Three weeks to the auction of….

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… this doll! The lovely Madame de Pompadour!


And it’s not just her alone. She comes with a set of precious, hand made playing accessories. Let me tell you about them all.

To begin with we have these tiny 24k gold-plated hair combs with 7 Ruby stones between them. I made the three combs in the French fashion by hand out of Bronze, while the little ships were found antique Sterling Silver brooches. I had repurposed them into hair accessories for Madame de Pompadour’s three (3) interchangeable, magnetic wigs!


The first, is this Formal Court wig made from natural silk fibre and varnished in place over a hollow foam frame. Don’t let the size fool you – this wig is ultra light, weighing only 66 grams (2.3 ounces)! It stays on the doll with just one little magnet. I’m really proud of this one, so proud in fact, that I had made a special glass display case for it… and then engraved it for good measure. Why? Because…why not?


Then there is this ‘casual’ wig that was inspired by Francis Boucher’s 1756 portrait of Madame de pompadour. Simple, light and lovely, it’s made from the softest Angora fibre and sewed into a permanent ringlet style with tiny antique silk flowers and ribbons.

The third, is the long wig seen in the first photo. Made from snow white natural Mohair, it is loose and long for styling, brushing, braiding, curling and playing.

The next accessory, is this lovely pin cushion arm chair made with a wooden candle holder from Michael’s (!!!) and rose Indian silk. The golden metal threads in the silk catch the light and echo the gold ships in the wig! The architectural chair topper is fretted out with a hand saw from a thin sheet of pine, in the style of Art Nouveau.


Madame de Pompadour also comes with a pair of 14k gold-plated and enamelled shoes, a pair of pearl earrings, a heavy steel stand, a bouquet of antique silk flowers and of course, a beautiful custom tin box.

All in all, there are 16 separate accessories for this very special doll. The auction is 3 weeks away, on November 30th-December 3rd. Get ready!



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  1. Els says:

    She looks absolutely amazing!! I love how her big, fancy wig has its own case :D

  2. Anna says:

    The case for the wig!! That is SO amazing!!! I love it!! :D OOoh ooo I am filled with want for Madame and all her stunning accessories!! The chair, so utterly brilliant! What beautiful brilliant work! Oh Madam de Pompadour you are so fabulous!! Beautiful beyond measure! Marina, you are a polymathic genius!!

  3. Words simply cannot describe how exceptionally exquisite this piece is. Truly an inspiration. This work opens ones eye to what beauty is beyond measure.

  4. Nanyalin says:

    Extremely beautiful, the rococo vibe all present in the pastel colors, the blue of the engravings and the softness of her picture-like features. Outstanding, and I’ve really enjoyed these further pictures of her. Who will be the lucky owner of this masterpiece? ; )

  5. Merri says:

    Officially gobsmacked!!!….and (Chad) I think my socks must be in the stratosphere by now! :)

  6. Jim Guess says:

    Just wanted to be in the newsletter

  7. Jacquelyn says:

    this is gonna be the most insane auction. i can only imagine. but for all the time and work that went into Madame de Pompadour, not to mention all the goodies that come with her, someone is gonna have a wonderful addition to their art collection. and a big, astronomical hole in their wallet.

  8. hanna says:

    you are stunning artist.
    but I am disappointed that she has no fancy dress.

  9. Jayne Wourms says:

    I can’t even…. she takes my breath away.

  10. berthawong says:

    Gosh! Out of words!

  11. Staci Goldberg says:

    Just beautiful , love, love, love.

  12. Amazing! Outstanding detail and beauty! Marina, you create the kind of masterpieces that will live for generations to come and delight everyone who encounters them. Creations that touch the heart and soul. I am just speechless. Or breathless, should I say. With tears in my eyes. Really. You are an artist whose genius just grows bigger with your every thought, every touch. ❤

  13. Sonia Anne says:

    I can’t get past this one! On my mind 24-7!! I can’t imagine who the winner will be and how he/she will react, when they open this exceptional package!!! I am dreaming that it will be me!!

  14. Amal says:

    I feel like the wig case should be filled with water… pretty sure that wig would come to life if submersed in water! When I was younger I went to a bedouin market and was sold this ancient-looking root type cutting. I was told that if I put it in water, it would come back to life and flower, pretty flowers. I put it in water and waited… the water clouded over and the whole thing turned rancid. This wig looks more promising, lol! One magnet?!?! That’s mad!!! Can’t wait for the auction. Will you have to censor these photos?!

  15. Princess Nia says:


  16. Anthony says:

    I am still in complete and utter awe of this truly otherworldly piece of art. EVERYTHING is perfection Marina, I am OBSESSED with the wig’s display case and every single item that is included with her. I know I always say this, but I mean it every time my dear, you have OUTDONE yourself. This gorgeous beauty is a true and utter masterpiece. Just a dream come true.

  17. Crystal says:

    This is the what having money is all about! I would not care how much she cost me, I’d put a million down at the last minute and pray to win her! Good lord, to have her in my hands, does it get any better then that! No! Such a precious jewel she is!

    • Merri says:

      Oh to be rich! :) I don’t think I’ve ever coveted one of Marina’s dolls more than this one! I think this auction will go through the roof!

  18. Anna says:

    Two weeks!!! <3 eeeeeeee!

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