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These are the top 10 entries as chosen by Marina. Their critiques can be found on the blog

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#86 by Anne

The first doll is Versailles she is inspired by the style of ornaments of Apollon and the sun, the dolfins of the fountains, and the mirrors of the “Gallerie des glaces” in Louis XIV Palace. It’s a drawing of watercolor pencil, gold silver paint ing 3D (a little), and varnish to make the mirror really reflect. But on scan and photo it does not shine. The second doll is (Moldaya) Yaga, she is inspired by the Russian fairytale of Vassilissa the beautiful, which is my favorite tale since childhood. I received a” fac similé” of the original books for my 8th birthday with the drawings of Bilibin (they are on the first picture i took of my drawings). This tale encourage fine art work and, there is a magic doll, it’s naturally connected to you. So she is a young Baba Yaga with her servants on the back: the three horses (dawn in white, noon in red, and sunset in black) chicken foot, mushroom of the forest, and snake for witchcraft. I hope you’ll enjoy my drawings, I’m so happy you will look at them, thank you for your generosity and this opportunity

Happy Birthday!!!

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#92 by Anna

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#103 by Ran j

This tatoo inspired from Medical Anatomy and Narcissism.I use the skeleton(the spine and the sphenoid bone) to express the aesthetic of medical.In most cases the skeleton symbled horrible,death,aim or painful,but an artist has no necessary to follow the dominant ideology .The skeleton maybe can be symbled regularity and calmless.

Narcissus is a typical flower to symbled the narcissism in Greek mythology,so I use this image on the doll,I’m a girl and I appreciate female’s body.(…wrrrry God…terrible…hope my english can be better T_T)

The color:I used the classic cobalt blue of ED tatoo on the doll.I don’t know other screen of percinal computer,but it looks blue color on my computer at less.

ps:please don’t mind the cheilopalatognathus doll face,it’s just my idea of a doll last year.


129-2 129-3


#129 by Kiersten V

The series of tattoos I have designed are inspired by tragedies currently afflicting our world. Women in the Middle East have been permanently scarred by acid being thrown on them for various insults or offenses they have committed. The victim could be attacked for refusing an arranged marriage,  not wearing proper religious attire, or dishonoring their family. Worse, the attacks are often committed by close family members or neighbors. Sadly, reports of these terrible assaults are increasingly being found outside of the Middle East, in regions such as Europe and the United States.

Each of my designs was inspired by a real woman who has been marred from these atrocities. My goal was to create tattoos that would bring these horrific crimes to light, and generate awareness for these suffering women. At the same time, instead of focusing on their scars as something realistic and horrifying, I desired to turn them into something beautiful and intricate. This way, the designs reflect the unique beauty that is present inside each of the courageous victims.


#204 by Mai M

Tattooed trompe l’oeil armour reflects our longing for invulnerability, strength, enlightenment, and inner peace. Ironically, the physical body is still vulnerable to injury, exploitation, and death.

Materials: ink, watercolor pencil, acrylic, pastels, gold-leaf.




#225 by Karla R

One thing I was sure while I was designing this character was that I didn’t wanted it to dress her torso with feathers, of all the designs and sketches with that elements none of them seemed appealing to me or magical enough.

And  then I was covering her body with forms and patterns, that fit, that seemed right, so I redesigned her for this contest and I just had to adapt the design for an Enchanted Doll.

The patterns over her body are designs that looks like suns or flowers and shining elements like the bird, a bright creature with golden tattoos covering her body, there is one important element with this design too: the tail.

The original tail in my illustrations it’s bright and composed of golden peacock feathers. I had to create the Enchanted Doll version of the tail. It’s metallic with jewels of different forms and sizes.


#244 by Anita D J

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#249 by Amal

A series of images exploring the idea of tattoos being a visual impression left on the skin by the sensation of being held, either in tenderness, or force. The tattoos could be indicative of the emotional ‘scarring’ of abuse, or a lingering memory of a loved one’s touch.

With our bodies we have the power to restrain, dominate and oppress – but, not exclusively as this can be done mentally also, perhaps going unnoticed by appearance. Both love and abuse leave marks, whether physical or not.

There are many limiting factors of touch, such as time and distance. We can’t be touched by those who are absent, but that may not lessen their ‘hold’ upon us. Likewise, the burning desire to feel the touch of a loved one who is not present is like having their absence etched upon the skin.

An embrace can be fatal, but can also save and restore life. The same pair of hands; two antithetical outcomes. How is it that an act of intimacy can have the potential to both harm or comfort in equal measures?

296-1 296-2

#296 by Merrilyn C

Title:  “The Egg Timer” (The time is twenty past midnight.  Has she left it too late?)

My tattoo design is a symbolic representation of a woman’s biological clock, incorporating elements inspired by one of my favourite Faberge eggs.  Research indicates that a woman’s eggs determine her biological clock.  They drive the system.  They do the ticking.  Some women choose not to listen, yet these tiny eggs have an uncanny way of making themselves heard.  The little face on the clock symbolises the unborn child, who may or may not come to be.   And in the case of IVF, it’s a poignant reminder of the embryos created but not required.  Perhaps to be left ‘hanging’ in their frozen world.  Forever suspended in time.

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#304 by CiCi

When it comes to destruction, whom I first come up with is Medusa in the Greek Mythology, as well as her snaky hair and petrifying eyes. I come up with a good inspiration about her eyes and the closing eyes on the stripes of both hands. When the hands cover Medusa’s eyes, she looks as if she is closing her eyes.

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Timi C

The three tattoos depict the three Slavic goddesses named the Zorja. I think you know this myth better than me, but I write it for the sake of completeness:
In Slavic mythology, the Zorja are three guardian goddesses, known as the Auroras. They guard and watch over the doomsday hound, who is chained to the star Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor, the “Little Bear”. If the chain ever breaks, the hound will devour the constellation and the universe will end.
The Zorja represent the Morning Star, the Evening Star and the Midnight Star. The Morning Star is Zorja Utrennjaja: she opens the heavenly gates for the chariot of the sun in the morning. The Evening Star is Zorja Vechernjaja: she closes the gates of heaven each night as the sun returns home. The Midnight Star is Zorja Polunochnaja: each night, the sun dies in her arms and then it is restored to life.

