The Vessel: Another Tattooed project

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I’ve finished a new tattooed doll, titled: “The Vessel”.

She is really pretty and has the longest, most beautiful mohair of any of my dolls i’ve ever made. It almost reaches her feet. Unfortunately I don’t have this length available for orders yet, as it is very rare and i was only able to get a little bit, which i’m keeping for my one of a kind projects.

This doll is also featuring a different style facial and body blushing. I decided to avoid using black in her face up and replace her skin tone blushing red with a dark brown, the colour I usually use for eyebrows and lighter eye tones. Needless to say i was a little bit nervous about how it would turn out. However i liked the results. Her face looks very light and fresh and her body tone is closer to the actual human skin tone.

I don’t prefer it over the red though, probably because i was never after ultra realism in my dolls, but rather subtle surrealism mixed with realism. A stylized look over a realistic.

I’ve started to sculpt new doll faces to add to my nude collection. I’m a little bit bored of the others and crave for fresh beauty.

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  1. angelitka says:

    wonderful, marvelous, excellent!!!
    that is indeed great news=) so, people who want to purchase your doll will get even in more troubles with choice;)
    and this piece of the new tatooed doll looks VERY delicious!
    i think i’m not the only one who wants to ask you about mermaid girl: is there any plans to make her version with an open eyes? i’m personally crazy about the eyes: big eyes with big upper lid (something like penelope has) and may be with cute bags under it… but who asks me..?! :)

  2. Marina says:

    I might, I might…
    I don’t plan to reproduce the tattoo though. It’s too much work and for this much effort i’d rather come up with a different, but also beautiful design.

  3. Biscuitbear says:

    I can’t wait to see the new style of painting…and the new beauties you are sculpting! I admit I would be tempted by an open-eyed mermaid as well, I think she has a beautiful face.

  4. Ilona says:

    Same here, as for the Marmaid girl! :)

    I can’t wait to see the new beauty and the next dolls for your Nude section. I hope I can see them before my order is due, if at all possible. It will make my choice harder but I’m sure you’ll have some wonderful new sculpts…

    Have you ever thought about opening the dolls’ eyes? I think you paint eyes beautifully but this is just another option…

    Fingers crossed for your work!


  5. Doreen says:

    Your dolls are breathtaking!!! Just wondering if Vessel is a one of a kind or will she be available to purchase? I’m new to your work and am not sure how purchasing works?

  6. Marina says:

    All tattooed girls are one of a kind.
    Unless of course i find a way to do a fired on decal tattoo on a curved surface. That would be nice, but so far my test results are not very promising for this type of application. I’ve been dreaming about doing a full color ceramic decal on one of my nudes, but, like i said-decals are a tricky business on such a small scale and on such an uneven surface. One day i’m sure i’ll find a way though.

    To answer your question, Doreen, I’m not available for orders until probably first 1/4 of 2009, but if you have any more questions, just send me an email.

  7. Marina says:

    In response to you. Ilona, I have considered opening up my doll’s eyes, but came to a conclusion that it would be a step down from painting due to several problems. First problem, I haven’t seen any small scale eyes that were expressive enough for my linking. If you know of any decent supplier of tiny eyes that will fit my doll’s sockets, please let me know. I might give it a try.
    Second, to my knowledge there aren’t any eyelashes that will fit and look good on 1/6 scale. Gluing them in would create somewhat of a mess due, once again to the small size of the socket.
    And the final problem is that i would have to open up the back of the doll’s head to put in the eyes and that presents a significant problem with my stringing system as well structural soundness of the doll.
    Basically, opening up the eyes presents a new set of problems which in my opinion are not worth solving because the end result doesn’t justify the effort.

  8. Cloudy-Chan says:

    I really like your tattooed dolls, I can’t wait to see this one in the costumed doll section :)

  9. angelitka says:

    just for your reference, i think they make small eyes as well…

  10. Sarandipitty says:

    2 cents from a new, inexperienced “doll” person. I really like the painted eyes better. I think their faces are more seamless looking. To me it makes each doll truly a piece of fine art. Also, I like that 100% of the doll that can be seen anyway,(minus the tension wires) is from you. No part of them is manufactured so to speak. Eyelashes that stick out would also completely change the look of their little faces. Maybe I am just a Noob or perhaps a doll snob and I never knew it, but there it is.

  11. anchor says:

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