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Hey Folks!

Long time no post! I’ve been busy working on a new tattooed doll (which will be unveiled soon) and getting the final details of the Chinese book release sorted. I have some more news on the book front: The publisher sent me this series of photos to show what to expect when you order the Chinese edition of the Enchanted Doll book. There’s a limited number of books that I have signed, and I’m told they are only a few left!

You can order the book here: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=43715713846&

ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-1ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-2ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-3ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-4ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-5ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-6 ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-7ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-8ED-BOOK(珍藏)-开箱-9

If you need any help navigating the book site and ordering, please contact yuanmuhe@qq.com, they will be able to help you with ordering even if you don’t know Chinese.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Wow, what extravagantly gorgeous packaging!!!! And I LOVE that poster of Cinderella!!! Just gorgeous…. Do they deliver over seas? I may have to get a copy of this book because of the packaging and poster alone^^…… Ohhhhh the new tattooed doll, I’d almost forgotten about that glorious tattooed torso!!

    • Ivan Mai says:

      Hi, Anthony,

      We do deliver over sea. Please drop us an email with all detail about your request and we would take care everything for you.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Ivan Mai

  2. penny says:

    Has received the Chinese version of the book, and like. What time do Chinese greatly?

    • Yuxi says:

      Just want to help translate here; the English was supposed to say: I’ve received the Chinese version and I like it a lot. When will the mighty Marina come to China for a show?

      The mighty Marina… HAHAHAHA

  3. WildCity says:

    Amazing elegant packaging <3

    And I love your dolls so much

  4. Anelise says:

    Which new dolls are in this new edition? Is Daphne in it?
    Just trying to decide if I “need ” this one too. LOL

    • Ivan Mai says:

      Hi, Anelise,

      Yup, Daphne in the Chinese version.
      If you decide to get one, please drop us a mail and we would take care of everything for you.

      Ivan Mai

  5. Merri says:

    Additional photos, beautiful packaging and a lovely poster…who could resist? Not me! This will be my third Enchanted Doll book!! :)

  6. Luna says:

    Please sell the cover I would love to have them for my books

  7. Vicente says:

    Looks amazing!!

  8. Maia says:

    I received my copy this morning! YAY!! I haven’t even opened the box yet. I’ll open as soon as I get home (had it delivered to work). Can’t wait!

  9. Kalliopi Goneou says:

    Is there any Chinese ED book still available? And at what price?
    If yes, pls guide me how to order it.

    Thank you in advance.
    K. Goneou

  10. Davidmokchiwah says:

    Hi, I ask now there is no sales?

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