I red about the Zorja in “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman some years ago and I can’t get them out of my head. And now when I was thinking about the tattoos for your beloved Enchanted Dolls, it seamed to be a good idea to draw tattoos inspired by the Zorja.
I designed three patterns which are closely related but there are some differences in them: the Sun, the Moon and the Star like the hanging flower in full bloom, in half bud and in bud refer to the morning, evening and midnight goddesses. I put a lot of Sun symbols in the design – dots, circles and flowers, – and the birds are light symbols as well. I was inspired by Slavic and Hungarian folk patterns (I’m Hungarian).
I think these tattoos would look good on your large doll because of the small details.



Katarzyna S

In my idea for a tattoo I wanted to refer to Enchanted Doll  creation inspired by fairy tales. I hope you like it, I did my best but I am not a professional illustrator;)

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Kallè, “the beautiful”
I conceived these tattoos for a Large ED. They represent four stories of betrayed women without justice.
The Ursa Mayor symbolizes the virgin nymph Callisto, companion of Diana. Zeus changed himself in Diana to approach and rape Callisto; she was despised by Diana for her consequent pregnancy and then transformed into a bear by Juno for envy. At last, Zeus changed Callisto into a constellation to preserve her from her own son, a hunter.
The Cygnus stands for the queen Leda. Zeus transformed himself into a swan and abused her in that form. Leda gave birth to an egg from which emerged the two Dioskouri, Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra.
The pomegranate symbolizes Proserpina, goddess of spring, kidnapped and then married by Hades. It’s the only tattoo that doesn’t involve a constellation because now Proserpina can’t see the stars for six months a year, time that she spends in hell with her sad husband.
The Corona Borealis stands for Ariadne, the princess abandoned on an island by Theseus after all her indispensable help. Her story ends in hope when Dionysus falls in love with her and changes her crown into a constellation to represent his love.

emilia-silver fox


Emilia B

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Isabella C

Dragonflies are creatures found all over the world and live mostly in freshwater habitats.
These beautiful insects represent many things; good luck, strength, transformation, defeat of illusions. While being delicate they are also beasts of prey; they are the predators of the pond. I chose this as my motif to represent that while many women may seem fragile, they are not always so. Behind a glittering exterior a ferocious interior can lie.

Dragonflies are a symbol often found in Art Nouveau. This tattoo draws inspiration from that art style.

The motif itself I envision tattooed in a lustrous green. The petals of the lotus are white, the leaf also green.
There are pearls dangling from her ears by golden chains. There are pearls adorning her hair, which is auburn. The flower petals of the lutes flowers at the sides of her head are white silk.


317-2 317-3


Jon S

Name: “Le quattro stagioni” (the four season)
Technique: Drawing, Water color Painting, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
The inspiration:
I get the inspiration from the music of Vivaldi “Le quattro stagioni” and the picture of “Rorschach Technique“ transfer it in to a form of Human body, I can feel the Enchanted Doll is a magic like 4 season, movement, changing , and grow up by time pass. It’s inspiring me to create tattoo in to dimension of 3Ds tattoo. With the eyes and senses of Rorschach Technique which make a beauty shining. But it’s still quite normal. So I should the technique of cutting the picture into pieces, to make tattoos seem like illusion and magic shining with blur lines . I want to make this tattoo is one and only. One of a kind like Enchanted Doll.
Here the link of my youtube.



Isakova Anna

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“I wanted to locate a tattoo on her stomach so that the heart was located between the breasts, and the flowers at the bottom.”

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Hisako S


( Nayotake-no-Kaguya-hime “princess of flexible bamboos scattering light”)

Inspired by a Japanese folktale, traditional Japanese body suits, and Sho Chiku Bai (pine, bamboo, and plum) also known as the “Three Friends of Winter”.

The story is of a child that is sent from the moon to live on earth. I imagine her tattoos of the Three Friends of Winter as giving her protection and guidance as she journeys through our world. They represent steadfastness, perseverance, resilience, and purity.

(Pencil crayons on a print, original image Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova)

302-2 302-1



I named my project “Extinct” and I was inspired by “The Last Unicorn” – fairytale by Peter S. Beagle. It is about the female unicorn, who thinks she may be the last of her kind. She goes on a journey to face her fate, hidden in a human body, so no one can recognize her and hunt her down. But the shell of mortal flesh slowly kills the ancient creature hidden inside. Her salvation turns out to be her bane, but in the same time it is the human body which shows her what is the feeling of love, which previously was not given to her to know.



Angelique Angels



304-5 304-6



Virgin Mary represents the genesis. As the mother of Jesus, she symbolizes holiness, purity and renascence. With thorns intertwining amid the sacred heart and the cross, abdominal cavity being pregnant with Jesus, the holy light is disseminated around the infant’s whole body under the church’s asylum.
Still are the lilies betokening the purity of virgin.  But this design has not adopted them, no longer representing the purity of Virgin Mary, but renascent Jesus.
When it comes to destruction, whom I first come up with is Medusa in the Greek mythology, as well as her snaky hair and petrifying eyes. I come up with a good inspiration about her eyes – the closing eyes on the stripes of both hands. When the hands cover Medusa’s eyes, she looks as if closing her eyes.
Venus represents Aphrodite. In order to look for her beloved, Venus runs through the grove of roses. The white roses puncture her hands and feet, the blood drops on the rose petals, and the white roses became red ones. Redeeming the world with love is also an eternally immutable truth. When painting the effect picture, I think why I shall not turn the child into a statue of Venus de Milo, with the hands tattooed on the body to replace the ones she has lost.

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Who are we? Angels? Demons?
We are born with inherent traits of both.
We are humans.
Behind the brittle shell of our bodies there is a war that we are doomed to
lead for ever.
The war with the demons within us for the only priceless treasure – our soul.
The essence of our being – a struggle between two opposites laid down in us initially.
This is our punishment and our blessing.
Which side will win?
Angel wings can be decorated with pearls and pieces of mirror,
and on the tips of the demon-gargoyle`s wings can be added hanging drops of blood – rubies.

