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Small update.

The doll animation video has been updated to a better quality version. Still some visible compression artifacts, but at least it’s the proper ratio.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out.
The video was made a couple years ago for a project at Emily Carr, and it stars two of my early dolls.

Chad put this video up on Vimeo, which is why it says “From Chad Isley”

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  1. Martinez julien says:

    Perhaps you have received many mails from me or not.
    I try to enter in contact with you to order you one of your doll “Ruby”.
    One of my best friend says me to contact you directly on your blog because as she said me the hotmail adress may be dont arrived. Thank you to contact me on my mail on yahoo :

    And my other mail adress on hotmail:

    I see on the forum Marteriel celeste in France, you have sell one of your doll, I think k itwasa Ruby Model.

    I continu to be very interesting to purchase you this model Too.

    I hope very much that you will answer me very quickly.

    Cordialy, Julien Martinez.

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