Three Designs

Multiple Choices
Garden of Delights, Cinderella, Elena the Beautiful, or All of the above? Enchanted Doll presents three collectors tins featuring artwork by Lostfish and Nati Pierandrei. Each tin is wrapped in a pattern in either a yellow, gray, or blue colour scheme depending on the design. On the side of the tins is the "Ruby" Enchanted Doll logo done by the artists.

3 Different Designs, Same Great Tin
Aside from the artwork and the colour, the three tins are all identical. They all feature the same foam inserts, the same hinged lid, and the same high quality finishing.


Designed by Lostfish

Tin Colour:

Garden of Delights
Designed by Natalia Pierandrei

Tin Colour:

Elena the Beautiful
Designed by Nati Pierandrei

Tin Colour:


Secure Storage

Keep Enchanted Dolls Safe
The tins all come with foam inserts that are specially designed to store an Enchanted Doll safely, even through transport. The inserts are so safe for EDs that porcelain dolls have been shipped around the world in these tins without any problems. The inserts are comprised of three layers, a thin base sheet of foam, a middle section with an outline cut to house a doll, and a finally a third layer on top to put the doll in a snug, secure sandwich.

Don't have a doll? The tins can still be quite useful. For an example of their volume, they can house 8 DVD's in two stacks of 4's. What else can be kept in the tins? How about fabric, threads, paints, paint brushes, pens, pencils, felts, or sculpting tools. Not the creative type? You could store aforementioned DVD's, CD's, love letters, letters from your pen pals, photos, baseball cards, small electronics, etc.


High Quality Tins

Length: 40cm - 15.75"
Height: 7cm - 2.75"
Width: 15cm - 6"

Timeless Tins
The Enchanted Doll tins are produced by Timeless Tins, who make high end tin packaging for business, ranging from standard box sizes to custom shapes and designs.



How to Order



Tin Design(s): 

Cinderella (white)
Garden of Delights (yellow)
Elena (blue)

Address (to calculate shipping):

Addition informational (optional):

The tins are $30.00 CAD(Canadian) each.

Paypal is the method for payment.

Shipping Info
Shipping is done through Canada Post and ships worldwide. The cost and time of shipping is dependent on your location. According to, the following are estimated shipping times for two methods (air vs surface)

Shipping to the US

Air: 4 to 10 business days
Surface: 6 to 12 business days

International Shipping

Air: 6 to 10 business days
Surface: 4 to 6 weeks


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