306-2 306-1


Chiza A

The Genie of the Lamp. A symbol of infinite freedom, the fulfillment of your deepest desires – riches, power, love. Wish for everything, because when nothing is missing, surely then you can finally be whole! Whole? Deep down, you know that empires crumble, that treasures tarnish. What will any of it matter when you die? Three wishes. Any mortal can have only three. The first wish is to be BORN, though time slips away like countless grains of sand the moment you first draw breath. You are alive. The second wish is to take life and LIVE it, to reach beyond yourself and embark on the journey that will reveal your beautiful true form. The third wish is to DIE, and say, “I am now immortal.” Your legacy, built by your deeds like bricks, like mortar by the lives you touched, is THE judgement – the only judgement. The golden thread of your life; spun, measured and cut with blind precision, is yours only in illusion. As with the Genie, your seemingly endless choices are actually few. Waste your life, and you will die. Live it, truly LIVE it, and you will live forever.




Princess once, she became the Queen and the birth mother of an endless sea of faith, trust and soothing comfort.
Her name translating as “love”, she held the idea of the greatest female with certain typical features, ability to love being one of them. But entailing such features she as well held a burden she could never afford to let go. She is the mother of Buddha.
Was she beautiful? Was she prudent? Was she the one who gave so much requiring little in return? Was she the one who died 7 days after the birth of an only child thus becoming a womb for beliefs, fears and hopes for generations on? Was she allowed to be different? Who can ask her that?

The tattoos here are parts of the image of the Queen Maha Maya, who had her child and her destiny inwrought tightly with the conception of an elephant with the lotus on the back. The animal bore her fate, and the imprint of this fate with a scent of the intoxicated flower is forever the reflection of hers in a mirror within the river of history.

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В вашем блоге я прочитала, что вы очень любите путешествовать, поэтому думаю вам приятно, что вашим куклам приходится много путешествовать, ведь они так популярны по всему миру. Моя идея для татуировки – это татуировка в виде карты с названием городов, в которых живут/побывали ваши куклы. У меня, конечно же, нет такой информации, поэтому использовались только несколько имён крупных городов.

Вдохновением для меня помимо ваших кукол послужили различные карты, виды со спутников и т.д.(mood board прилагаю) Бесконечная вереница дорог и развязок, которые пересекаются, то широкие – то узкие, то извилистые – то прямые, они как кружева облегают тело куклы.

В ночных городах много света, их даже видно со спутника, поэтому есть предложение поверх татуировки использовать люминофорную (luminofor) краску, она прозрачна и светится в темноте, как фосфорная только безопасная.

Идея для наряда. Перед тем как куда-то отправиться, мы всегда смотрим погоду в том городе, куда мы направляемся. Платье сделано из прозрачной ткани с расшитыми камнями или вышитыми нитками образами, характеризующими погоду. Ткань платья такая же подвижная, как и меняющаяся погода, которая обычно показывается на картах.



Piyaporn K

In Buddhist mythology and Hindu mythology, a Kinnari is a paradigmatic lover, a celestial musician, half-human and half-bird.
This is my first time that I design tattoo useing Thai-painting so I think it may look weird…,but I not give up! because I want to improve myself more and more by your contest !



Holly W

For the theme of my tattoo work, I chose the ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor. .
This tattoo is meant to be on the back of a doll perhaps over lapping a bit on the sides of the doll. Pearls or glass beads are represented by the shiny circles.

Hathor’s name means House of Horus”, and in hieroglyphics, her name is written as a falcon inside a box that represents the floor plan of a house.
Hathor is commonly depicted as a cow goddess with horns set in a sun disk with Uraeus.
She has many titles  As the daughter of Re, she was the “Eye of Re”.  In the form of a large seeing eye, she watched over mankind. She was at times seen as destructive and savage. It is thought by some, that she was the origin of the “Evil Eye”.
The Ankh, thought to have been derived form Hathor’s eye, is a symbol of good luck.
As “The Mistress of Heaven”, she was seen as a celestial cow whose four legs supported the vault of Heaven.
Hathor , worshiped by royalty and common people, is depicted as “Mistress of the West” in tombs welcoming the dead into the next life.
In other roles she was a goddess of music, dance, love, motherhood, fertility and a goddess who helped women in childbirth.
The Lotus is a symbol of the sun representing creation, rebirth, and regeneration.
The Sistrum, a musical rattle meaning “to shake”, and was often seen with a carving of Hathors face.
The Scarab is equated with the ball of the sun being rolled across the sky. Uraeus (the cobra) is associated with the sun and also represented the “fiery eye of Re”.

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Andrea V

I did my design with watercolors, but I create not just a tattoo, also I imagine it as part of a bigger concept. I called the doll, María, and my inspiration was our lady of Guadalupe, the patron and I think that the biggest symbol of religion in my country. But for me, represent something bigger. As you know, in Mexico, the religion is an important part of our life, but I think that not in a good way.The machismo is part of that, and if I could describe the virgin with one word it would be abnegation. And in my country, although we progress, they want that all the girls play this roll, they say that we must be mothers and just see four our child and family , and be this perfect and religious wife.
Be like that is not bad, but is horrible when they force you. So my idea was transform the Guadalupe’s virgin in to a real women. I use her main symbols  and I changed.
The heart represents our capacity of create life, but is a particular decision, and represents also of own lives, we choose our ways, the veins. The virgin is paint on top of the moon and in front of sun, representing her magnificent, but, we are normal persons, we have the sun and the moon inside of us, sometimes we act right or wrong, we are not perfect. The ribbon in the virgin is because she is pregnant, but in my doll, repents that we can take care ourselves, and is not selfish.
The rood turned is the election of be different from what religion and society expect. I’m not a virgin, I’m not a hooker, I’m just a woman.

