The Final Round

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Hello contestants! We’re back for the final round of the 2015 Birthday Contest, designing a tattoo for an Enchanted Doll! Tomorrow one of these 3 finalists will be awarded the price – a resin Enchanted Doll!

The Top 3 finalists are:

103-1 103-2

1) Ran J

“This tatoo inspired from Medical Anatomy and Narcissism.I use the skeleton(the spine and the sphenoid bone) to express the aesthetic of medical.In most cases the skeleton symbled horrible,death,aim or painful,but an artist has no necessary to follow the dominant ideology . The skeleton maybe can be symbled regularity and calmless.

Narcissus is a typical flower to symbled the narcissism in Greek mythology,so I use this image on the doll,I’m a girl and I appreciate female’s body.(…wrrrry God…terrible…hope my english can be better T_T)

The color:I used the classic cobalt blue of ED tatoo on the doll.I don’t know other screen of percinal computer,but it looks blue color on my computer at less.”

249-1 249-2 249-3 249-4

2) Amal


“A series of images exploring the idea of tattoos being a visual impression left on the skin by the sensation of being held, either in tenderness, or force. The tattoos could be indicative of the emotional ‘scarring’ of abuse, or a lingering memory of a loved one’s touch.
With our bodies we have the power to restrain, dominate and oppress – but, not exclusively as this can be done mentally also, perhaps going unnoticed by appearance. Both love and abuse leave marks, whether physical or not.There are many limiting factors of touch, such as time and distance. We can’t be touched by those who are absent, but that may not lessen their ‘hold’ upon us. Likewise, the burning desire to feel the touch of a loved one who is not present is like having their absence etched upon the skin.An embrace can be fatal, but can also save and restore life. The same pair of hands; two antithetical outcomes. How is it that an act of intimacy can have the potential to both harm or comfort in equal measures?”


3) Kiersten V

“The series of tattoos I have designed are inspired by tragedies currently afflicting our world. Women in the Middle East have been permanently scarred by acid being thrown on them for various insults or offenses they have committed. The victim could be attacked for refusing an arranged marriage,  not wearing proper religious attire, or dishonoring their family. Worse, the attacks are often committed by close family members or neighbors. Sadly, reports of these terrible assaults are increasingly being found outside of the Middle East, in regions such as Europe and the United States.

Each of my designs was inspired by a real woman who has been marred from these atrocities. My goal was to create tattoos that would bring these horrific crimes to light, and generate awareness for these suffering women. At the same time, instead of focusing on their scars as something realistic and horrifying, I desired to turn them into something beautiful and intricate. This way, the designs reflect the unique beauty that is present inside each of the courageous victims.”

Wow, that was a difficult decision. I had given myself a headache thinking about it, and I still need to choose just one winner tomorrow! Which design do you think should take the prize?

116 Responses

  1. Mai says:

    Worthy choices, all! Congrats to Ran, Amal, and Kiersten!

  2. Miriam says:

    The first! They’re all very beautiful and have great social commentary. However, I really like the juxtaposition of the bones and the flowers in the first, it’s a lovely contrast and makes me think of life coming from death. I also really love the blue color and feel it fits in well with the ED aesthetic. Congrats to all three!

  3. Karla says:

    Wow, not there but I’m happy I at least managed to get to the top 10 this year. Thank you for creating beautiful dolls every year, you’re one of my biggest inspirations, and I’m glad I managed to get a critique from you this year and what I could improve in my design for my firebird. In 2013 I was too a finalist, and I managed to get on the top 10.

    Hope to see more work from you soo, I know I’m still going to be enchanted by every work you do.

  4. mayple says:

    “embrace” – a series of tattoo’s I’ve not seen represented on dolls before, conveying such a powerful message so simply, the Image of the hands around Pearl’s throat makes me shiver and unsettled… and how easy it would be to hide under a pretty silk scarf or lacey choker… reinforcing the message conveyed by the artists that often these scars can be “covered up” or might not be seen at all, even if they’ve been permanently imprinted on a person.

  5. Merri says:

    What a thrill it was just to get into the top ten! Congratualtions to the three finalists…I look forward to seeing who wins! :)

  6. Els says:

    Congrads to the three finalists!

    I vote for Amal’s ‘Embrace’. It’s a really unique and beautiful concept.

  7. Pal says:

    The first one with the bones

  8. Elena Kuritk says:

    I vote for Ran`s work. It is perfect!

  9. Anthony says:

    Congratulations finalists!!!!! These are all worthy choices, but my vote goes to Ran J since it is more my style. So delicate and beautiful.

  10. Jayne Wourms says:

    I vote embrace, it is such an original design. Fingers crossed for Amal.

  11. Ran says:

    I just hope my English can be well as others………..(kneeling down with crying……

  12. Shayna says:

    I actually really like the third one. I hadn’t heard about it before and looked it up. How awful that it’s true! Those poor women! I think they did a great job bringing some beauty to such a horrible thing!

