The faces of Noire

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Experimenting with different looks for Noire.


I even made one wig in acrylic hair to mix things up a bit.

Which one is your favorite?

98 Responses

  1. Biscuitbear says:

    The original one is my favorite. I think the gamine look suits her best. But it’s fun to see her in diffferent styles!

  2. Halo says:

    I actually kinda like her best bald! Second would be the long brunette one though :)

  3. Kylie says:

    I like the blonde wig with the fringe/bangs the most. Beautiful work as usual :)

  4. I really like the first and second wigs!

  5. Candice says:

    Second row, first one (long brown). Third row, second one (blonde with bangs). Some very interesting looks here.

  6. Two blond for me <:
    “struck by lightning” one and fringed – this one make ED look like mangha..
    The long brown hair gives her gentle, Boticelli look… this one also.
    make up is also a bit different, isn’t it?
    Nice to do some experiments hmm? <:

  7. Jayne says:

    I agree with Biscuitbear, as I love the gamine, 20’s feel on her.
    I also really like the bald one as it shows how strong her features are.
    The bottom left made me giggle as she looks like my daughter when she’s on the trampoline :)
    But, as always, Noire is divine.

  8. Manü says:

    i realy love Noire, she is one of my favorite due to her angelique face and i do prefer her with the natural wig this hairstyle give her a look as if she came from a Charleston dance

  9. Desi says:

    The Crazy One is the Best!!!!! I Love it. I do Not like the acrylic Hair – it Looks like Barbiehair, Not for an artwork I think…

    Moore looks more adult… Why is this?

  10. Amal says:

    I go with Helene and Jayne – her original crop is cute and really shows off her features. Some of the others are… distracting! :p

  11. I love this! I love this post from you! Such a fun, frivolous, and interactive blog post :-) Yum!!

    My favourite of these wigs is: Second row, left one, with the long wavy chestnut hair. This is a beautiful wig, and probably one of my favourite wigs I’ve seen you make. She reminds me of a delicate pre-Raphealite maiden.
    The side part is a fantastic addition, it softens her face.

    It is amazing how much her expression and colouring change with the different colours. She looks much sadder, haggard and even uneasy in the blonde wigs.
    I like the colour of the acrylic wig – honey blonde, matches the pink tones you’ve brought out so subtly in her blushing.

  12. Astera says:

    I am with Mayple for the chesnut wig but I also like her in her original wig (the roaring 20’s one). The blond wigs seem a bit forced on her, in my opinion…but I love that you showed us this study of shapes and colors. Which combination do you like best?

  13. Annina says:

    all of them “work” on her and make her look different, but my favourite is now the long brown wavy one, so cute!

    this Noire is more blushed in her cheeks isn’t she? i quite like that look for her, and the brown tones for the eye makeup!

  14. Crystal says:

    I too love the long brown wavy hair, very sweet! It really brings out her features. This Noire looks different then the one in the gallery. This one seems mellow while the gallery one looks more bright eyed. Just an observation. I know now your going to tell me that their the same right? LOL!

  15. kira says:

    Acrylic hair or long brown hair

  16. roo says:

    the blonde with the bangs… maybe cut to a bob?

  17. Fiona says:

    last one, haha!

  18. Alexandra says:

    This this Noire #3? The Noir from Fragility (#2) and this one looks so different from Noire from site gallery (#1)…

    I love long brown wavy wig and short wavy best of all. :)

  19. Kimmi says:

    Oh my goodness Marina! She’s so cute! I wasn’t really a big fan of Noire before, but these different hairstyles bring a whole new light to her. I really really love the wavy brown one best. 1st Column 2nd Row :)
    I want her!!!

    I wonder what she’d look like with long, wavy black hair?

  20. Kimmi says:

    P.S. I really love the color of the “frazzed out” one. I think the acrylic is too shiny

  21. Sarandipitty says:

    For me, definitely the long brown hair. Love IT!

  22. jslord says:

    I’m with Monika 100%–the long blonde and the chestnut.

  23. Kelly (tencats) says:

    Even before I saw jslord’s comment I was going to say I agree with Monika! The light blonde makes her look ill. The short and long brown wigs are great. I like the color of the synthetic wig but that texture looks so out of place on your dolls. Fun post! I love Noire, she reminds me of my daughter.

  24. Eiko says:

    Noire is one of my fav. girls. I love her original look and the last long, blond wig.

  25. alice says:

    if it were to choose a different look for noire,I would go for the first one in the second row.the others are not bad,but they look kinda… a person who has chosen a bad hair colour.hope it helps you!