Presentación de PowerPointPresentación de PowerPoint Presentación de PowerPoint

Presentación de PowerPoint Presentación de PowerPoint Presentación de PowerPoint


William Gerardo Hernández García



Katherine S

Fertility Sacrifice-
In the past, multiple cultures would have an annual human sacrifice for crop fertility and better yields. The killing could take many forms, and often removing the heart was a part of it. This is the significance of the corn growing from the hole over her heart. The tree circles the womb and rooted in representation of human reproduction and the continuing cycle of the goddess of earth who was believed to give her life in exchange for the growth of spring and summer. The noose of wheat combines the life-brining food with the death involved, and its relation to human belief and needs, the hoe, eventually unwinding and finally returning to seeds.



Elizabeth S

My tattoo idea is based on the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries, and the idea that unicorns could be lured by young virgins.

The crown around the neck represents the unicorn in captivity.  The wound to the chest represents the wounds inflicted during the hunt, and the killing blow.  The tree on the back represents life, and the water represents purity, and the flowing out of life as the unicorn dies.

For this tattoo, all of the golden colors are meant to be metallic.

296-1 296-2


Merrilyn C

Title:  “The Egg Timer” (The time is twenty past midnight.  Has she left it too late?)

My tattoo design is a symbolic representation of a woman’s biological clock, incorporating elements inspired by one of my favourite Faberge eggs.  Research indicates that a woman’s eggs determine her biological clock.  They drive the system.  They do the ticking.  Some women choose not to listen, yet these tiny eggs have an uncanny way of making themselves heard.  The little face on the clock symbolises the unborn child, who may or may not come to be.   And in the case of IVF, it’s a poignant reminder of the embryos created but not required.  Perhaps to be left ‘hanging’ in their frozen world.  Forever suspended in time.

297-1 297-2


Irene’s Sorrow
The tattoo is inspired by a polish nurse Irena Sendler that during the II World War had courage to save over a 2,500 children from ghetto of Warsaw. The broken chains are a sign of freedom this brave woman, which after that was also arrested and tortured, gave to so many innocent beings. The flower in a chest is a symbol of children. Initials on doll’s arms stand for Irena Sendler, but also for a doll’s name: Irene’s Sorrow. The woman many years later said: “Every single child was saved by me is a justification for my existence on this earth, not a reason for the glory”. For the rest of her life she kept to ask herself, whether she could save more lives.



Matt S

“Galileo’s Daughter”
In Elementary school, we learn of Galileo and his family, but one thing did not set well with me. He had two daughters, Virginia and Livia. Both were sent to a convent in their adolescence. Virginia was very well documented, however the information on Livia was very scarce. The most information I could find in any books at the time stated that she was mute and simply weird. She was often referred to as the strange child. She was nine when they arrived. Livia took the name of Sister Archangela, her sibling became Maria Celeste. After their arrival, not much was mentioned of Livia, except the convent life was not fit for her. I would feel that it would be difficult to be a mute nun. In my elementary brain I created adventures of what she might do if at nighttime she escaped the convent, traveled as far as possible before daybreak and followed in her fathers train of thought by chasing and charting the stars. Virginia wrote back and forth to Galileo while he was imprisoned. Due to the matter of the letters, the nuns burned most of them. Livia saw how much her family was being punished just by her father’s attempt to speak the truth. Luckily Livia could not speak, but she could still search for her own truth. I did not do a very good job, but for Livia’s tattoos, I had imagined her almost charting on her own body the things she saw in a white ink or chalk. I thought the contrast of the geometric shapes and lines against her slightly sunkissed Italian skin would be very satisfying. She could also have a great costume like a sheer habit, a great ensemble from an area surrounding Italy in the early 1600s, or even a really cool suit of armor that she might have for extreme situations.





Kait C

The Ghost of the Old Knotted Tree

They placed my body beneath the old knotted tree; the tree where we played with our marbles and dolls.  I’ll never know why they chose me; I do not understand at all.  It matters no longer, for all that remains are fragments of a girl who’d not yet lived and her favorite tree…

My inspirations were the Inca human sacrifices found in the 90s in Argentina and other areas of South America, as well as the many human sacrifices of Ancient Asia.  I am hoping my entry will convey some of the emotions these people must have felt (or would feel as a ghost), knowing they had no control over their own fate, and being unable to understand why they were chosen.  It’s both fascinating and heartbreaking to me that theses cultures believed the sacrifice of a loved one’s life could bring good fortune.



The traveller series – the original idea went from a passion for sea life but also for the end of the XIXth century period innovations and steampunk genre. This is naturally that the universe of Jules Verne novels came to me.
Dolls can be part of a story, tell a story as a fairy tale or be a personification of a character, but here i wanted the dolls to literally be the story. Each customization represents a novel of Jules Verne, highlighting themes he was passionated by and he used to make his stories unforgettable, out of time, and avant-gardist, like nature, travels, science and mechanic inventions.
I usually use fresh colours on dolls, but here i wanted these design to remind the gravures by this black/white with Chinese ink method, and two-tone artworks fit your creations very well.

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Jayne W

Art Nouveau Dragonfly

I have chosen an Art Nouveau design for my tattoo entry as it  is my favourite design period.  To me it represents the time when people, especially women, were finding in the course of a few years, their world had changed drastically. The old order and button down existence they were used to no longer suited a world changed by war. A shortage of available men meant women took jobs outside the home, and when WWI ended they refused to go back to their kitchens.

British woman were granted the vote and American women were soon to follow.  There was a real desire to celebrate life and new found freedoms.   Corsets were expelled and free flowing,  highly decorative, colourfully  embellished clothing suited the new aesthetic. Art Nouveau emerged out of this new found philosophy towards life.  Ceramics, jewellery, architecture and clothing all became less linear with beautiful curves, swirls and sculpted lines and a nod to stylized representations of nature.

I have chosen a dragonfly as to me it quintessentially represented  this decorative movement and the time period itself. The dragonfly’s metamorphosis from a small fragile aquatic nymph to a beautifully colourful flying insect with a strong spine and broad  gossamer wings is much like the women of this period. Proving that something delicate in appearance it is also strong, adaptable and very capable.

