever-inspired and ever-impressed by your ability and adaptions. This body shape may very well become my favorite. I am already falling in love. I adore the delicate rendering of her mid-section. So supple, so shapeley. I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of her finished form. Thank you for yet another splendid gift. It’s too bad she did not make it into your first book. Ah well, I’ll just have to get the second one too in a few years to keep the series current. *grin* Happy arting!

  61. Nathalie Ortega García says:

    WOW!, Marina she’s splendid! I’m another woman with pear shape body and love this type of forms!. As a doll maker myself, was thinking that it would be great to make a doll with more fuller forms and I’m now working to improve this aspect on my dolls; but it’s hard to make the joints of the hips fitting correctly. I also agree with Amal and I think the same about the question of how do you manage to leave space for the leather linning if the joints fit so well now? Please, post some pictures of the parts you have already casted in porcelain and painted; just can’t wait to see the doll in porcelain!.

  62. Carmen says:

    What a lovely new creation, can’t wait to see the completed masterpiece.

  63. Erin says:

    I love her hips and her stomach; I do love your other body dolls, but I always enjoy it when artists branch away from perfectly slender women; beautiful as they are, it gets to be so you don’t see any other body types.

    I do think her shoulders are rather narrow. Her breasts don’t necessarily need to be larger (I have a similar body shape) but the shoulders I think could be a bit broader.

  64. giperborea says:

    Lovely new doll, happy to see her!!! I agree with some of the comments above that her top (shoulders, breasts) look a little disproportionate to her much wider bottom, it looks like it was taken from another doll (I mean her top part). Maybe make her shoulders a little wider, fuller and her arms and breasts a little fuller too. It’s just an opinion though, everyone has a different beauty template))))

  65. giperborea says:

    Hmmm…on a second look on the new doll, her facial features remind me of an African woman. Maybe it’s a stereotype, but to me her bodyshape is similar to an African woman bodytype (they seem to have slim tops and larger bottoms), maybe I’m wrong.

  66. I just want to voice my little pear-shaped mousy opinion – I am literally very similar shaped, I have a very slight upper body, narrow waist, skinny arms, matched with a rounded tummy and unfortunately wide hips :-P I call this the typical “starving artist” body shape, slim upper torso matched with your own personal bottom-cushion for sitting endless hours at your drawing table/sculpting desk/painting easel ;-)

    To me she does not look out of proportion at all.

  67. I agree with you totaly Monika V, she is perfect just the way she is. Not to forget Marina did say “add a touch of surrealism”

    This is the beauty of Art, the artiste creates what she invisions making it her work of art.

    To be successful in creating art, it should not be forced upon.

  68. J. David says:

    She’s just wonderful Marina! You are so gifted!

  69. dina says:

    Its a great new shape. I too love the full figure rubenesque form. I do find the breasts look unnatural, like the ‘store-bought’ variety. Being a Rubenesque figure, a softer slightly fuller breast would give her the exquisite figure of her time.

  70. Tiasdolls says:

    gah! (grabby hands) This is so fantastic. I love love love all her curves! I look forward to seeing more of your progress. Bravo.

  71. Isabel Pacheco says:

    How beautiful my God, this has been a pleasant surprise, I hope to see it finished is really very interesting style rubenesque I am also an art lover. Bravo bravo bravo Marina really is spectacular :)

  72. jacci says:

    i like how her figure is curvy,most of us woman do have curves and its nice to see a doll that emulates that. though your slimmer dolls are beautiful and i have many favs, i’d love to see some dolls with this figure.

  73. donna says:

    i think she’s just a pear shape doll – not rubenesque – her neck is so skinny u can see tenders, bust is not bigger too :(

  74. Puprika says:

    New body is very beautiful! It is realistic and sexual! I admire your work!

  75. Melissa says:

    Her torso and legs have a nice proportion, but the arms and chest are a bit on the slight side in comparison.
    Would love to see her a little more hourglass in proportions, instead of pear shape.
    Great work, and keep it up, because I am looking forward to the finished article

  76. Rebecca says:


    But…I wouldn’t call this “Reubenesque”– Botticelli seems much closer to me. Reuben’s women were voluptuous *everywhere*, while Botticelli’s Venus had the small boobs and rounded stomach and thighs.

    But hey, to each her own inspiration!


  77. Theresa says:

    Wow she is beautiful. I can’t wait to see her. Defenitly the best interpretation of this body shape, it seems that fuller bodies are the new style as I seen some artist make their scukptures and BJ’s fuller. Again beauitful :)

  78. Jurate says:

    Hi Marina,

    May I ask, what are You using for your prototype dolls, what clays?

  79. Olga says:

    Hi Marina, though it is an old message, may I repeat Jurate question? what material do you use for master model? I am anxious to make a doll by myself after watching the beauty you make!!! Thanks a lot if you answer!

  80. I just want to mention I am very new to blogs and actually savored this web site. More than likely I’m going to bookmark your site . You really come with excellent articles. Bless you for revealing your blog.

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