The long road to Sulamith Wulfing

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This is just a little something from my doll closet. It’s Sapphire wearing an extra casting of the two-horned helmet. Did I mention that this helmet was inspired by my beloved artist Sulamith Wulfing?


This one appears to be one of her earlier drawings from when she was only 27 years old, prctically the same age as me. I’m 28.

I’ve always loved this particular drawing not just for its haunting beauty, but because it contains the stylistic characteristics of both her earlier, as well as her later work; it captures the gradual transition between styles, like a still frame of her creative process and represents a moment in time when  Sulamith’s distict and unique style was beginning to truly establish and solidify itself into its mature form.

I value this little drawing because it’s like a nostalgic, Polaroid snap shot of Sulamith’s Wulfing search for her creative identity and her own creative language of symbols with which to express her fantastical inner world.

One day I hope to make a spiritual pilgrimage to her home in Germany, to experience for myself the place where she had lived, worked and died, and to be close to her original paintings, which are still hanging on the walls of her house. I hope that I may see the original of this drawing as well.

I still have to find out where exactly her home is located. All I know is that it’s in the Eilberfeld disctict of Wuppertal, on the slope above river Gelpe. Her address is not exactly advertised. Google Maps tells me that there is a street named Sulamith-Wulfing Strasse in the city, but I’m not sure if that’s in the same place as her home.  If I can’t find it, then I’m fully prepared to just go to Wuppertal and wonder around town asking strangers if they know where Sulamith Wulfing’s house is. I’m sure I’ll get a lead eventually.

Perhaps one among you, my dear readers, may have visited the house of this amazing aritst and knows where and how it can be visited? I would appreciate any help in finding my way to Sulamith Wulfing-the source of my inspiration.

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  1. Annina says:

    aah Sulamith! in december i am going to go home to my dear switzerland and i plan to check out some antiquarians in berne to see if i can find any book(s) or print(s) of hers. how amazing would it be to own an original by her, but even a print would be lovely as i don’t yet own any.

    i do unfortunately not know where her house is, but surely someone will be able to help you, and i will also keep my eyes and ears open for you now that i know that you want to go there!

  2. Marina says:

    ABE books are really good for antiquarian books.

    I got almost all of my Sulamith Wulfing book collection from them. It took me years to assemble my collection though. I have 24 books by her, and I think I might be missing a couple. I think I’ve got most of what was ever published. I wish I could have seen them.

    Much of her original work was forever lost when her publishing house was bombed during WW2 and those works were never published. So much treasure gone!

  3. Annina says:

    Marina, oh wow i didn’t know about that, what a loss indeed!

    thanks for the tip about ABE, i think i have heard of them, i will check it out!

    i always have this daydream of finding a journal full of beautiful drawings, maybe there are journals of Sulamith out there, how amazing it would be to find or get to see one.

  4. Amithi says:

    Long time lurker, first time writer.

    A quick hit on Google showed that the house apparently is not a museum, but her son (and hsuband?) still live there:
    The author of the website says that he has visited the Wülfing-house and met them, but won’t give any details like the adress. There is a button for emailing him, so you might want to get in touch.
    If you visit Wuppertal, be sure to bring your hiking boots – it’s known as the City of Stairs or the German San Francisco (yeah…). And make time for a trip on the Schwebebahn. ;)

    Greeting from Germany (abozt 90 km away from Wuppertal),

  5. MissLK says:


    I felt your desires for visiting Sulamith Wulfing’s dwelling. Years ago I visited the Gustave Moreau museum in Paris and sat there the entire afternoon just thinking how my favorite artist would have walked around, painted… in his quiet studio. My eyes were filled with tears and my heart of joy and serenity when I left.

    Best luck to you on your journey!

    ps. Sapphire always looks so alluring.

  6. Biscuitbear says:

    Your doll closet, argh, I want to live there!
    I didn’t know Sulamith Wulfing before hearing about her from you, and it’s really amazing how your worlds interconnect.

  7. Manü says:

    She is very splendid with the helmet, and inspiration that you take from this artist is from day to day without fault.
    If this can help you try to have some informations at the tourisme office of Wuppertal.
    Good luck on your search

  8. Maura says:

    Best of luck for your quest, Marina! Love the parallel between Sulamith’s and your works. Sapphire is always marvelous and this new headpiece really complements her beauty…:)

  9. Crystal says:

    Sapphire looks beautiful! I can see a Sapphire Samurai in the future or a daughter of the moon!

  10. Tatie says:

    i wish you luck to find what you are serching
    and it is a lovely pise

  11. Orangey says:

    Wonderful, very wonderful helmet. I love the look of the silver headpieces.

    I hope you will be able to visit her home, she is someone who has had such an impact on your art, I’m sure it would only help you garner even more inspiration for your own art.

  12. Emmy says:

    Wow, this is really inspiring. I adore that style of drawing, and I haven’t heart of her before! I feel somewhat ashamed, but it’s never too late to discover new sources of inspiration.

  13. Jenny H says:

    Dear Marina… I have just been looking at my card collection; 30 years ago when I was living in the UK I bought a whole series of cards featuring works by my favourite artists at the time… Sulamith Wulfing and Arthur Rackham! It is quite spooky to think that all these years later this artist’s work still continues to delight and inspire. Beautiful things are truly timeless. Good luck in your pilgrimage! xx

  14. Crystal says:

    Are we ever going to be able to order these wonderful headpieces?

  15. Kelly (tencats) says:

    I was thinking the same as Crystal, I’d love to have a headpiece too.

  16. Rita says:

    I’m from Russia from Novosibirska.hotelos to know whether the doll is sold “Firebird”? and if so, for how much?

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