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Andrés E

I taught German to 15-16 year old kids last year and as a teacher it is inevitable to grow fond of your students, no matter how hard you try not to. But even when they were not that young I still saw them as little kids and my fatherly instincts came to be. I was surprised that I felt uneasy every time I saw them “behaving like grown-ups”, that is, when I saw them kissing or dressed like adults or the girls wearing makeup, etc. That was nothing new, I knew they were 16 and old enough and I am not at all conservative in that sense, but I was sometimes shocked anyway, because I was not expecting to feel that way. At first I thought I was witnessing their loss of innocence, but then I thought maybe I was the innocent one (and losing it in a way), or maybe it was both.
It is always awkward to see what/who we consider innocent, doing not so innocent stuff (like exploring sexuality), because we also come to realize that they are more than just “adorable” beings and that they will not stay like that forever.



Marta P

La Fleur de Lys:

I choosed one of my favourite flowers, full of mysticism and historical meaning. The Iris (Fleur de Lys) is an heraldic symbol of nobility and royalty, and appears in the crests of the most important european families, as well as in the Canadian flag. It’s a symbol of femininity because of the sensual and gently ruffled shape of it’s petals. If white, represents purity and virginity; when yellow, passion and desire. Purple iris means mourning and widowing. But it is also a mark of adultery for ex-prostitutes and unfaithful women, as worn by Milady de Winter in Alexandre Dumas ”The Three Musketeers”. Since then, has become a symbol of both female seduction and death sentence.



Justn W

This project was an idea hatched from your recent Cinderella doll. My take on the story is a living doll realm where Cinderella is broken physically but not in spirit. The cracks are her tattoo. I suppose a real doll could be molded with a hole in the face and arm with the cracks “tattooed” around them.
The articulation parts were drawn by our makeup artist.  “Ashley” our model is recovering from many traumatic life experiences and her story strangely enough parallels Cinderella . She loved the photo shoot. It was a great starting point for rebuilding her self esteem.
I actually did this shoot for your birthday before you announced this years contest. My wife and I have been fans for years and I hoped this would fit the criteria. The image is a real photo that I altered with pencil and computer to make the Cinderella Doll look damaged.



Caroline P

My enchanted doll tattoo is representative of an inner struggle to move past inner demons. Ivy consumes what it grows on or near quickly, yet no human can see it growing.
I decided to use ivy because it has always been beautiful to me. I wanted something more universal than a personal story to be reinterpreted by each viewer. I also thought ivy is a very workable and its form is almost script-like.
I used watercolor, pencil, and illustration markers.



Lena G

She is Goddess of the Sea. On her stomach is coral, on her legs are waves. She has a headdress of shells and pearls.




My tattoo is call the “Heart Cavity” Geode. Geodes can take on many meanings, such as hidden beauty, potential talent, and purity of the sole. By placing this tattoo over the heart, I want to invoke the idea that you are looking inside the doll, into her essence. Whether she is openhearted or heartless is up to the viewer!



Jessica W

Here is my contest entry for your Birthday. The drawing is in pencil.
My inspiration comes from the 3 headed Dragon of Russia.
I wanted to use a woman as the Dragon slayer as a woman
could only handle such a complicated task.



Ann L

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271-1 271-7 271-6

271-5 271-4 271-3


Kluba Jga



Miss Feliks

Dedicated to all the unfortunate souls burned in Witch-Hunt because of their knowledge of herbs….
My Herbalist inks images of the secret herbs into her skin… they are all signed… sometimes with a list of unusual properties..  and some are so rare that almost unseen by the human eye….

273-2 273-1



My entry is designed for an Asian ED and based on Matsuo Basho’s tanka Uguisu wo tama ni nemuru ka taoyanari.

Some translations:
Is that warbler her soul? There sleeps a graceful willow
Ива склонилась и спит. И чудится мне, соловей на ветке – это ее душа.

The tanka is tattooed down the doll’s spine. Above her right breast is the tattoo of a nightingale. Thus, the doll is the willow. The light green kimono and hair ornaments styled as willow branches are used to reinforce the metaphor, but a nude “willow” with long loose hair would be just as powerful, even subtler.

(Strange though it may seem, this image has been inspired by your rendering of Olga Larina. I’ve always thought her just a wee bit naked for the part (although at the same time the minimalistic approach resonates with me very strongly), so my idea of dressing her would be to cover her body with Pushkin’s lines and drawings.)

274-1 274-2

274-3 274-4


Chiara P

In south Italy people wear a very common jewel that we call Fede, Speranza e Carità (Faith, Hope and Charity): it reminds the three virtues of the good Christian. This traditional jewel is generally made with a cross (for the faith), with a heart (for the charity), with an anchor (for the hope). But Fede, Speranza e Carità were also three virgin sisters that became martyrs in the late Roman period. My project gathers all these suggestion in a single doll named Lumen Fidei (Light of the Faith) that has on the belly and chest a heart, a cross and an anchor, for the three virtue of the believer; on the back a white lily (that in Christian iconography symbolizes the pureness of the young martyrs) between two palms, the symbol of the martyrdom and the sign of the victory (because the martyr wins all the human pain and the mundane pittance); on the front of the right leg the ancient Greek names of the three young girls (Pistis, Elpis, Agape).




This tattoo is based on the goddess Fortuna and her Wheel of Fortune – an explanation of destiny from the medieval period.  The doll is Fortuna, she wears a veil, as often she was depicted blindfolded.  The centre of the tattoo on both her chest and back is three dimensional, with the handle on the front also three dimensional.  I wanted the tattoo to have this because it suggests the wheel being implanted in her body; and a burden, as I think it would be being responsible for the fate of mankind.  As she turns the wheel some people are lucky and reach the top, others are not and stay at the bottom.



Graciela A

Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head, which retained its ability to turn onlookers to stone, as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic war, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill in ancient Greek religion and mythology.

Athena appears in Greek mythology as the patron and helper of many heroes, including Odysseus, Jason, and Heracles. In Classical Greek myths, she never consorts with a lover, nor does she ever marry,earning the title Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin).

The most of the times she is represented with a shield, lance, snake.
Athena’s atribute is the olives branches.




