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Madame de Pompadour 2016
Engraved fine porcelain doll, China painting, 24k gold plating, Steels spring doll assembly, Antique Sterling Silver filigree ships, Cast bronze hair combs, Varnished Silk and Angora wig, Enamelled cast bronze shoes, 12 Rubies, 4 Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Vintage millinery flowers, Silk, Wood, Steel.
Size: Doll height 14.5″ (37cm), Wig height 5″ (13cm), Overall height 19″ (49cm).


Madame de Pompadour is remembered today primarily for being a chief mistress and a life-long companion to the King Louis the 15th of France, but she was also a truly remarkable, influential, and accomplished woman in her own right. In fact, she was such a sophisticated and influential trendsetter that her keen sense of taste and aesthetic helped shape the Rococoand Neo-classical styles, and transform Paris into a fashion capital of the world.

I was particularly compelled to make Madame de Pompadour into a porcelain doll because she shared my passion for porcelain and worked hard to revive, establish, and promote porcelain manufacturing in France and greater Europe. I feel a keen sense of gratitude for her contribution to this art form through her patronage and commitment, and believe that her efforts 250 years ago might have made my own career possible today.

There is a beautiful shade of Sevres porcelain named lovingly in her honour – Rose Pompadour.

I too wanted to honour this great woman by creating her portrait in a medium she had loved so much. I believe she would have enjoyed seeing herself as a porcelain doll.

She is my Rose Pompadour.

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This doll is based on the Grimm Brothers fairy tale “The Frog Prince”. I named her Arabelle.

And so the tale goes that the spoiled princess Arabelle learns a lesson in keeping promises and finding true love after meeting and reluctantly befriending a Poison Dart frog, who challenges her self-centered world views and then becomes her handsome prince. And she becomes a better person.


Porcelain doll with a one of a kind engraving and a limited edition head ornament customized with one of a kind accents.Conical headdress: wax carving, bronze casting, 24k gold plate, synthetic enamel, 15 blue Topazes, 5 pearls. Pendant: blue Topaz, 18k gold, 24k gold-plated chain. Poison Dart frog Tattoo: engraving on porcelain, china-painting. Veil: bridal chiffon, 300 Austrian crystals. Doll: porcelain, ball-jointed, china-paint, leather lining, steel spring tension. Wig: mohair fiber, removable, magnetic, permanently-styled into 15 braids.

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Limited Edition Nude. Model shown has a one of a kind tattoo.

Porcelain, Ball-jointed.13.5” tall. China-paint and body blush. Natural Mohair/Silk. Steel springs. Leather joint lining.

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Kia – The Water Nymph

100 pieces. Limited Edition Nude

Temporarily unavailable

Kia is shown with a custom feature of Mendhi on her hands/feet/etc.

Porcelain, Ball-jointed.13.5” tall. China-paint and body blush. Natural Mohair/Silk. Steel springs. Leather joint lining.

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In the history of the Venetian carnival, there are three origin stories:

The most romantic version is that it’s a festive celebration in honor of liberating the women from the captivity of pirates. The most banal one, is a victory of the people over a greedy patriarch of Venice, while the most common origin story, is that of a harvest festival; a good rest after hard work.

That’s all well and good, but where then did the masks come from? Who is hiding from whom and why: slaves from owners, owners from slaves, pirates from the people or people from the patriarch? Maybe they were all hiding from the God Saturn, the patron of the people.

Perhaps, but I think there is something more to it. Just beware that it’s a really sad story. No, not like Romeo and Juliet, but a much sadder one, because it’s a story about a stalker and his victim, the unknown tale of Apollo and Daphne.

Let me tell you how it really went down.

Once upon a time, there lived a mighty God Saturn and his wife Cybele. In that age, there also lived a beautiful nymph Daphne and a young shepherd Attis. Of course God Apollo also lived in those distant times. There can’t well be a story without Apollo, that golden-haired playboy of the antiquity, can there?

So it happened that the beautiful Daphne fell in love with the mortal Attis, while the no less lovely Cybele, though a goddess, also fell in love with him. God Apollo, who could not miss a single skirt had began scheming as soon he laid his eyes on the exquisite Daphne. Attis in the meantime decided to kill two birds with one stone and had affairs with both Daphne and Cybele simultaneously. Only Saturn was wise enough to stay out of this love polygon.

“Do what you like” he said, while presumably shaking his head and rolling his eyes, and then went drinking with his buddy Zeus. The mighty Zeus had long wanted to hang out on Mount Olympus with a bottle of brandy.

Predictably, things got messy, as many love stories do. Apollo chased after Daphne, Daphne chased after Attis, who in turn chased Cybele.

Cybele choked with jealousy; Apollo burned with desire; Daphne was dying of love, while Attis was high-fiving everyone and congratulating himself on seducing two beautiful women. All suffered here except Saturn, who was on Olympus enjoying another glass of whiskey. I mean brandy.

