The most beautiful porcelain hand I ever made!

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I made this hand for my test doll. I’m convinced it’s the most beautiful hand I ever made. You see, I don’t just pull a hand out of the mold and fire it, I manually shape ans sculpt it to make it more expressive. Unfortunately, expressive, tiny hands are virtually impossible to mold with the rigid plaster molding method. So, they have to be very simplified in order to be mold-able. Therefore, each hand undergoes significant re-sculpting and remodeling in the post-molding period.


I separate the fingers, define the knuckles and establish the bending angles on all the fingers. It’s ridiculously tedious and I hate doing it, while simultaneously loving it. I estimate that it takes me 2-3 hours to make one hand from casting to painting, or 4-6 labor hours+ 12 kiln firing hours for a pair of hands for one doll.

This hand is the pinnacle of my achievement. Just wanted to share it.

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  1. Shadiera says:

    Q~Q You inspire me beyond words. That is a beautiful hand

  2. Jayne says:

    I have to concur, that is an absoutely divine hand ♥♥♥:)

  3. Signe says:

    It`s a wedding hand!! (she is holding out het finger for the ring to be put on!)
    Thank you for sharing the proces.

  4. Glynis says:

    OMG – how gorgeous !! You expect it to be warm to the touch, it’s so lifelike , can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  5. Kori Leppart says:

    Exquisite detail…especially in porcelain. I am always astounded by your work and as an artist myself I can truely appreciate the skill required to get such a delicate hand. It is a work of art, all in itself! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Merri says:

    Marina, I’ve always thought that your dolls have the most graceful, expressive, beautiful hands of ANY doll that I have ever seen. These hands are impossibly tiny to achieve such a lifelike level of detail. I am amazed at the patience you display in order to achieve a masterful result such as this, but oh so worth the effort.
    Absolutely, positively, stunning !!!

  7. It’s a nice feeling when you create something you yourself are peachy plum pie pleased with :)

  8. Hazel says:

    It’s incredibly expressive. Love it! :)

  9. Jeanette says:

    They are breathtakingly beautiful.
    As I continue to stare at your pictures,the realism of the hands are astonishing.
    Thank you for creating something so beautiful to share.

  10. Aeroksana says:

    Marina, it is a masterpiece!
    Amazed at how you can always surpass yourself!

  11. Jenny H says:

    Beautiful. Love the elegance and feminity in the hand. Good work!

  12. daniseyu says:

    incredibly beautiful hand!

  13. MigMig says:

    Marina, all your dolls’ hands are beautiful, but this is beautifuller than others :o)

    When could we expect to see the new doll? Does the face posted with your birthday blog belong to the same doll? Is she the new rubenesque body lady?

    So many questions, so little time to sit and keep refreshing the screen…

  14. Niiv says:

    A masterpiece indeed. I can’t wait to see her completed… This hand looks so real, so delicate and expressive – like a dancer’s. What an honor it would be to hold or even touch such a hand~ Thank you endlessly for sharing your work <3

  15. Karen Vail says:

    very feminine, just beautiful

  16. I think this is the full figure doll you are working on. When you think its already tops, you make it even better…..hands up to you Marina.

    The hands are devine…

  17. Larisa says:

    No words. Just WOW!!!!!!!!!

  18. SSvet says:

    The most beautiful porcelain hand I’ve ever seen! Beautiful tiny part of the miracle named the Enchanted doll.

  19. Sabrina says:

    I can’t wait to see the whole doll! :)

  20. Eiko says:

    Hate to say it but it kinda looks like this doll is about to give us ‘the finger’ with her middle finger so straight.

  21. Astera says:

    It looks like the hand of a pianist dancing on the keyboard. The new doll must be a real marvel!

  22. Kate says:

    Love when you share things like this–the doll-making process is fascinating!

  23. Orangey says:

    It’s really beautiful, soft and delicate, but I kind of agree with Eiko because I got the same impression, heheh, the middle finger is really straight.

    All of your doll hands and feet are incredibly beautiful, I love how you detail the lines on the palms and soles especially. I feel there’s something special about an artists magical hands creating hands that are more beautiful than any in the world. Lovely.

    This looks like the Rubenesque, the arms are thicker. Can’t wait.

  24. Tina says:

    agreed. :)

  25. DeNetdra says:

    Omgoodness those hands are enough to make me want to join ballet over again. They are so graceful, it’s inspiring

  26. Crystal says:

    So graceful! Wonderful!

  27. Puprika says:

    These handles are very graceful! I CONGRATULATE you with SUCCESS!

  28. Suok69 says:

    OMG!!!!! You are absolutely right-this is the most beautiful hand i’ve ever seen. It is just asking to be kissed and admired. Love it.

  29. Rinni says:

    Your dolls are just amazing! You can see all the love and talent that you pour into each and every facet of your dolls. Simply amazing!

  30. Silvana says:

    Amazing!!! Perfect hand!!! I love it!!!

  31. J. David says:

    that is just so beajtiful Marina!

  32. Isabel Pacheco says:

    Beautiful and delicate hands just divine, I’m anxious to see it all finished, ‘re a great inspiration for art Marina God bless your creativity :)

  33. MollyTheWanderer says:

    Any chance that there will be pictures to show how the interchangeable feet work? I’m curious.

  34. Julia says:

    Elegant, graceful, feminine, beautiful, amazing, lifelike, , , all the wonderful words for the hands, I love it absolutely!

  35. Rebecca says:

    You might just be right–
    that is GORGEOUS work, lady.

  36. julee says:

    i have one word for that hand “demure”.
    such poise and grace. i’m absolutely in
    love with it.

  37. Vicci Noel says:

    So delicate and beautiful.. I love them.

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