“The hummingbird keeper”

The tattoo is intended to be adapted to the body of an Enchanted Doll and nothing more. The backpack is located at the bust height, and the tattoo size of the chest and arms bear in mind both volume breast and arm narrowness,so the doll can be moved and put it in different poses without interfering the tattoo design.

The tattoo is intended to be adapted to the body of an Enchanted Doll and nothing more. The backpack is located at the bust height so the doll can be moved and put it in different poses without interfering the tattoo design. Moreover, the tattoo size of the chest and arms bear in mind both volume breast and arm narrowness. it´s important to me to make the design fit perfect, so I hope I have gotten it!




Reem A

My tattoo involves a series of Koi fish swimming their way across the body. To me, Koi fish symbolise grace and undeniable beauty, just like a lady, for they are admired by every culture and in every pond they are put in. The real symbol to them is perseverance and courage, and in this case, all of the koi are guarding the waterlily, looking after it and protecting it. Here, the lily symbolises a woman’s virginity and/or sexuality and privacy, as well as her rights to her own body as a whole, which is why it is located at the core. Nobody else can force her to do what she doesn’t feel comfortable with, nor can they expect her to look and feel a certain way. With the never-ending bullying, rape and oppression, the modern woman must have the courage to stand up for herself and become her own body’s keeper and guardian.



Natalia J

280-1 280-2



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Morgaine was a legendary princess in ancient Brinatn (then it was the matriarchal kingdom).and a half-sister of King Arthur. She was chosen to rule her people as the highest priestess of three-faced goddes. She had to fight for her world to stay unchanched, because of a new faith to Britain. But her legacy was taken by men, who were taking over “the old order”. As a lader she got painful ritual tattoos as symbols of transformation from child to wise adult women. Also it was a symbol of great wisdom drawn from the pain of women’s life. Such tattoos were made by using thorns and blue ink. Her tattoos includes thorns(for pain), leaves (for birth) and a blue cresent on her forehead (as innocence). I draw it using blue and red, because it is still fresh and painfull.



Amber C

My entry is “Tattooed Tara” her tattoos are inspired by imagery relating to the Buddhist Bodhisattva Green and White Tara.  The first woman to obtain enlightenment despite having been told it would be impossible, she vowed to always reincarnate as a woman and represents compassion, willing to come to the aid of the suffering.

263-1 263-2


Sarah/ Wish

Hero and Leander Description by Wish

I was always fascinated by the doomed Greek love story of Hero, a virgin priestess of Aphrodite who resides in a tower in Sestos, and Leander, a handsome young man from across the river in Abydos who fell in love with her and seduced her. Hero would light a torch from her tower to guide Leander who would swim across the Hellespont every summer night to be with her. But one stormy winter’s night, the torch was blown out, and Leander lost his way and drowned to death. A desperate Hero after she finds Leander’s dead body flung herself from the tower to her death.

Of course, I remembered you had male Enchanted Dolls, and Lucius is starring as Leander. I wanted to design a set of tattoos that conveyed completed each others’ story as a pair to make a whole narrative.  I was inspired especially by Christopher Marlowe’s unfinished epyllion of this Greek myth, which describes Leander as being as beautiful as a woman and desired by Neptune. The silhouette of the tower is inspired from Leander’s Tower or Maiden’s Tower in Turkey. In my concept sketches, I envisioned Hero’s back would be tattooed with the scene of Leander drowning.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200


Belmira S

I have drawn here a crown to be placed above the pubic area of a doll. The crown design is based off of one of Queen Victoria’s (England) tiaras–specifically her Emerald and Diamonds crown. I simplified the tiara and instead of emeralds and diamonds I am using rubies and pearls. The idea and placement come from the still strong social importance of a woman’s virginity prior to marriage. I picked a tiara from the namesake of the Victorian Era because I feel that was a recent time where many laws of modesty were placed on women to restrain their mobility and sexuality. Still, to this day, the social expectation for a woman to remain a virgin until she is married persists and in some places around the world more than others. I think this is an important issue to address. I was inspired by your “State Property” doll and felt that this tattoo idea also fell in line with the same issues of female sexual and bodily autonomy.



Carmen KE

The theme of this tattoo design came from my new experiences as a mother to my toddler and now a newborn. I struggle with the dualities of protecting them and giving them the freedom they want. I imagined all the symbols and designs that could show this struggle, this confusion that competes in my mind. I decided to narrow it down to an abstract bird tattoo. I incorporated such parts as bird’s heads, body and wings to symbolize freedom, our constant need for independence, to expand our horizons, and live life fully. The other more filigree abstract patterns are my symbols for protection and restraint like corsets and ribs. They bind the inside and shield the person from external harm. By using black/gray ink I wanted to convey the serious matter of protecting my children and also permanence of traditional tattooing.



Laurel SR

For my entry, I chose to draw inspiration from two things that Enchanted Doll always brings to mind for me: fairy tales and illuminated manuscripts.  My favorite fairy tale has always been Donkey Skin (or All Fur), and I decided to use the stories motifs, the three walnuts, the sun, moon and stars, and the donkey itself as well as a crown around the doll’s neck and blend them with the swirls and scrollwork done in inks and gold leaf reminiscent of medieval illuminated texts.  I also hope that you have a wonderful birthday this year!  This is the first time I’ve ever had the time to make an entry for your contest, but I’ve always wanted to, and I am very excited to contribute to making your celebration a good one.



Ellen B

This sketch is my entry for the tattoo concept Birthday contest. I have loosely based the” Warrior Princess “on the Ukok princesss from the Pazyryk tribe discovered in a burial mound in Siberia around 1993. I first saw the photos of her tattoos in an article in National Geographic and have been fascinated by her ever since.  My tattoos drawings are also inspired by one of my favorite illustrators, Dahlov Icpar. She painted a mural for a school in a nearby town.



Michaela U

Her name was Cio-Cio San. But they called her Butterfly. Then she met HIM. And he gave her real wings. But he was the one who broke them…

My illustration represents Madama Butterfly. Her tattoo symbolize her wings. But Pinkerton was the one who controled them that is why he is in centre. He gave her happiness but also deep grief….

