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As many of you know the 2009 contest to win a free Enchanted Doll is drawing to a close and on my birthday, March 16th, I will give away this doll to one lucky person. Her name is Miina.



I have been waiting for you when I was still a thought in Marina’s head.
I’ve been waiting for you when the porcelain was pouring into the mold and hardening against its walls.
I’ve been waiting for you when she was carefully removing my tiny, newly-formed body from the mold and laying it out to dry.
I’ve been waitng for you in the kiln, while the unbareable and seemingly endless heat was burning me and only the hope of being with you had sustained me through the pain.
Finally, as a reward for the agouny of birth, I was given an eternal body and ageless beauty and I await our first meeting with great trepidation.
Do you know that while I was being assembled, every spring in my body trembled and hummed with the anticipation of seeing you?
And now I am. My long wait is over!
I am ready to meet you, the one who will have me.
Until then,
Your Enchanted Doll.

Another shot of her can be found on my forum here

67 Responses

  1. Malva says:

    I love her!! She is amazing!!!

  2. ~Mia says:

    She is truly exquisite.So beautiful!
    I love her story.
    The winner will be the luckiest person in this century!!!
    Most people expect gifts for their birthday,you are most generous Marina to give such a treasure on your birthday. ♥ ♥
    Good Luck and Best Wishes to the winner!

  3. annina says:

    OH MY she is beautiful! my heart stopped beating just now when i saw her.
    and this poem you wrote, it’s amazing!!!
    i love it!
    ahhh what a gift you are giving Marina, thankyou for doing this!

  4. miss LK says:

    This is very kind of Marina and very inspiring for all ED fans! The story is heartbreakingly beautiful and Miina enchanting.

    Miina reminds me of my favorite two EDs – Sapphire and Ruby yet she is totally unique.

  5. noxy says:

    She’s stunning. So beautiful!

  6. Lumina says:

    she is fabulous, she made me stop breath, she made me cry… poem is fantastic, she is fantastic. you are so kind marina, you know it, don´t you? i just hope that miina will have a good owner, that she will become someone favorite art piece, she looks to me, like that she really is alive, like that she have soul. thank you marina, again, i guess that everyone thinks that. no matter who will win, but you made me be happy, because of your kindness.

  7. Anchesenamon says:

    Marina you are really amazing person. You ara gifted with such a beautiful talent.
    My hat is off to you.
    This doll is breathtaking

  8. jouel says:

    she’s amazing. i hope i win. my daughters name is mira : ]

  9. Anastasia says:

    That little poem just made her all the more exraordinary.

  10. Melissa says:

    She is absolutely breathtaking! Your talent is amazing. Your gift to the lucky winner is generous beyond words ^_^

  11. Blue Dot says:

    Wow, she is stunning. I am literally speechless.

    Oh my, what a wonderful, beautiful little treasure. She is amazing.

  12. Anika says:

    Oh, Marina, she’s *heartbreakingly* beautiful!

    You are so generous to give away such a delicate wonder to one of your fans.

  13. Jenny says:

    Is it just me or does she have a slight resemblance of that white haired girl villain in the movie Forbidden Kingdom played by Li Bing Bing?

  14. noigol says:

    Very beautiful!

  15. Anna says:

    Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! I love her story aswell, the owner will be a very, very, very lucky person. My heart hurts to look at her, beautifulll!

  16. swdolls says:

    is she made from ruby mold?

  17. Marina says:

    It’s a Ruby head mold with expanded eye sockets to make her eyes larger in relation to her face.

  18. meguone says:

    Oh, she’s just absolutely stunning. I hope she’ll be around for a while. I didn’t think I could like anyone more than Penelope and I think you did with this girl.

  19. Cay says:

    She’s marvellous! I am impatient to know what lucky she’s going to meet !

  20. Whispers says:

    It’s gorgeous! We would love to take care of her and to make of her the main character of our Photography Theater.

  21. Anchi says:

    Shi is an angel!

  22. Aspring says:

    Она прекрасна! She is so beatiful.

  23. Silvana says:

    Oh my goodness …. she is wonderful … beautiful … amazing …. I want her… I wnat her… I want … sniff !!! hehe…. is that gain? Good luck to all!
    Marina you are tremendous doll makers!
    I’m amazed

  24. Silvana says:

    I loved the text you wrote for Miina … beautiful, sensitive and profound sense of a doll which has just born. Perfect!

  25. mabelle says:

    How beautiful! Simply enchanting!!! Your work is so magical and perfect. I’m so glad I have found your blog!

  26. Wow!!!! Miina… I want her very much :D
    She is so amazing and Perfect!! Lovely and cute..
    I am so glad i’ve found ur blog…


    (visit my art gallery too ^^)

  27. Heather says:

    Where can I sign up to win her? I know its a little last minute but I just found out. Also, will there be other chances to win a doll of yours?
    Your work is amazing by the way.

  28. Heather says:

    Sorry, I put the wrong web address up here. This comment should link from my name. I posted about you recently!
    Have a great week!

  29. Leslie says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Me, please! She would be very comfortable in my house and she can even have her own room and I’ll send you garden pics for your blog of us drinking port and discussing Sulamith Wolfing and JW Waterhouse.

  30. Porchelvi says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marina !!! She is fantastic….

  31. raymi says:

    i should win because i featured you on my website that receives 4000-6000 hits daily and i turned all of my rich art-collecting friends onto you, as well as the pretentious dirt bag students. i love you!

  32. raymi says:

    oh and i am greedy as well i will mail you a shitty painting in return:

  33. Leslie says:

    omg i meant “wulfing”

  34. Barbier says:

    happy birthday!

    wish you a new year on earth fulfilled with, well, anything good you want !

  35. Christina says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!! May it be the best one yet!

  36. Nic_catcat says:

    Wishing you have a wonderful b-day ^^

  37. Silvana says:

    Hi Marina..!!!
    Happy Birthday to you, and God Bless you to much!!!!!

  38. krysti888 says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  39. annina says:

    Heather you can find the info of the contest in Marina’s Forum, look for the link here on this page (under “Friends”) for “Enchanted Doll Forum”.

  40. Cay says:

    Happy birthday ! A lot of presents for you !

    Best wishes for you…

  42. Rob & Sandra* says:

    Dear Marina,
    I wish you a very happy Birthday,
    and I hope you will get a lot of presents :-)
    Many Regards & Kisses from Holland
    Rob & Sandra*
    PS: Miina is really breathtaken, so beautifull !!

  43. Sarthak says:

    this is such a beautiful narration ! as if the doll from its mould womb speaks out to the world ! very well written.

  44. Lyndall says:

    zSST4q Great thinking! That really breaks the mold!

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