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Valentine by KarolinFelix

I liked this one when I looked at it, but became really intrigued by the idea of a transparent filigree torso, once I read the proposal. This hadn’t occurred to me before. I like how the artist addressed the practical issue of the fragility of porcelain given such a narrow waist, but proposing that it’s made entirely of metal. I want to make this doll!


by Amal

I love this project not as three separate entries, but as a triptych. They are most effective not separately, but together. The most intriguing is the idea of capturing the idea of time travel and non-linear perspective within one doll. I think It’s a very challenging concept to address, and a very ambitions one to propose. I would love to see more cards in this series!

by Maura

I adore this entry for the beautiful rendering of Anne Boleyn and the rendering of the idea of her being the mother to Queen Elizabeth the Great through a gorgeous tattoo. I particularly like the creative solution to the clothing vs tattoo conflict:  one usually has to exist at the expense of the other, but in this piece both function together as a whole.

The top ten candidates all displayed a completeness that I look for in the entries: An interesting, coherent idea, effectively articulated and  combined with a beautiful presentation, originality and emotion. It was very hard to choose, and I wish I could  make twenty winners instead of just one, because there are many good proposals.

These are the top three that really speak to me, but who will be the winner?

I’ll decide by midnight. That’s all I’ve been doing all day. :)

19 Responses

  1. Eiko says:

    I vote for Valentine by KarolinFelix.

  2. J. David McKenney says:

    those are the three I would have chosen.
    congrats to the top three!

  3. Marina says:

    Thank you J (or David, I never know with names like this).

    I really struggled with your entry, as it was another idea that I really want to try and make into a doll.

  4. Orangey says:

    These are what I chose in the previous post too. But I have one thing to say to you: AMAL’s ENTRY. There’s my subtle hint. But I would also love you see you go all out with Karolin’s idea, I just don’t know how on earth you’d go about doing that. Maura’s tattoo is brilliant. Any of them are winners.

    I feel bad that I wasn’t able to provide more coherent entries, I was driven more by my ideas than visuals but who knew people would go all out with this contest like this, haha. Next year… I’ll know.

    I’d be interested in knowing your next top 10 after the ones you’ve already chosen.

    I hope your birthday was enjoyable despite the crazy pressure of choosing an entry. Eat some cake before the day is done. Chad’s got some baking in the oven right now =P.

  5. Iris says:

    Well I must say I love the filigree waist but from a selfish point of view I’d love it if another Anne Boleyn took the win :P

    Happy birthday to you! March girls are the best (says she whos birthday is tomorrow :D)

  6. MissLK says:

    Happy Birthday Marina and congrats to the top three!!!

    I was occupied with a breakfast meeting the whole morning my time so when I got to check the news on my phone, I went through the emotional roller coaster from exhilaration(made it to the top 10!) to proud disappointment(the top 3 are truly amazing but do allow me to be human for a second :)

    What a great meaningful event! This allows us to have a glimpse into what it must be like inside Marina’s head when creating an Enchanted Doll.

  7. I’d love to see her as a doll. I think she would lend herself to endless hours of posing fun.
    Thank you Marina and happy birthday! This contest is always so fun….and intense!

    I use J. David when I’m wearing my artists hat but my first name is actually Joshua. You can use any of them

  8. I think Amal’s proposal for the time travelers wife doll is the most unique and original idea I have *ever* heard for a doll.

    2D meets 3D and blends into a perfect whole, just like the concept she described, of your past and future self mingling in one form.

    As a 2D artist, I am particularly drawn to this one concept, as a potential merging of the drawn line and the dimensional sculpted form.

    Astera’s detailed rendition of Ann Boleyn is incredible. As an artwork created solely in traditional media it is exquisite. Soft golden colours give this tragic character a soft sense of serenity. Eery and beautiful.

  9. daniseyu says:

    happy birthday congratulations to the top three!
    its really hard to choose one and i hope to see the winner soon

  10. Orangey says:

    “I think Amal’s proposal for the time travelers wife doll is the most unique and original idea I have *ever* heard for a doll.”

    Monika, be careful what you say in the presence of the queen (Marina).

    I’m 100% kidding :P. I agree, it’s a brilliant concept, and I wonder how it would translate to reality, I’m really curious.

  11. I backed up my statement with why I said what I did

    … and I definitely did not mean to imply any form of competition between it and marina’s dolls (I know… it IS technically a competition, but against the other entrants, not against marina)

  12. Orangey says:

    My second to last sentence said that I was “100% kidding”. Which I was, don’t worry.~

  13. MollyTheWanderer(Idaho) says:

    I think I like Valentine best. She has the most striking appearance, in addition to the fact that she would be a new technique for you to puzzle out Marina. If I were to try and improve on her, the only thing I would add would be skirt that magnetically attaches to her torso, so that you dont notice her torso at first, then, when she reveals herself, its something of a shock. Also, she’s a little macabre, and I like that kinda thing. Congrats to the top three!

  14. KarolinFelix says:

    It’s wonderful to be amongst top three finalists <:

    I will say it again – congratulations to All!

    Marina, I’m happy that you like the idea of filigree body parts! It gives such amazing possibilities… there could be the whole doll made of metal ( golem? ).

    .. or it could be used for chosen elements… imagine for example elbows with spikes like an armour of a knight…

    It’s a kind of puzzle though.. metal has different shrinkage percentage than porcelain.. but the good challenge is precious <:

    And I love to make useful things, so after I add an ED logo… Valentine portrait will be an ED tin size…

  15. Marilu says:

    Home run! Great sulggnig with that answer!

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