  26. Gloria says:

    Absolutely, the first one in the second row is the best! But I also like the second (second row) and the last… the bigger picture :D
    Very nice all anyway

  27. Crystal says:

    I also think a strawberry blonde none-acrylic wig would look great.

  28. Jenny H says:

    I love the long golden brown wig, and her short original bob. Noire has a really beautiful face, but these two I think are the most complimentary. It’s great of you to give us all these versions to challenge our idea of what one doll ‘should’ look like! Thanks!!! :)

  29. Rachel says:

    Ooh she’s sooooo pretty!
    I like her original and the long maple colored one!
    And I do like the strawberry blonde acrylic wig…but I prefer mohair, it looks more natural.
    She’s so deliciously beautiful.

  30. Kirsten says:

    I really like the longer wigs (the third and fourth pictures). She’s so lovely. She’d make any wig look good haha.

  31. Orangey says:

    They’re all pretty looks, that ‘static ball’ look especially is interesting, heh. I actually love her original wig best, along with the brown haired wig, and the blond with bangs. Lovely, all of them! The acrylic one is also nice, but the thing might be that huge wave at the bottom of the hair, I’m sure some styling can give her more proportional waves in her hair, if you know what I mean. Either that, or maybe her hair can be cut to a more natural length. It’s pretty though, love the color.

    You know what, if I was choosing, I think I like the long brown wig best.

  32. the third from left to right.=)

  33. Jayne W says:

    I hate to say it but I actually really like the look of the strawberry blonde acrylic wig. She looks sun kissed, like a girl at the beach in July, when her cheeks are glowing and her freckles are just coming out. She is really lovely.

  34. Brigitte says:

    The long brown one is my favorite :3 by a lot, so pretty!

  35. Kim says:

    Noire is beautiful. The long brown is my first choice and the second choice is the blonde with the bangs.

  36. Chelsea says:

    I like bangs, you don’t use them very often so seeing them is a nice surprise. Blonde is really cute on her in general as well.

  37. Eva says:

    Noire is always lovely. I like her best with her curly short wig and with the long brown wig. Blond just seems too light for her. Her face is so vivid that blond hair seems sort of washed out.

    I like the idea of her in bangs, but I think they’d need to be asymmetric, maybe with a water formed curl stuck to her forehead. :)

  38. Amarilli says:

    I prefer the original style she has.
    But of the new, I like the brunette most of all, then the acrylic one.
    I bet the acrylic wig is much more beautiful and less shiny in person than in photo.

  39. Amarilli says:

    PS : I love the humour of the last 2 ^_^ in the last photo she looks like a japanese comics heroine.

  40. Crystal says:

    Next doll, please!

  41. Suok69 says:

    I like long brown one, and the last.They look beautiful on her. Wonderful work, Marina.

  42. allurose says:

    I also like the long chestnut wig and the roaring 20’s wig. Noire is so lovely! Someday… :D

  43. noxy says:

    I agree with most when I say that I like her original and the first in the second row best. The frizzy blonde wig is hilarious, but sorta creeps me out because it reminds me of Glen Close in Fatal Attraction for some odd reason. lol. Sad that there aren’t any pics of Noire in a long black wig though. That’s how I often dream of Noire, and even more often in a black wig with fringe. <3

  44. Souxsi says:

    The dark long hair first, and the blond with fringe is my next favorite. All of them are lovely, it’s a pleasure to see your work.

  45. alma says:

    I like second and six

  46. Jayne says:

    Have a wonderrful and very safe holiday.
    When are you guys going to do the big downunder and come and visit (please)????
    I promise to make it just divine :)
    Luv Jayne xxx

  47. J. David says:

    They are all really beautiful! Maybe the acyrlic wig can be powdered down a bit though

  48. Alikya says:

    I vote for the long brunette as well… I think it makes her blushing as well as her eye color pop the most.

  49. Kim says:

    In my opinion, the short reddish one is the most complimenting. The acrylic one is the least.

  50. I love the short one and the long brown one second best. Your exquisite creations should never have acrylic wigs! Unless…it’s a crazy cyber-Japan-type blue/dayglo yellow/pink/or something silly doll…!

  51. Jenn says:

    Long auburn.

    Her Face! Her Face! You’ve created a face that looks so contemplative and lovely.

    Most of your faces I find deeply disturbing, which is possibly your intent. They are all so very very sad, as if all they have received in life was pain and injury.

    This one glows. I would adopt her if I could. She’s beautiful and serene.

    Not really related – I have been searching for a sculptural vision of Quan Yin with this serenity. She’s hard to find. Most of the artists make her so fierce. Is the embodiment of Mercy so fierce? Apparently her home culture thinks so.

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