But who could resist Apollo? Perhaps only Zeus himself. So Daphne had to flee from him across different lands, until she got to the glorious city of Venice. Alas, it was all in vain: lovesick Apollo followed her everywhere like a bloodhound with a scent, pursuing her anywhere she ran. Doomed, Daphne appealed to all the residents of Venice, asking for their help. The good people felt sorry for her, but no one dared to openly defy the will of Apollo. That is, until someone suggested a clever solution of disguising the entire city in masks to hide them from Apollo. The people liked the idea of outwitting a God, and the next morning everyone was wearing disguises, rejoicing, dancing and celebrating from morning till night for two whole weeks, while a flabbergasted yet determined Apollo stalked the narrow streets of Venice in a relentless search for his prey. He felt entitled to possess Daphne. She belonged to him even if she didn’t accept it.

But then came Lent, and people had to stop the festivities and remove their masks. That’s when Apollo had finally discovered Daphne. Furious that she not only rejected him – a God, but actually preferred some simple mortal shepherd instead, he turned her into a Laurel tree. He broke off a branch, made it into a wreath and placed it on his golden curls as a trophy. He also gave the tree immortality, so that he could possess Daphne in any form he could, for all eternity. What a sociopath.

Cybele, in turn, drove Attis crazy, unfortunately in a very literal sense, because he opened up his veins and died. As for Saturn, he got a huge hangover. And he also fought with Zeus. Turns out that Zeus was an angry drunk. As for people of Venice, they took to the idea of hiding their faces under different masks and celebrating life and love in all their transient glory.

And that’s how began the tradition of the Venetian masquerade: with the myth of Apollo and Daphne – a stalker and his victim. And whether I’m wrong or right, is for you to decide.


The End.



Sterling silver mask with 38 fresh water pearls, 9 Swarovski crystals, satin flowers; Hooded cape with sequin and bead embroidery; Ceramic engraving on porcelain; Ball-jointed, porcelain, china paint, magnetic silk fiber wig, industrial springs, leather.

14 ¼” (37cm) standing.

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Articulated, porcelain, China paint, silk hair. The porcelain is engraved with a needle while still raw, fired and then china paint is rubbed into the grooves. Accents are added in additional layers.

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Is a woman’s role in society defined by her biological function, even today in the age of reproductive freedom? Do we as a species exist only to reproduce?

Lilium candidum, commonly known as the Madonna Lily, is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Mary, the mother of Jesus, symbolizes the ultimate purpose of traditional womanhood: procreation. In religious iconography, Mary is depicted as a passive character. She is the docile caregiver with perpetually down cast eyes and a placid facial expression, whose sole accomplishment lies in fulfilling her biological function by giving birth to a male child. Religious art throughout the ages might have summarized the virtues of a woman in a society without reproductive freedom, but if Mary was a contemporary person, how would we portray her?

I think that she would not be shy to meet the viewer’s eyes or be embarrassed by her femininity. She would embrace her body and her sexuality. Her reproductive function no longer defines all that she is or all that she can be. She is now more than just a vessel. Covered in Madonna Lily tattoos, her eyes wide open, she stands smiling and strong, and the baby in her womb is a girl.



Porcelain, ball-jointed, engraved tattoo, china paint, mohair, steel springs, leather. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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Mammalius  Kinesius

|ˈmaməlēəs kinēsīəs|


a being that can change form or identity at will, also known as a Shape Shifter.

These rare and ancient species of highly evolved mammals possess a unique and specialized ability to reconfigure their molecular structure to mimic the appearance of any animate or inanimate object in their environment.

A Shape Shifter’s exoskeleton is in a constant state of flux as it mimics its surroundings. Its appearance changes with the graceful fluidity of water at the speed of thought. A reclusive species, Shape Shifters inhabit mostly remote mountainous regions and temperate rain forests, preferring Northern climates to Tropical. However due to their extraordinary ability to assimilate, they can survive in all conditions.

While some attribute this ability to supernatural powers, shape shifting is a highly evolved form of a survival mechanism. It has been speculated that the species originated in the late Triassic or early Jurassic period. Sightings of these extraordinary creatures are so rare that their existence is shrouded in mystery and folklore. Nobody knows what their true from may be or even if they have one at all.



Cast sterling silver bird skull, cast Bronze antlers. Porcelain, china paint, natural mohair, steel springs, leather, glass. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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Porcelain engraving, cast silver, 24 karat gold -plating, porcelain, Indian sari, china paint, mohair wig. 13.5” (34.5cm) tall.

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The halo is removable through a very simple, discreet and convenient mechanism hidden just above her ears, on each side of her head. Two very thin silver tubes are glued underneath the hair so that the ends of the halo can be inserted into them for a secure hold on the head. They are invisible to the eye unless their precise location is known before hand. The crystal flowers are soldered to the halo and both can be easily removed and inserted back in as desired.


Porcelain, China paint, Natural Mohair, Swarowsky crystals, Rhine stones, Fresh water pearls, Sterling silver. The porcelain is engraved with a needle while still raw, fired and then china paint is rubbed into the grooves. Accents are added in additional layers.