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As you may remember from my earlier posts, I’ve been working on this tea dress for a couple of weeks now. I needed a light and fun distraction from other, more complex and demanding projects; a little working holiday.


And it still took me longer than I originally planned, because I kept complicating the design. I can’t seem to help myself.


Yup….just loooove complicating things.


I was working without a sketch. Just letting the bits of lace inspire me.


I think it might be done. At least for now. I want to keep it light. Must. Stop. Beading…. I do feel a sense of completion about it, but, a week from now I may wake up and decide that this dress is several thousand beads short. It’s like I’ve got an Alien Hand syndrome.





I think the dress suits her.

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  1. Kate says:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL. I love how it divides in the front–the beadwork down the front and beneath the split weighing her down in the front, but balanced by the flowing, billowing back. Amazing!

  2. I absolutely love everything. You are so talented and you are such an inspiration to me. It would be a dream come true to shoot one of your creations. ♥

  3. Anna says:

    It’s gorgeous. I love how you make it look so effortless, and I love how the fabric falls over her body. How I’d love to have one of your dolls to make dresses for! Maybe some day, when I’m all grown up…

  4. Carlota says:

    Wow!!! This is amazing! It doesnt needed to be simple, is plain white, so those amazing details are perfect!!!

    Your dolls make me wanna draw more!!!! ^^

  5. Lariata says:

    She’s so beautiful!

  6. Ruya Abca says:

    Hi Marina ..I want to sell your dolls in Turkey at luxury store which is called Vakko ..Please turn my mails..

  7. özlem says:

    It’s gorgeous !!! you are really very talented…

  8. Yana Vyalyak says:

    I was just wondering abot techinical aspects – is the lace hand-sewn to the dress? Or is it attached some other way?
    On the first picture the central part is asymmetrical and incomplete and on the 3rd picture it is all ideal without any stitches…I can’t see any seams and that’s really amazing!

  9. ranjiangzi says:

    just love complicating things,too~~the dress is beautiful~
    Skyler with green plants photoes are my favorite,looks so lovely>v<

  10. jacci says:

    absoluetly stunning, i’m impressed. all those little pieces of lace, what a gorgeouse dress you turned them into. you really are a muse in and of yourself. skylar looks lovely.

  11. Annina says:

    just amazing how one can’t see any stitches. i love the tiny white beads and pearls on it.
    actually i also see it both ways, it could be finished, or it could have more beads, it’s a dilemma. ;)
    and yes i think it really suits Skyler!
    by the way, is her hair glued permanently? it feels like she has “her own hair”, because she is special to you.

  12. Hane says:

    yeah it’s suit her very well :>
    Great, lovely job!!!

  13. Anika says:

    So very pretty, Marina! I can easily see how such pretty and delicate laces would inspire you.

  14. Just love the white beading. I do have a weakness for all white, monochrome. Beautiful!

  15. Olga says:

    My favourite pics are the 4th one and the last one!

  16. Carmen says:

    What a beautiful dress. She looks so elegant, graceful and long. And the shoes matches the dress perfectly. The dress looks like a combination of Victorian and Edwardian slip dress.

  17. Sarah says:

    I wish I had a dress like that… sigh

    <3 Sarah

  18. foo says:

    It’s gorgeous. Each picture just got better and better as I scrolled down the page.

    May I have one in real life size, please? ;)

  19. Cjoy says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The shots in the garden look as though she is about to reach for a breezy white portrait hat. :)

  20. Orangey says:

    Wow, that’s very impressive, the details and the assembly of the bits of lace on there is amazing. It’s very pretty and it suits her very well I think. I love how she and the dress look in the shot of her sitting on the chair, and I love the last shot, it’s exactly the setting one would picture her in, her hair blowing in the breeze.

  21. Tina says:

    love, love, love. so delicately beautiful ~ doll and dress. :)

  22. SHIRLEY J FOMBY says:

    I love the dress…French Hand Sewing at it’s best! You do marvelous work!

  23. Adrián says:

    very cute the dress I love

  24. Somnifer says:

    Nice. I can’t think of any other outfits you’ve made that have an Edwardian look to them. I think it’s the blue ribbon and sleeves, but this also reminds me of Biscuitbear’s marie antoinette dress.

  25. Suok69 says:

    She is a vision in this dress. Very beautiful doll. Love the lace, so light and detailed.

  26. Amoreen says:

    I’m in holiday now. I have promissed myself to stay away from the phone, computer and other things like that and just to relax. But…I’ve decided just to… have a little look on my favorite website <3… and… I cannot even exspress how beautiful Skyler is…Marina,you alwas surprise me. Thank you for sharing your amazing art.

  27. dollutional says:

    Really gorgeous. Truly an inspiration. Your talent is really limitless.

  28. MollyTheWanderer says:

    I personally wouldnt want it to be quite so seethrough if it was my dress, but other than that small detail, its beautiful! And it doesnt look complicated at all. Its great.

  29. beautiful and ethereal, like a fairy subtle and full of kindness their clothing is just lovely as delicate as herself is pure inspiration by the delicate details of her dresses that seem to whisper to the infinite and fill a special charm that makes you dream…

  30. Joe says:

    Just Beautiful work, very inspiring.

  31. lis says:

    absolutely gorgeous!!! i already loved the sneek-peek you’ve posted before but the dress is even more stunning now!

  32. Rachel B. says:

    Don’t add anything more…

    It. Is. Perfect.

  33. Sylvia says:

    if you ever feel like starting your own designerlabel for humanclosing (preferable not lace though, allthought it looks breathtaking on your doll, especially after seeing how you started this dress)…I WANT, if I may say so.

  34. Rebecca says:

    If so, you have the best Alien Hand Syndrome in the history of ever.

    Beautifully done, lady.

  35. ike angelwingz says:

    and this is your side project????
    awesome work. honest. this is my first encounter to whole doll thing and what a start!!! tnx.
    not only you do the work on doll you are also very good at presenting it.
    beautiful shots.
    ill take a look around this site if you dont mind..

  36. Arianne Lamb says:

    I noticed that you have the lovely Vlada Roslyakova photo by Pierluigi Maco as inspiration. I have always thought that your dolls and Vlada share the same delicate Russian looks but had to laugh with delight when I saw that we shared a picture on our inspiration boards.

  37. Jess says:

    This is breath taking, from the very first moment i found ur work i fell in love with it! I love the complicated, detailed and perfectly done art and u my dear have it all.
    Looking forward to read more of ur blogs :)

  38. denetdra says:

    the white dress is butiful you talent for detail is amazing!!!

  39. Joshua says:

    Beautiful, she reminds me of Miranda from Picnic at Hanging Rock.

  40. sophie says:

    wow so beautiful, great work !!
    xx Sophie

  41. IRIS says:

    To be honest, this dress may be a perfect one for plastic doll. But not suit your doll. The dress is style is “light” and the style of the doll, which decided by the nature of china, is “strong”. The words “light” and “heavy” here with nothing to do about their original meaning, I use them just to show a contrast. The dress lower the whole feeling of this doll

    Just personal view

  42. Thank you for making this site very interesting! Keep going! You’re doing very well!

  43. yeyita says:

    son hermosas, una obra de arte , donde se pueden ver costos¡?

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