U used pencils, pen and water colors. Please look at my entry in better resolution because there are lot of details which are not very well visible when it is small ;)



Robin J

270-1 270-3 270-2


Issac B

This is my entry for the recent contest; it is themed around persephone and how she is the goddess of spring yet she must still live in the underworld. i hope you take my entry under your consideration. thank you!

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Gaynor B

Here is my entry for this year’s contest.  There’s no place like home, so I though I’d design my tattoo with this thought in mind … an abode befitting an Enchanted Doll.







My tattoo entry is inspired by a story I’ve been writing for a long time now.  It starts long ago in a kingdom in the forest, where the kingdom is being attacked by a clan of shape shifting wolves. The King and Queen try to escape but the wolf clan is too quick for them, they were no match for the clans power, but their young daughter (only 7 at the time) managed to get any. As she ran through the forest she was caught by one of the wolves, a white female wolf that blended into the snowy forest floor. she caught the girl, but did not kill her, she slashed the girl across her face and left her there to bleed in the woods.
The entry is of the princess now in her early twenties and it shows how when the shape shifting wolf cut her, it imbued her with woods magic of the forest. The magic would effect different people in different ways; for the wolf / woman that attacked her it gave the woman the ability to shape shift, but for the princess it took on another form. For her the woods have become a part of her, the vines slowly taking over her body and mind.



Frank D

This is my pleasure to present my concept for tattoo girl contest. This original idea is  about Female’s Power. Inside this girl’s heart, a monster is hidden inside. The monster presents the dark side of female, wild and sexy, although it is chained inside, the monster’s eager for freedom is shown gorgeously on this female’s back.

The monster has multiple eyes. It is shown on the girl’s center of back and shoulder. The monster is sealed inside by chains, but his tale, shown on the waist, has broken out the constraint.




256-3 256-2 256-1#256


257-1 257-2



About my project (please see the attachments): my inspiration was romantic ballad “Świtezianka”, written by great polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. It’s a sad story about nymph, unfaithful lover and his punishment. It takes place by the lake called “Świteź”, known as magical place in my country. Near this lake grows the strange flower “Lobelia”. It is strange, because this plant usually grows by the sea. There is also a beautiful dragonfly called as well “Świtezianka”. That is why I’ve put it in my
My imagination of a doll, is a beauty from waves with Świtezianka face on a back and lobelia on leg at the front. Her head is decorated by wreath and her body is covered by ethereal gown…
Marina, if you would like to read “Świtezianka” you can find original text with translation to english under the link below:,1,2.html








This is an image of the fairy tales of the Russian writer Bazhov PP.
Mistress of Copper Mountain – the keeper of precious rocks and stones, sometimes appears before the people in the form of a beautiful woman, and sometimes – in the form of a lizard.

Tattoo color malachite. Tattoo should repeat the beauty of malachite. Tattoo can be decorated with gold. Malachite is very well combined with gold.



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I was inspired with Sarah William’s poem, “The Old Astronomer”.   Surrounded in darkness with only the lights of stars guiding her, the fiery red haired girl with a Protea flower on her chest looks on and smiles confidently.  I also drew the same flower on her thigh.  The Protea flower symbolises courage and diversity.  This is my tribute to Marina and her boundless creativity and individualistic artistry.

242-1 242-2 242-3



The idea of my image is based on a legend about a girl who stood out among ordinary people with its original worldview. Because her worldview was not clear to most, and she could not adjust, she was enchanted and transformed in a fabulous tree. This tree embodies her thirst for free flight in the form of a bird, her strong and noble character as a Сougar (Puma) and her tenderness as the larvae of butterflies dreaming about wings, deep among the roots.

Sorry my imperfect English, and I wish you great success, you’re a genius, your work is very inspiring me.



Nina K

The Cage
There are streaks of dark metal on girl’s body, a picture of blue bird on her chest and blue wings on her back. Girl’s accessories represent the parallel with the tattoo: a blue feather mask with the bird and the wings, a grid-collar and a “skirt” — with the cage on her body. There are bracelets on her wrists. They are the rings used for ringing (banding) birds.

Both the girl and the bird are captured in the cage. The bird symbolizes a gentle soul of the girl and at the same time the girl herself, associating with the mask. The wings are also a little clue.



Anita D J


246-1 246-2


Alice S

The tattoo was designed as a calico cat made with simple lines.
The dress and ornaments are made of metal rings. The bracelet is adorned with colored crystals. The dress should be loose, not tight.

Basic RGB


Linda K

248-3 248-2 248-1



Like in the Notre- Dame’s bell under a smooth gold surface is hidden the wealth.  The same goes with the woman- under a dark, clear costume there is a hidden beauty of her body.  Woman is a treasure, sacred creature, who hides the richness behind external surface.  Tattoo is made of small pieces of colorful mirror. Pieces melted into a porcelain body catch the rays of  light, beaming with breathtaking reflections.

Thanks for your inspiration art, it shows the beauty of the world.

249-1  249-3 249-2249-4249-5



A series of images exploring the idea of tattoos being a visual impression left on the skin by the sensation of being held, either in tenderness, or force. The tattoos could be indicative of the emotional ‘scarring’ of abuse, or a lingering memory of a loved one’s touch.

With our bodies we have the power to restrain, dominate and oppress – but, not exclusively as this can be done mentally also, perhaps going unnoticed by appearance. Both love and abuse leave marks, whether physical or not.

There are many limiting factors of touch, such as time and distance. We can’t be touched by those who are absent, but that may not lessen their ‘hold’ upon us. Likewise, the burning desire to feel the touch of a loved one who is not present is like having their absence etched upon the skin.

An embrace can be fatal, but can also save and restore life. The same pair of hands; two antithetical outcomes. How is it that an act of intimacy can have the potential to both harm or comfort in equal measures?




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Aqua Furlong

I made this desing of the tatoo trying to mix my own style with the beautifulness of your dolls, the inspiration came from the pictures of your bjd, some personal
expirences and a touch of nature, death and life.

The skull that is the center of the illustration represents death and the flora and fauna in the face represents life.
Hoping to giving life to in animate object, like you do it with your full custom clothes and characterizing your dolls.

