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I’m really excited about this, there is a small blurb about Enchanted Doll in the recent issue of German Vogue!  It’s a mention about my upcoming show in Berlin (Reminder: Opens June 11th, Strychnin Gallery) and features a photo of the Deep Sea Diver doll.


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  1. Anastasia says:

    How exciting! Congratulations ^_^

  2. Annina says:

    wooohooo, first vogue blurb, we want a 5 page spread next, and a cover!!!

  3. kira says:

    very cool, congrats!!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Marina Bychkova, Lily ♥ . Lily ♥ said: Fabulous! RT @Enchanted_Doll Deep Sea Diver doll is in Vogue! http://bit.ly/dlAzbz […]

  5. Linda says:

    Very Very Cool! I am happy for you! This is so nice to see someone who has worked so hard and is truly talented. You are breaking new ground all the time girl!! Congrats!


  6. Jayne says:

    How dare Claudia Schiffer try to copy State Property!! ;0)
    Congrats Marina <3

  7. Orangey says:

    Wow, Marina, that’s awesome, you must be thrilled.

    Your dolls are really gaining attention, rightly so!~

  8. Sonia Anne S says:

    So happy for you, Marina! Congratulations!

  9. Sandra says:

    Hope this blurb in the german vogue will draw many people in your exhibition !

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