The Rubenesque sisters

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My Aurum and Muse, before they were separated. I think they miss each other.



I love them both, but I made them each with different personalities in mind. Can you guess what they are? How would you describe their temperaments based on their facial expressions and features?

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  1. Ithkale says:

    The blonde has a smile that is ever so subtle, she is the more out going sister, her blonde wavy hair shows her freeness and vividness in the world and her eyes will show you the best things in life. The brunette is quite and seems to be very mute, although no smile is upon her face, her eyes gleam with ideas and somewhat you can still feel her emotions in her expression, you can see a tiredness…a more shy type and thinker she must be, for her words you can feel by looking in her eyes… :)

  2. Snow White and Ruby Red? The blonde has more joyous face than the brunette, who’s more meek than her sister.

  3. Amal says:

    Aurum, to me, looks hurt but like she’s trying to hide it… like she’s resigned herself to some devastating fact. As if she’s about to drown in the Titanic and lose her life and all it’s possibility, but she sees no point in breaking down. She’s accepted her fate. Muse, on the other hand, looks ready to challenge it!

  4. Glynis says:

    Muse is the out going one, Aurum the thinker,two sisters,two sides of the coin,each with their own strengths and complimenting each other,ready to face the world together. Is this you and your sister Marina?its like me and mine,I have two so it gets a bit muddled,but it works, we are strong together.

  5. Sabrina says:

    I agree with Amal- they both appear to be contemplative, but the Muse appears content with what she’s discovered, whereas Aurum seems to be searching still for inner peace.

  6. Merri says:

    To me, Aurum appears fragile and shy, almost introverted. There is an air of sadness about her as though she has perhaps suffered a profound loss. The tears are lurking very closely behind those beautiful but sad eyes. Muse has an air of serenity and contentment. She is more confident and optimistic and is her sister’s protector. She is a dreamer and there is a sharp intelligence in her eyes.

  7. Gena McGuyer says:

    I Just have to say…
    If these dolls were really “Rubenesque,” one would not be able to see their collar bones, might have fleshier upper arms and thighs, and have bigger breasts. Merely my opinion, but I felt compelled to express it. I do love your artwork, and dream of the day I might afford one of your loverly ladies!

  8. Aeroksana says:

    Muse looks at you, Aurum looking through you…

    Day and night, extrovert and introvert, outward and inward, inside and outside…two parts of one whole…

    They are incredible, wonderful, amazing, so native and so real, full of sensitivity… Breathtaking!

    Thank you a lot, for sharing these wonderful photos, dear Marina!

  9. Lute al-Raad says:

    I actually don’t think Aurum looks hurt…she seems dreamy. I could imagine her a total booklover and friend of animals and flowers. Muse looks a little more matter-of-fact and more…eager to succeed? She has that expression as if she’s just spotted something informative in real life and is about to share it with her sister.
    And curiously, I actually know two sisters whose looks and temperament seem to reflect these two! Well not exactly exactly, of course, but the younger one has blonde hair (with curls) and blue while the older one has brown straight hair and brown eyes (and is dreamy).
    I also like it that Muse seems slightly taller..I’m thinking that Muse has more of a “runway model” character…while Aurum may be an artist, a poet, or an actress…

  10. Amoreen says:

    These sisters are a picture of all of us: a dual imagine of everybody’s personality. I recognize myself in them: sometimes I feel brave,amusing and quite great and other times hide my thoughts in my heart. That is the reality of life.

  11. Leigh says:

    Reminds me of the sisters from Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”

  12. Yana Vyalyak says:

    The blonde reminds me of Lucrezia Borgia from “The Borgias” series – innocent face, yet not so innocent smile… Love it:)

  13. Line says:

    Any news on the shipping books yet?
    Looking forward to see it.

  14. Crystal says:

    Aurum is the thinker, the dreamer. Muse is a little superficial and flirtatious.

  15. Hannah says:

    I’m guessing one is lively while the other is sickly silent

  16. I also feel the Aurum is the older sister, a day dreamer very shy while her younger sister is more out going and is very flirtatious.

  17. MissLK says:

    Muse is the heart breaker. Aurum is the broken heart. The two make my heart skipping a beat, or rather, multiple beats.

    Warning **Enchanted Dolls can kill**

  18. Isabel Pacheco says:

    Adorable Aurum I loveeeeeeeee.

  19. Miss LK you are right on the dot…..Muse heart breaker..Aurum broken heart….and yes Enchanted dolls can kill due to there addiction…..

  20. Crystal says:

    I wonder if the hair color were switched around if it would send a different message.

  21. Tatiana says:

    May these sister be Tatiana and Olga from Pushkin’s Evgeny Onegin?

  22. anga says:

    why is everyone here talking like they live in the 19th century? like they are so high class, like ‘oh i do believe that the one with the raven hair is feeling quite despondent”

  23. Alivtina says:

    gorgeous doll! They look very good together, like sisters!

  24. Alivtina says:

    gorgeous dolls!They look very good together, like sisters!

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