I admire your work, the style you gave to the faces of your dolls its pretty amazing and i want to contratulate your talent.

The tattoo its made for the chest, back or for the pelvis area, well i made it thinking in the spaces i liked of the bodies i saw on your page.



Kari N

My design concept is Allerleirauh, or Thousandfurs. It was my favourite fairy tale as a child. Thousandfurs was a princess who, to avoid an unwanted marriage, ran away and hid as a kitchen girl in a neighbouring kingdom. Before she ran away, she had asked for treasures to be found by her unwanted suitor to stall him, the last of which was a cloak made from every type of animal in the kingdom, which she used to disguise herself. The prince of this kingdom held a ball, where Thousandfurs secretly attended in a silver gown that shone like the moon which her suitor had given her, and the prince fell in love with her. He held another ball in hopes to see the mysterious princess again. This time, she attends in a gown of gold that shone like the sun. At the third ball, she wears a gown that glimmers like the sky full of stars. The prince keeps her longer than usual and she runs down to the kitchen to start working. But she only has time to put her cloak over her dress and she is discovered as the princess and she is reunited with the prince.

I was always fascinated by Thousandfurs’ dress of stars, and I wanted to express it in a way beyond just an arrival of clothing. I wanted it to feel more like an expression of her inner fire and deeper mysteries, like stars themselves. To that end, I designed her to have a star pattern that follows the classical constellations tattooed on her body in silver against her porcelain skin.

I feel that this fits beautifully in with the look of your dolls and I believe that this doll Allerleirauh would be so divine to see in real life!

233-1 233-2


Jasmine C



Emily D

Celtic Warrior Doll-
I’ve always been inspired by the idea of the ancient Celts. I’ve always enjoyed the mental image of both the men and women alike going into battle wearing nothing except for their elaborate tattoos and blue war paint. They also carried nothing except for a spear, a small shield, and a sword chained at the hip. Even the Romans decided it was better not to mess with them. It’s a shame we know so little about their history overall.



Nicola K

The inspiration behind my artwork is my love of cats and also the delicate and sinuous lines of art nouveau which I believe complement each other well. After sketching and brainstorming ideas, I chose this decorative and stylised design as I love its simplicity, immediacy and elegance. I chose the upper back of the body for placement of the tattoo as I feel it is the perfect place to display it.




Something that I have always loved about the enchanted doll aesthetic is how their nudity is portrayed as a strength, whereas society seems to say that nudity is shameful. I wanted to express that strength in my design, so even though she looks clothed, its actually her body. It is inspired by the tale ‘the armless maiden’ which I have been working with in my university project.

237-11 237-10 237-9 237-8 237-7 237-5 237-3 237-1


Cha Hof

Anatomical ED
Through this I was depict to inspired by Andreas Vesalius who was a Belgian scientist, he lived from 1514-1564 from Brussels. He came from a family of doctors. From the beginning he had an interest in living things. One of his biggest achievements was being one of the first people to dissect a human body. Had he not taken the chance by dissecting that body we may not know what we know today about the human anatomy. the myth of I was thinking  the  associated goddesses diety Iaso and hygieia also played an important part in her father’s cult. While her father was more directly associated with healing, she was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health. Nowadays we all know that no limits for modern techonolgy  as medicine discoveries far are  concerned  least accident, death fatality and life savings.Besides documentation the Middle Ages also had one of the first well known female physicians, Hildegard of Bingen.
The Hunter
I was inspired of her biography  Diane de portiersas young child when her mother dead at her early age.She was descended from the ancient sovereign family of the Comtes de Poitiers. She was the eighth-great-granddaughter of King Louis IX of France.She was born in the château de Saint-Vallier, in the town of Saint-Vallier, Drôme, in the Rhône-Alpes region of France.Diane’s father was an avid hunter, and she was named for Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt, therefore my imaginary   thought was she was excellent animal hunters. Diane could read Latin at seven, and Greek by the time she was nine. she was taught by her relative Anne de Beaujeu, Duchesse de Bourbon. I made her heraldry neclake emblem not exactly but that was my perspective into this tattoo to my entry.
Woman to the moon
Aelita from the film novel base of Alexei Tolstoy’s  that was released of 1924   Russian science fiction film from the silent period. Los (Nikolai Tsereteli) is an engineer who dreams of traveling to other worlds and imagines that a beautiful woman named Aelita (Yuliya Solntseva) lives on the planet Mars. Frustrated with the petty political conflicts that are a big part of life on Earth, Los builds a spaceship and travels to Mars, where he discovers that the lovely Aelita really does exist and is Queen of the Planet Mars. this was also known  the first silent film of metropolis by fritz Lang the big bang theory, the dream of humans  of nowadays era .i think of aelita android version in the demand of robotica .

238-2 238-1



INSPIRATION: I really had no idols in my life and was nobodies fan. But I am your fan since I discovered your work :-). I have the book and everything.
Since I have a small child and my own company I can’t follow your work as continuously  as I would like.
I admire your decision to do what you really love and how you spend so much time on all the details. That is the only way to perfection and too few people work that way nowadays.
People who made up they dream job by doing exact what they love and the way they like it – very inspiring.
The other two people who inspire me at the moment are these guys – Stjepan & Luka. They are very talented musicians  from Croatia (my home country).

This tattoo is about how a woman feels listening to this beautiful music. Cello’s curves are very similar to woman body so it fits on the doll perfectly.

239-1 239-2


Maria M

Your work is very magic and inspiring. Thank you for all beauty you do. Wish you health and many new ideas for your artwork and all life. Happy Birthday! =)
I saw some movies and read some information about maori women and it made my work. And also another sketch is about meditation )

240-1 240-2 240-3


Lilly Rose

Lunar Goddess

The moon is a feminine symbol throughout most cultures. Its phases can represent the rhythm of time and the cycles in life. The moon is also associated immortality, eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of nature. Women in particular are said to be influenced by it.

Light grey mohair wig, a moon mask made of sterling silver embellished with pearls, white tattoos on a Rubenesque body.

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