  13. Heather Nichols says:

    Kirsten’s are haunting and breathtaking

  14. schizandra says:

    It’s so difficult!

    Originally, #3 was not one of my favorites but since my favorites have been eliminated, I had to take another look at it. I had a hard time looking at it before, because while it is beautiful, it still remains true to the ugliness it represents. But I realize that the “looking away” is what enables these atrocities to be perpetuated. I believe this entry is it is now my favorite.

  15. Daniel says:

    I am inspired by Kiersten’s creative designs that would not only bring awareness, but in my opinion, actually bring back “beauty”to the victims. Wonderful!

  16. cha hof says:

    Ran J I beat your vivid anatomical story with your remarkable tattoo, for me your tattoo is more than a story of politics, and it reflects a lot in todays event. for me your a grand prize winner. will i know marina can finalist who will be. congrats for the 3 top tattoo contingent asset. Goodluck!

  17. Kristina Renee says:

    While I do like #1 as well, #3 is definitely my favorite of the three. It brings light to an issue that many of us ignore and honestly don’t want to face. The beauty it creates in something that is truly an situation is oddly inspiring.

  18. Bruno says:

    Ran’s work is definitely the most beautiful.

  19. Love Kierstan’s work, it’s got the wow factor!!

  20. Leah says:

    All of these artworks and meanings behind it are beautiful! Can’t choose, but I’m excited to see who wins :)

  21. paulina says:

    First, congrats for this three contestants and good luck to each one of you!!! All the proposals have a strong message,but the most impressive to me is the Kiersten’s tattoo series, that incredible level of inhumanity does not only occur in the mentioned countries, also in Mexico and in other places of Latin America have been happened this cases. In the other hand I also prefer Amal, because as he noticed us, not always the abuse and damage to the person is obvious for the rest of us, not even for the person itself.

  22. Phoenix says:

    I LOVE Ran’s Tattoo because it is so fragile and aestehtic :-) The flower and the bones create an unity that is both beautiful but also haunting. It is so detailed and you can see the HOURS that went into this design. It really deserves the first price :-)

  23. James Bennigan says:

    The images of one and two don’t interest me as much. I want to actually see the design on the doll, like was done in number three. While number two was supposed to symbolize the scars left from both intimate and forceful contact, I saw a lot more forceful and too little intimate. Number three is a well thought out concept that I really appreciate, and the designs, while they do remind me of scars (as they should), are quite beautiful (as they should be). My problem with number one is that the designs make me a little too sick to my stomach and the description is wayyyy too foggy. I understand that number one’s first language might not be English, but the reality is that I still don’t really know what her pieces are supposed to represent about medical anatomy and narcissism. How are those two things even related? Anyway, like I said, my vote goes to number three for kersten.

  24. Binnur says:

    There were so many wonderful entries in this contest that I cannot fathom how one could choose even the top 10. Everyone that participated should be congratulated for their supreme efforts. Having said that, when I saw those mysterious supportive hands on Stages of Grief, the image resonated so deeply within me that I had a visceral reaction to it. My eyes opened wider, my heart began to beat faster and the image etched in my brain, never to let go, almost like when I saw Sapphire’s face for the first time. It is such a powerful image that I cannot picture Grief without them now. There is wonderful, great art that we appreciate immediately upon sight and admire and then there is art that you never forget, that becomes part of the very fibre of your being. Embrace is in the latter category.
    In this particular case, lighting may just have to strike twice….

  25. Lena says:

    I would vote for the first or the third entry. The first one has an elegance and interesting idea that makes me simply stare and say “wow”. The bones and the flowers create a strange harmony and morbid Beauty. The third entry has an important message packed into a striking image, great work! The second entry is not so much my taste as I think the hands look very “out of place” as tattoos… Just my opinion but these lack the elegance that I always see in ANY other ED-tattoo…

  26. Gaynor says:

    The entries to this year’s contest have been amazing. I must admit that I struggled with the concept of designing a tattoo. I would plump for Amal’s Embrace tattoo – good concept, very original.

  27. Ellie says:

    #3, Kiersten’s. It somehow manages to be whimsically beautiful yet reminiscent of scars at the same time. Even when you don’t know the meaning and story behind it (let’s face it, plenty of people don’t pay attention and only care about what they see), the tattoo design is gorgeous on it’s own.

  28. Kierce says:

    #3, Kiersten’s design! Peoples scars are what make them beautiful.

  29. Daniela Karg says:

    Dear Marina
    Difficult decision to choose, as the finalists are amazing! My thanks for taking part and everyone who also dedicated themselves in this collective:

  30. Lee says:

    I find the first to be dramatically beautiful. I looked at each and critiqued them before reading the descriptions of each. Even though I love the artist’s explanations of their works, the first spoke to me the most. I see the beauty of mortality shown in the depiction of the elegant skeletal structure and the masterful rendering of the intertwined floral design.

  31. gqjvlon says:

    The Final Round | Enchanted Doll

  32. Do what you love, fuck the rest.

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