Dot Your Eyes. The third video of Madame de Pompadour being created. After seeing the doll be engraved, and the tattoos filled with ink, it is time for Madame P to open her eyes.

Music: Music: Blues for Slick McWolf by SLIKK TIM

Colouring Inside the Lines. Painting the engraved tattoos of Madame de Pompadour.

Music: IV. Vivace by Gavin Gamboa

Porcelain Tattoos. How the Madame de Pompadour porcelain doll got her extensive, engraved, tattoos.

Music is “Ams-Trans” by Poddington Bear


Part one of a short series documenting Cinderella being assembled. Jumping in at the point where the parts are already cast and painted, they are then strung with metal hooks and springs.

Music is “Embracing The Sunrise” by Kai Engel (



Part 2 of the series “Cinderella Comes Together”, a look behind the scenes at Marina Bychkova completing a porcelain ball-jointed doll “Cinderella”. Everything on the doll was made by Marina, from the porcelain doll parts to the hand made metal work.

Music is “A Dream I Didn’t Have” by Father Sleep (



The third and final part of the “Cinderella Comes Together” series.

This part focuses on the metal work of Cinderella’s costume, including the mask, corset, and the bra-cups.

The music is “Bad Days” by Jahzzar (


Engraving a stained-glass display box that I made.

Music – “Walkabout” by Podington Bear


I went to New York City to have my dolls in a photoshoot for Vogue Japan. The dolls were photographed with various bottles of perfume by Lacey (

This was my first trip to NYC, I’ve always wanted to go but it wasn’t until my dolls took me there that I got to see the city.

Filmed and edited by Benjamin Taft



A few days ago I announced that the upcoming edition of Echo dolls will have two interchangeable pairs of feet, one normal and one bound, and since then there’s been lots of speculation about the mechanics involved in switching the feet, with various guesses being put forward. Well, guess no more! Here is a short demo video, showing this very simple procedure.

Music is “Reversing” by Four Tet



I buried a doll in sand today. Then I dug her up, pretending that I was finding a precious, lost relic.

This photo shoot was for a project I’ll tell you about later. I would never do this with a resin doll, but porcelain doesn’t get stained by dirt or scratched by the soil particles, so it was relatively safe. However, I was a little concerned about it getting inside the spring mechanism and between the joints, so I chose to bury her in sand as opposed to soil, because the grains are larger and can be vacuumed out once they dry. I was able to brush most of the sand off her skin pretty easily, but she still needs a wipe down and a vacuum. She sounds worse than she looks, because her joints grate with the sand stuck between them. But she’ll be alright. It was a fun experiment.

Photos from the shoot can be seen on my blog:

Music is “Runners Dial Zero” by Beck



A clip from the radio interview I did with MOTOR FM, a rock radio station in Berlin, on June 11th. I was interviewed along with Wendy Froud, and Strychnin’s Yasha Young.



Showing how the dolls move and hold poses. Music by Revolution Void