The stupid month of May at Enchanted Doll Head Quarters.

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6 month old pictures of Emerald finally on the site

 Pictures of Emerald finally up on the site after 6 months.

I found these pictures of Emerald on my laptop several days ago. They’ve been on my computer since November last year and I completely forgot about them because they were taken 20 minutes before we ran out of the house to catch our plane to Paris. It was a good find.  See more pictures of her in Nude galleries.

I hate to start a post off with a negative note, but May has been a rather ulucky and a challenging month for me and I can’t wait for it to end already and bring me a change of fortunes.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of casting problems with my tinted porcelain slip while being unable to order any more due to manufacturer’s backlog. Their customer service has been getting worse by the month and I have almost no patience left. I’m running dangerously low even on white slip and hope every day that I’ll be able to get some more before I go into my next phase of orders in July. It’s a real possibility that I may have to wait until Christmas, seeing how things are going so far. The scary part is that  I only have enough slip left for maybe 10 dolls and then I’m in trouble. Just thinking about not having any porcelain for up to 6 months gives me anxiety attacks.

The other unfortunate event that I’ve been dealing with is the last minute cancellation of my long awaited St. Petersburg trip/show. I was really looking forward to it and Chad and I have already got our tickets and had everything arranged, when I was refused Russian visa on the grounds of being a Russian. It’s a long and frustrating story. Chad got a visa no problem though. Oh well, next year. I’m almost over it.

And now I’m sick and falling behind schedule.

Well, I guess that’s enought ranting for now. Chad and I finally got a storage locker in our building today, which will give us more space to keep my work supplies. That was the best thing that happened this month. That, and another magazine cover feature for Enchanted Doll. I suppose things aren’t so bad.

35 Responses

  1. Cat Mallard says:

    I’m so sorry you are having such troubles with supplies, I wish you could just create without worrying about such mundane matter!

    I’m sad for you about the trip, I hope it works out in the near future!

  2. Cat Mallard says:

    Oh! and Emerald is lovely!

  3. Shiny says:

    Aww, poor Marina! *BIG HUGS* Hope next month is better for you.

  4. Ling says:

    It’s the Mercury retrograde – things should be better next month…

  5. Marina says:

    What’s Mercury retrograde?

  6. nati says:

    Me too, I don’t know what a Mercury Retrograve is but actually it seems to be such a powerful negative thing! I’m very sorry for the show at St. Petersburg but more worried about the fact you can’t probably order new porcelain sooner and wait for so long to have it! I’m crossing my fingers for you!
    Emerald is a real beauty! I saw her at Doll Expo in Rome, the little tattoo on her back is very nice. Anyway, Noire is still my favourite of your latest dolls ^_^

  7. Hi there, cheer up and don’t give in when these things happen. Easy to say, I know, but look at the bright side! You are one talented, lucky, beautiful, healthy young woman, you have a bunch of friends, funs and supporters and a wonderful fiancee. You enjoy what you do, do it incredibly well and it gives you success and recognition.
    Of course, sorry to hear about all the misfortunes, but I’m sure they are only temporary. Don’t let them bring you down!! :D

  8. Manu says:

    Don’t let the sun go down on you Marina
    unfortunately this year it’s bad for everyone perhaps due to the economic crisis.
    sorry to hear all that bad news
    as someone said already you are full of talend and healthy,don’t panic for that ,take life as he come with smile and those next day will be better

  9. annina says:

    i’m crossing my fingers for you that things will be much better in the coming month of june!!
    i was thinking, maybe you can network with fans and people on the ED forum and find a new manufacturer for porcelain slip if your current one is giving you headaches. (maybe not someone directly on the board but someone who knows someone who’s sister… etc. kind of thing)
    i can’t help in that field as i know nothing about it and have no such connections but i just had this feeling “something unexpected might happen to help”.

  10. Marina says:

    Thanks everyone for your support. I do count my blessings every day and always try too see things in perspective, but sometimes so many bad things happen back to back that I want to curse everything.

    Of course I have back up suppliers for porcelain and should I become desperate with my primary one, I will turn to them. Although porcelain doll industry all around has taken a big hit with the crisis and a lot of suppliers have been shrinking their inventory.
    The problem with other brands of slip is that they all have a slightly different shrinking rate as well as some secondary characteristics and my manufacturing process is based on the present shrinking rate. Besides, I like this brand a lot.

    Anyway. Things will work out. They always do.

  11. annina says:

    oh i see, i thought something like that that you only want to use the best quality you can find, or as you say the one of which you know the skrinking rate. well i will keep my fingers crossed still that the porcelain problem is resolved in the best possible way for you!
    with christmas do you mean that might be when you can next take orders again? *tries to be patient, wishes for an order slot*

  12. Lumina says:

    You know, when something bad happen, iut means that another day something good will come =).

  13. Judy Richardson (Jinky) says:

    So sorry to hear about this Marina! (((Hugs!))) I only just now found this new blog entry! Praying for things to turn around for you Marina!!!


  14. Judy Richardson (Jinky) says:

    PS – Don’t forget…. some beautiful things came out of the month of May…. 2 of which are the beautiful girls you created for me!!!! :)


  15. jose luis says:

    ANIMOOOOOOOOOOOO me encanta pensar en ti como inspiración pues trabajas incanzablemente…. te admiro muchisimo muchisimo… como no tienes idea eres un motor en mi vida

  16. Kimmi says:

    Poor Marina, I haven’t really thought about the economic crisis affecting other countries too, but now that I think about it I suppose it must, what with trade and commerce and all that. Stupid economy.

  17. i.b. says:

    i am so sorry things seem to be out of control and that you have been suffering through these unforseen changes. :( things should get better next month.

    since you asked, here’s an explanation link on mercury retrograde; it’s a little long but is a very good description of it.
    some people call it a time of ‘communication all f**d up’! but other things can be affected too, not just communication (technology is one). but not everything about it is bad! that was just one example.

    keep up the good work! give yourself a break, too. you deserve it! we’re all rooting for you! :)

  18. El says:

    How come they refused you a visa for being Russian? You’re not a Russian citizen, though, are you? That is sooo strange… What did they tell you?

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