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…With amazing artists Ragnar (left), Coop (front middle), Gris Grimly (right) and Bob Self – the Master of Ceremonies (back)!

roadshow 112

Or, here is Gris’ version of how the trip went down. Yup, pretty accurate. I guess that’s me on top, waving an American flag. Love this poster! It’s a limited edition, and you can still get it from the Baby Tattoo Books, signed by all of us, of course. A few limited edition Enchanted Doll prints are left over too. I think you would like them, because they are beautiful.


Thanks for being nice to me, guys, I had a great time driving around America with you. Look forward to doing it again! And thanks for all the fans who came out to see us on the road. It was a blast!

America is beautiful! And huge. Here are my interstate highway impressions of each state we drove through. I loved them all. Even Wyoming, a little bit.

roadshow-driving 128

Wow, Los Angeles is…sprawl-y, and huge, but not very tall.

roadshow-driving 127

South California…after a few hours of this landscape, I began to think I was on Mars.

roadshow-driving 126

Nevada. Yup, must still be on Mars…with some space weeds.

roadshow-driving 125

Utah. Definitely Mars.

roadshow-driving 124

Wyoming. All…this…stark…emptiness….whoa…

roadshow-driving 123

Colorado. We circled all the mountains and the rest of it was like this. With the storm coming.

roadshow-driving 122

Kansas. Holly shit, we’re driving straight into the first tornado that ravaged Oklahoma on May 19th. It crossed the highway just ahead of us. We didn’t see it, but we felt its presence in the distance as our van shook with the force of wind and rain. We pulled over on the shoulder, not knowing what to do. There was nowhere to go but forward, into darkness. It crossed all of our minds that we could die. I’ve never seen anything like this before…and I was terrified.

roadshow-driving 117

Oklahoma. I’ve never seen a lightning storm like this before either. It happened in the wake of a tornado. The massive cloud above us seemed to have been filled with fireworks that went off every second or two, setting the whole sky alight. We drove under it for an hour. It was scary-beautiful. Awe-inspiring.

roadshow-driving 121

Texas. We raced out of Edmond, a suburb of Oklahoma-City the next morning with more tornado warnings on the way, and faced the placid skies of Texas, while it raged behind us. I couldn’t believe what was happening just hours away as I stood in this field and stared out into the hazy-hot horizon of blue and brown. All I could think about, selfishly so, was what if the tornado had struck a bit earlier, back there…while we slept…

roadshow-driving 120

New Mexico. And we’re back on Mars.

roadshow-driving 119

Arizona. In Sedona, I discovered a whole different kind of beauty to the lush, rainforest-covered mountains of the cool British Columbia. Much like that thunderstorm a day earlier, it was awe-striking. I tried a Rattlesnake for lunch (which tasted a bit like chicken), and couldn’t stop smiling at the red rocky formations.

roadshow 114

I must return there.

roadshow-driving 118

And we’re back in California. What a trip. Loved every minute of it. Now I must draw a map.

Thank you, Baby Tattoo, for taking us there!





11 Responses

  1. Glynis says:

    Love America,so many contrasts in one land! Glad you made it back home in one piece,our hearts just go out to those in the tornado path,can’t even begin to understand how horrible it must be. You and your dolls have converted even more propel to your art,just what the world needs,tiny beauties

  2. Amal says:

    I really love mr grimly’s illustration. I have the Dangerous Alphabet at home. The tour sounds and looks like it was a lot of fun – so glad you managed to avoid harm’s way

  3. jacquelyn says:

    so its like mars, huh. funny. stick to your other more interesting travel spots. i’m sure they’re much more habitable. you’re lucky you got through the tornado and didn’t end up in Oz.

  4. Welcome back, Marina and Chad! My gosh, have you ever experienced a tornado before? Looked so scary, but am glad you are all o.k. Some people were not that lucky and I really feel for them. Thank-you for sharing your wonderful pictures, seems like I was there too! Wishing….

  5. Crystal says:

    Wow! So you were around a tornado! Welcome to America! Quite a fascinatingly beautiful but dangerous phenomena they are. And Arizona is a very mystical place I don’t blame you for wanting to go back someday.
    Well, glad you enjoyed your trip, and happy you got home safely. :)

  6. Hummm fireworks, rattlesnake and Mars talk about fun. Now thats what we call excitement.

  7. Sylvia says:

    The pictures are impressive.
    Maybe you should make a storm doll (personification of a storm so to speak) to honor this experience.
    I for one would really like to see what you create out of such a theme.

    welcome back to planet earth i might add :D
    it is good, that you are still in one piece

  8. Oly says:

    What a beautiful pictures! My favorite looks like a pallet: with blue, red, green and yellow oil-base paints on it, and with you in front smiling so happily.

  9. Arianne says:

    Thanks for the pictures, they are amazing.
    I have family all over America and we have to choose between tornadoes in Nebraska, hurricanes in Florida, earthquakes in Los Angeles, mud slides and extreme weather changes in Wyoming, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and 100+ degree heat in Arizona and Utah, and 121 inches of rain in Forks, WA where I live. But would we trade it for anything? No! visiting family is all the more enjoyable with such diversity.
    On a different note, how do you keep getting prettier and prettier? Do your dolls imbue you with some magical properties? But seriously, you look amazing.

  10. Sylvia Leticia says:


    *Don’t mess with Texas* ;-}

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